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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aslam u Aliekum; Few months ago, I was talking about Shiite killings in the Pakistan and I had to show them a snaps too. But when I try to find out then I faced a lot of problems. Some times, Users mistaged the Snaps. For example, I looked at one snap which was related to the bomb attack in the Bralvi mosque (Peshawer) & User used it as a bomb blast on Shiite Mosque.in the Peshawer. He was unable to verify that snap and hence, mistakenly uploaded wrong snap. Although, there are few other good sites are available on the Face book especially Shia killings who posted snaps of the Martyred Shiites but still I decided to make a one more page on the topic of the Shiite genocide in the Pakistan. I have collected the snaps from different online web sites & write a text on each snap in the English about the detail of that incident. So, it can be helpfull to any one who want to search for snaps related to the Shiite genocides in the Pakistan. You are invited to look at this page too. It can be helpfull for those who want to write about Shiite Genocide/killings in the Pakistan. At the moment, I have uploaded over 400 snaps and God willing, with the Passage of the time, I shall keep on adding it (About Past incidents). https://www.facebook.com/ShiiteGenocideinPakistan Allah Hafiz, Saleem
  2. Aslam u Aliekum; I'm travelling to Iran via Taftan border. I have a few questions please. If any one (especially from Quetta be able to answer it then it will be quite useful for me indeed) 1) There are few transport companies who take Travellers from Quetta to the Taftan border like Sada bahar. But there is a only one bus service which is approved by Governmet and Levi escort is given to them. What is a name of that transport company and where, it's adda/office is located? Any contact number of that bus service? 2)What is a timing of the departure? (I read on lonely planet that those buses travel in the carvan and have a specified time to leave Quetta. As writer was a Foreigner and missed that carvan, so he travelled in Sada bahar as a individual). 3) In Mashad, there is a Al-Imran Musafir Khana. Can any one tell me about Musafir Khana in Qom & Tehran too? Any quick reply would be highly appreciated. Allah Hafiz, Saleem
  3. Aslam u Aliekum;During the month of the Muhharem in Nov 2011,I sent my mother to Iran,Iraq and Syria for Ziyarats.Unfortunately,tour operator gave very bad services during journey as a result,my family faced a tough and bad time especially in Iraq and Syria. Now,I want to send my brother and mother for Umrah in coming Months.So,if any one knows about any good reliable Momin tour operator company in Lahore then please tell me about it.(if either you or your any family member or any relative has also visited through that compay too). Thanks, Allah Hafiz, Saleem
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