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  1. To answer all these queries , i must know first that why you converted to Islam so i can help you out to adapt the best. May be the person who was helping you in learning islam was confused personality so today you are in confusion regarding which hadith narrative to follow. So share how you became enlightened by Islam. I am sure that answers you need are right in your story of conversion.
  2. It means that someone who turns torwards Islam through Quran does not need to waste his life after Ismaeel Bukhari. You need to adopt what Quran is saying and you need to learn it from people about whom Quran is speaking. Dont sell your islam for fancy headings, colorful books, nicely connected chains of fictitious men and women. Stick to who showed you Islam. Adaptations are least to worry about at this point. Read Sura Al Hamd around 10,000 times with as many translations you can, then you might get slight idea whom to adapt for further learning.
  3. He understood your question but not intentions.
  4. Salaam..I am Back...Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s

  5. Why all the imams of twelver shias are from the progeny of Imam Hussain a.s and not Hassan a.s?
  6. Salaam If you accept the Imamah of Ali a.s then i would like to debate with you about the rest 11 p.b.u.t
  7. Salaam brother You can always confirm it by running few tests. Anti endomyseal antibody test is very sensitive or anti gliadin antibodies test can screen u too. I am afraid if you do have it then you have to live on gluetin free diet.
  8. DUDE stop lying here. Just buy the book of one of ur Sunni Imam, Imam Malik's Muwatta and read the preface written by him. You will gain knowledge of Sultans and your Imams love. Imam Malik admitted in it writting a book on the command of caliph of the time.
  9. Sunni brother is required urgently to answer what has been asked regarding Ayesha vs Uthman so we can proceed ahead.
  10. This one sentence can shatter the whole sunni part of the islam. For them Ayesha is Sadiqa, Alima etc etc and on the other hand Uthman is their 3rd Rightly guided, Ghani, Zoonourain and so on. If source can be found in sunni book then logically speaking this much information is more than enough for them to rule out one of these personalities. But even after 1400 years, sunnis are deeply devoted to these two personalities. Therefore if we rely on such sunni information then it is logically impossible to accept that a sunni writer who died sunni after leaving this information can be of any value towards both parties (sunni and shias). Sunnis will ofcourse deny him for being against their idols and shias islam will never accept someone truthful who stayed sunni even after knowing this. Only way to find out i think is to work on individual character involved around the murder of Uthman and as i said their interactions with eachother from the time of Prophet s.a.w till the murder of Uthman uptill the rule of Muawiyah l.a. I would love to have any sunni (not nasbi at the moment) brother to come forward but what defense i found about Ayesha in the involvement of Uthman's murder is as follows; [Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah, by Ibn Katheer, vol. 7, p. 204, with authentic chain of narrators]. IihI dont know if sunnis have any other defense but even if we analyse this one. Nothing is proved or become so clear. I mean we need to prove 2 people trustworthy in this narration to come to any conclusion. First one is Masrooq , who is proven trustworthy and the other is less proven but emotionally proven trustworthy to sunnis. And both are speaking against eachother. Or more precisely one accused the other, other accused back and then first one instead of sticking on to push opponent and accuse more suddenly speaks about her innocence. ddNow if Masrooq is trust worthy = Ayesha did instigate people to kill Uthman. fff If Ayesha is trust worthy = Masrooq is lying and he is the narrator of this defense too so narration goes in vain. fffNow if we take both trust worthy = Someone was writing to rebels as Ayesha and Masrooq who is trustworthy tabi'e could dare to believe in such writings as hers, thought she was the one. ggThe both trust worthy conclusion is actually very dangerous one. It brings Ayesha's behavior under discussion. Boldness of Masrooq to actual say such words to her "Ummul Momineen" needs to be noticed too. ttttFor me this defense is no logical defense at all. Is there any Sunni friend here to answer this matter and bring any other defense regarding Ayesha did not instigate people to kill Uthman. ffffDiscussion about other people involved around the murder of Uthman is welcome too. Because murderers are one group. And you and us do not want to be in that group. For centuries sunnis did not unite with us for Imam Hussain and against his killers so why dont we solve the mystery of their slain hero and do something for unity.
  11. "Rebels killed Syedna Uthman r.a" , and the class room becomes emotional and our non shia brothers become sad. Mostly these are the words mentioned in syllabus of almost every Islamic country's school subject about the death of Uthman Bin Affan, 3rd caliph to some and first Umayyad king for few. Psychologically student's knowledge is controlled by less class room interactions and more examinations. Exams will never include questions such as; 1- Who were those rebel? 2- Why son of Saddiq e Akbar r.a was accused of killing Uthman r.a? 3-Why rebels wanted to kill Uthman bin Affan? 4-Why companions of the Prophet s.a.w could not save Uthman? 5- What was the relation of Rebels with Ummul Momineen Ayesha r.a? 6-What happened to those rebels after the death of Uthman bin Affan? Instead of such questions, students are mostly prepared to answer following ones to just pass their subject. 1- Why Uthman Bin Affan is called Zunnorrain? 2- Who contributed greatest wealth for expedition of Tabuk? 3- What are the great achievements of the 3rd Caliph? So, the common sunni fellow never knows much about why Uthman was killed and what happened later on. Some Salafis and Deobandis do say such that Imam Ali a.s had Uthman killed. I heard it live (n front of me)one islamic advisory to King of one GCC state telling story of the killing of Uthman to other traffic police man. His words were "Ali had Uthman killed". If we look back in the history towards the conflict areas then we see 4 different groups at that time very active regarding killing of Uthman; Group-1: Kinsmen (Umayyad), accusing Ali a.s for executing the killing plan and now protecting the criminals. Group-2: Two candidates of Umer's council of 6 members, Talha and Zubair oth demanding Ali a.s to produce the rebels.Ummul momineen Ayesha supporting this group and inciting people under this slogan against Ali a.s Group-3: Mohajreen and Ansar of medina (Companions) few saying nothing and few siding Ali a.s. Group-4: Rebels (unless proven otherwise) from Kufa and Egypt being accused of actual murder. Now today's sunni and all the sub sects under this umbrella can be traced back to Gr1 , Gr2 or Gr3 of that time by accepting Gr-4 rebels. Today's shia and all the sub sects under this umbrella can be traced back to Gr3 and Gr-4 by keeping shia's as anti usman and so called those rebels of that time. Common point among both sunnis and shias here is Gr-3. Here again, few saying nothing can be considered ancestors of today's sunni umbrella and few siding Ali a.s for today's shia. Therefore for muslim unity purposes we need to ruled out ourselves from Gr-1 , Gr2- and Gr 4 of those time. For this lets go step by step and find out. I invite any sunni brother to come forward and share with us the behavior, attitude, dealings, relationships and governance between Talha, Zubair, Ayesha, Uthman, Marwan, Muawiyah, Abdullah Ibn Masood, Abuzr Ghaffari and Ali a,s.
  12. If a murderer and Alcoholic becomes Caliph of the Muslims, then yes he is to be considered kafir as he is going against Quran and Sunnah and might lead thousands who are about to follow him. If Muawiyah as u see accepted islam and carried on with normal life of business, then there was no need to expose him but what he did is not acceptable islamic act and he should be condemned openly for it and his status of being muslim should always be challenged. Sunni= It means follower of Sunnah. If you make a sentence sunni of Ali then you are giving us expression that sunnah of Ali a.s is different to Sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w, which is not the case. According to Imam Ali a.s , sunnah is of only Rasool s.a.w to be followed and that is why he rejected the condition of following the ways of Shiekhain (Abu Bakr and Umer) when he was asked at the 6 member council. Sunni from Ali a.s is wrong statement itself. In Islam sects are not welcome but when there are two groups and both are claiming to be on right path then calling your self Shia of Ali a.s prevents you to be among group of wrong doers (killers of Ammar Bin Yasir) that is group of Muawiyah and his kinds.
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