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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. True. But the comparison isn't really fair as certain levels of salt and sugar are needed by the body, whereas nicotine (tar and various other carcinogens) are not. Comparing smoking to other drugs would be comparing like with like. According to Ayatollah Sistani's website: Question: Medical literature states that smoking is the main cause for heart and cancer diseases, and it also shortens the life span of the smoker. So, what is the rule on smoking concerning (a) the beginner, ( b ) the compulsive smoker, and © the passive smoker? In the third case, the medical experts say that the smoke also harms a person sitting besides a smoker. What would be, the ruling if he considers passive smoking to be of considerable harm? Answer: Smoking becomes harãm for the beginner if it entails serious harm, even at the future, regardless of whether that serious harm is certain, most probable, or just probable so much so that sensible people would demand caution. However, with the protection from serious harm (for example, by smoking less frequently), there is no problem in it. If continuing to smoke will cause serious harm to the compulsive smoker —as explained above— it is necessary for him to refrain from it unless the harm in quitting is similar, greater than to the harm in continuing, or the great difficulty that he will face in quitting is such that it cannot be normally tolerated. The same rule as explained in (a) for the beginner, applies in this case also.
  2. The OP is asking for a verdict, either haram or halal. I'm saying that there is no such ruling, and it depends largely on the individual, their judgement and the film in question. 'Film' is a very broad term and encompasses many genres. 'These movies', I wasn't talking about particular films, but just generally. Also, I have watched many films without fornication/drinking/clubbing, or anything else haram. Not for me personally. I enjoy films because they allow me to view another life and different viewpoints while not actually having to experience it myself as well as being an escape of sorts. I don't and have never felt that I have wanted to do those things or that I have become more comfortable with another way of life to substitute it for my own- for example: the idea of losing my sanity to alcohol or drugs still scares me, even though I've seen many fictional characters partaking in such activities. A film can show great truths, but that doesn't make it my personal reality.
  3. Always baffles me as to why guys on this site seem to be so interested in what women choose to put on their face, but anyway. The general rule I go with, is that if it's an 'addition' to your natural face/features and it stands out then it is better to avoid it. For example, wearing blue eyeshadow, no one has blue upper eyelids; but foundation would be fine asmatches your skin tone, and most people wouldn't realise that you are wearing it anyway.
  4. Seriously.. People need to start thinking for themselves just a bit. If you feel like films impact you negatively as they have various haram things, then avoid them. If you think that they don't, and have postive effects on you, then watch them. Or moderate what you watch. There isn't a blanket statement for everyone. :donno:
  5. 168cm, which according to Google is around 5'6. I would say I'm average height?
  6. What is wrong with some people. :blink:
  7. When I first watched it, I also thought that it was unrealistic that such a little thing as a black man talking to him would change, what we assumed were his hardcore values so drastically. However, after thinking it over for a while, I realised that it was not as impossible as I once thought. Derek (Edward Norton) doesn't seem to have much of a life or ambition apart from his nazi/racist values, so it gives him an identity; he is also in favour with the head of their group and his has a God-like status among the other neo-nazis. I don't think it is a stretch to see why he may want to keep those views, even if never truly believed in them. Furthermore, his father who he seemed to respect, had latent racist views which could have largely influenced him as a child. Prior to prison, he is never seen giving black people a chance, to him they would always be the enemy, whereas when he's in prision, Lamont is so inisistent on being friendly with him, that Derek begins to open up. I think the breaking point for his views was the deal between the black, hispanics, and whites in prison which show Derek how superificial his views were and that they are not really practical in real life. The way I see it, his views were largely due to his surroundings, so they weren't that hard to give up when he actually began to open up and see the world as it truly is. Agreed. I need to watch Fight Club at some point, largely because I enjoyed the book, but also because Edward Norton is just epic. My pleasure. Now you know if you can trust my reccomendations or not. :angel:
  8. Stand by Me A story of four, witty and funny boys who go on a search for a dead body of a boy who was a similar age to them. It is an incredibly heartwarming and touching coming of age film. Boys of that age tend to annoy me, but these guys are so epic its impossible not to to root for them and wish them well. The icing on top of a already very fabulous cake, is that the dead older brother is played by John Cusack :squeez: Oh and it has a very good OST. 5/5 Note: a lot of profanity, so avoid if you dislike swearing or crude language
  9. ^ Thank you for your kind words :blush: (I can't seem to use the 'quote' function on my phone :donno:)
  10. Not very good quality pictures (taken on an old Sony Ericsson) but I thought I'd post them because although my pictures do it no justice, it is a beautiful place. Purbeck, Dorset, England:
  11. Sorry, I deleted my post because Kamran-Syed bascially said the same thing. I'm not saying she was correct but if we really are trying to help eachother improve then it's better to do it in private, which I assumed was the point of this thread, becoming more respectful towards eachother? But, to each their own and all that. We all have reasons for saying what we say I guess. -_-
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