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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nah one of the posters above wanted one done similar to this, but I agree its serious versus funny like this thread is
  2. if you feel sorry for the poor Syrians and are against the Assad government and scared by it, you would be absolultely terrified by the atrocities committed by the governments of the west in the name of democracy, which rival all dictators in all of history, and be in support of overthrowing THAT evil regime! Matthew 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye the christians in this thread need to pay attention to their own books
  3. you just proved your ignorance and the fact that some believe whatever they want irregardless of fact. Since when has threat of death in history ever stopped a people from fighting for their freedom? Its a new phenomenon in thinking errors that convinces some that people do not fight for their freedom if they desire it, throughout history people have fought and died for freedom and gained it when the people wanted it badly enough. and since you will inevitably respond with something idiotic like "they are fighting for it" allow me to respond with my original point, they are not all fighting for it, many are in fact against these people who are fighting therefore we must ask ourselves why are people supporting them when their own countrymen are not!?
  4. Maybe you are not fully grasping what exactly the west and Israel have done to the middle eastern peoples after their supposed help in 'freeing' them. This shows your bias and ignorance of real truth. After edit: I suggest instead of deciding you know everything already you make serious effort to try and find out what the truth really.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I read one thread where a Syrian national (not currently in syria) was talking about the feelings of his family members that are in Syria right now, he mentioned that they are not trusting the motives of these people who are currently fighting the government and they are not in support of them, even though they feel like Assad could be doing better, and there could be some changes made, they would rather see him stay in power the the questionable government that would inevitably follow should these protesters have their way. (this was what I understood from his words and I do not remember where that was posted or I would link to it) While everyone against the current Syian government will say thats a lie or that these people are being forced to say such things (because they seem to believe in things regardless of the truth) I think these words were true, and this appears to be the feeling of a great many Syrians right now or you would have more of the country involved in the fighting and there would never be a need for anyone to come and help. If an entire country rises up against a government there is no way of failing as we have seen in history time and time again, yet this is not happening. We must ask why. Ma'a Salaama
  6. (bismillah) I would like to interject at this time. First if you are truly interested in learning about Shia Islam then I would suggest two things. Reading books on the topic, there are a great many written by our scholars @ http://www.al-islam.org/ which will answer your questions better than anyone here on this site can. A second suggestion is to find a Shia Islamic center near you and go and speak to them in person for some of your questions. The people here on this site are mainly children who do not have the knowledge of our scholars, you are not going to find serious answers here. I would however like to adress one point you keep mentioning, that is the strictness (or not) of our faith. The point here is not whether or not we are strict in following the reliigon. We believe this is the religion of Allah and as such is one religion and one set of laws. These laws are not altered according to our desires, they are immutable. Whether or not you choose to follow these laws is up to you, and between you and Allah, but it does not change what they are. Nothing changes what they are. It is the way of the One who is Perfect. Ma'a Salaama
  7. (bismillah) (salam) MashaAllah, its been years since I have read that hadith, it is a beautiful hadith. JazakAllah khair Ma'a Salaama
  8. (bismillah) (salam) This is something posted elsewhere on this forum but it deserves reposted here;
  9. (bismillah) (salam) MashaAllah, very beautifully written, I have said very similar things recently; Please convey my salaams to your freind, his words are something we should all be contemplating. Ma'a Salaama
  10. (bismillah) (salam) To SoRush very nice explanation brother thank you very much for this, it gives us all something to contemplate. Allah increase your knowledge inshaAllah Ma'a Salaama
  11. HH just report him, he is a troll and I find his religious persuasion doubtful, seriously, let the mods deal with him, he is sending laana on us. this has to be against shiachat policy, its one thing to discuss with one another its a whole different to do what he is doing
  12. (bismillah) (salam) This is the address to the reliigous aspect from our books Referring to the story mentioned in Quran about Samiri: "Then he (i.e., Samiri) brought out before the (people) a calf whose body gave forth a lowing sound: so they said: This is your god (20:88)" Is'haq Ibn Ammar narrated: I asked Imam Musa Ibn Ja'far (as) to tell me about those two (i.e we can infer). He (as) said: "the first was in the place of calf and the second was in the place of Samiri." - Thawab al-A'mal, p215 - Jami'ul Akhbar, p143 - Bihar al-Anwar, v30, p407, Hadith #4 By insulting certain men and women we have thus insulted the sunnis gods, and we are told not to insult the gods of others in accordance with Islamic akhlaq in the Qur'an, lest our GOD be insulted. This does not mean we are not doing tabarra privately nor does it mean we are not teaching our children to hate oppressors and those who did not love and respect the Imam (as). It means that we do not insult their gods to their faces. Can we teach them using proofs in their books with perfect akhlaq the truth of what happened? Of course! But no matter the ahadith this is all we can do, we do not argue we do not fight and we always keep perfect akhlaq with them. If you want to do certain things privately it is between you and the Imam (atf) however, when you breech Islam publicly (breaching taqiyyah and akhlaq) you have done a grievous wrong. This is the address to the political aspect. “anger augments a sense of personal control, lowers perceptions of risk, and makes people less willing to admit a mistake. As a result, angry employees are more likely to commit further resources to a failing project or choice.” By contrast, fear makes people second-guess themselves and often abandon support for efforts that have gone even slightly off the tracks. A second, similar study measured employees’ financial decision making. The results were the same; angry individuals were more likely to allocate funds to a failing division than those who were afraid.” http://www.strategy-...9413d?gko=25b9b This article discusses the psychological effects of anger in decision making in the workforce, however, the psychological effects of anger is just that, an effect, and at times it can be a good effect depending upon ones end goal. The various government powers have need of the support of ordinary people in order to wage war, a populous that is in agreement with the government will support that governments actions. There is a need of someone to pull the trigger, and you can bet it won’t be the House of Saud; therefore, there is a strong need of people who will do this, and controlling people through fear doesn’t work to the extent of controlling people through anger. While the government may have one particular agenda, there is need for the populous to have a reason to support said government. Due to greed in many cases, those that control the Sunni led governments of the world have aligned themselves, to great extent, with our enemies. Our enemies have a goal to which we, the Shia, appear to stand in the way, as we stand against those things they enjoy. We are the ideological voice against greed and materialism, against oppression and injustice in order to obtain material wealth. So long as there is a moral voice against these goals, this voice is likely to influence others. Therefore, what do they need to do? Eliminate this voice to the greatest extent possible. We have begun a war of ideology, a war for the hearts and minds of men, but now, on a global scale. How do they obtain support of the common man? Anger. What do the wahabbis push constantly? On every channel it is shia curses the three and Ayesha, in so doing they push anger into the hearts of sunnis across the globe. You do not see anything but this anger pushing agenda. It’s a very effective tool. When they make fun of us to obtain the psychological effect of memory retention http://www.valpo.edu...?releaseId=3358 then make us appear stupid and ignorant to make it appear we are not real followers of the Prophet (saw) thus taking out any brotherly aspect to the relationship between sunni and shia, then last but not least, utilize the driving force of anger, thus making an army of people who think nothing of killing us all, even convincing them these actions are right and just. And Shia are feeding them the ammunition, we help daily their cause, thus inadvertently becoming their supporters through ignorance. Our Aimmah (as) have cautioned against this.
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