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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. look guys...this is a shia forum, pot users cannot find consolation here or a reply that would justify their use of smoking weed...at the end of the day it is our biases, past experiences and vicarious memories from others that would affect the way we perceive things... Marijuana Pros: 1) Helps concentration for those with low attention spans (pretty common today) 2) Used in ancient Chinese medicine as a pain killer 3) Fights depression 4) It is Natural! (herb) 5) lowers aggression 6) helps you eat (used for cancer patients so they can regain appetite) and etc. Cons: 1) on the standpoint of intoxication...it definetly does not leave a person sober but is definetly not on the same level of intoxication as alcohol 2) short term memory is a victim 3) Smoking without vaporizers ensures that you are getting smoke in your lungs etc. i personally believe that marijuana should be legal: if applied justifiably for legitimate reasons be it medicinal, inspirational...it is an argument where the issue on the subject stems from either of the 2 polarities (pros/cons)...ofcoarse marijuana is not for everyone, some people require it (treating pain, anxiety) while others would act stupid on it so for them it would be better to not try it...it is a great alternative to natural medicine instead of relying on the big pharmaceutical companies to come up with drugs that outweigh the side effects over treatment...i have personally found that after smoking cannabis, my life has become devoted to finding out the true nature of my reality...Islam is the truest religion, where ones quest for knowledge is his salvation of hope...intention is a key thing here...i do not endorse smoking nor am i against it: my only advice is to research through academia and scholarly books on this issue instead of a forum where laymen like me could offer our little advice...use your mind and make the judgement based on what you think should be right
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