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  1. There are Hadith of Aimah about the age of 40yrs so there is some significance there for sure.
  2. A somewhat frequent happening in USA. Many smart women have worked as hookers and strippers getting money while later earning law or medicine degrees. Imagine your family practitioner worked as a hooker in her 20s. The sharp lawyer hired as the patent attorney in your company was a stripper. Imagine what else would they do now that they have power and money to achieve their ambitions. Sexual morality or lack of it, not respecting your bodies, and social pressures make these smart women susceptible to misadventures.
  3. Are we talking about divorces here or are we plan to bash the men? Irresponsible men are definitely more in number than women. I don't know if there are stats out there, but most divorces also seem to be caused by mens' shortfall of responsibility or other issues. Hence my other golden words: 90% of divorced women are marriage-able material. They may come with kids but would also come with lots on experience, empathy, and a desire to succeed. 90% of divorced men are non marriage-able material and should be left to their own devices.
  4. Exactly my point. All boys and not men. None the marriage material. If a girl marry one such twit, chances are it will ensue in divorce.
  5. Sorry misplaced. I intended to reply sister notme with ^^^^. Like I said I don't like generalizations but the polarization in personal choices is so evident among Iranian females. Nobody seems to choose the mid ground. Next time you go to LA, MD, DC, NY, or Chicago, please observe this consciously among Iranian females. Before anybody get wrong ideas, I'm not calling all wise Shia sisters out there low wit. I'm only calling those women, Shia or not, low wits, who with their first job as a lawyer whcih pays say $90,000/yr think a banker with $70,000 is not good enough for her anymore. Most females tend to be more materialistic and as soon as they get possession of material go total burlesque hence the divorces. Some men are morally corrupt irresponsible boys hence the divorces.
  6. ^^^ :D You got it sister. Neither money nor the education is bad. In fact education and wisdom is wajib to seek for both men and women. Money is part of sustenance (rizq) for which every 10th Aya of Quran testifies to that Allah swt is the ultimate provider. Given to a low wit creature who thinks this is end all and be all, and she turns into a monkey. ^^^ :D You got it sister. Neither money nor the education is bad. In fact education and wisdom is wajib to seek for both men and women. Money is part of sustenance (rizq) for which every 10th Aya of Quran testifies to that Allah swt is the ultimate provider. Given to a low wit creature who thinks this is end all and be all, and she turns into a monkey.
  7. I know tons of Iranians personally who have come here from Iran. Surprisingly a lots of Iranian students still come to the states for their MS/PhDs, surprisingly significantly more than Pakistanis. Like I said, among Iranians in USA, not the revolution runways, but the recent ones, there are two kinds and hardly anybody in between. One kind is chador clad practicing ones, and the other ones are stripper kinds whose skirt size could shame the porn stars. No exaggerations. Pakistanis have very low numbers who are in extremes. The rest who do hijab are mostly who wear hijab but won't necessary wear black chador, and other ones who won't cover their heads but also won't flash their bodies and won't look, act, lifestyle like strippers either. OP: Divorce rate in a nutshell is increasing because proverbially, 1. The monkey has the razor (aka money and education) in HER hands. 2. There is no despicable creature in the world than a MAN who does not provide for his family (from a hadith).
  8. brother, I don't agree fully with the misspelled article above -lol, but I've seen this trait more so often among Iranian women in USA, whether they were revolution runaways or are recent off the boat. Generalizations are not good but generally speaking Pakistani females mostly go by certain code. You will find millions (yes literally) of Pakistani women who would not be covering their heads but could be 5x praying, fasting, non-fornicating, non-smoking, non-drinking women. Generalizations are not good but generally speaking Iranian females who you would find without a head covering would also be those who would be totally corrupted, drink socially, smoke often, their skirts would more of Nevada strip styles than those of normal American womens' and so on. So the misspelled author is true to some extent about the 'feminist' women of Iran. Source: Anecdotal evidence and witnessing firsthand the various sub groups in USA and EU. No scientific basis.
  9. Juma' Mubarak to everybody. We in the West and the rest of the world live in such a small village that all cultures are bruising against each other constantly. Those of us, who have a knack of laughing at our own selves, have come up with some witty "Ture Lies" about us. Get ready to roll over laughing.... :!!!: 28 Signs You Were Raised By Persian Parents in America http://www.buzzfeed.com/samir/signs-you-were-raised-by-persian-parents You Know You Are Desi (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi) When http://www.angelfire.com/me3/DKD/desi.html You Know You Are an Iraqi When http://www.iamiraqi.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1553 This one is even better: http://www.englishsabla.com/forum/showthread.php?23857-You-know-you-re-Iraqi-when Share Yours!!!
  10. What had you? There are specific duas which are read for specific ailments.
  11. :Samii - are these men from Pakistani origins ? Samii, since we are stereotyping, what about Iranian women??? A well written, spelling mined article by a burnt Iranian man about the women of Iran. [EDITED] My Take: In my past living in LA and also seeing Iranian communities in North East of USA, I would have a real hard time disagreeing with the the author. Here's the article in its full glory: [EDITED]
  12. Late marriages come with their own baggage. They might nor end up in divorces but are very transnational. Best ones are, early marriages with lots of family support from both sides of the family mostly on emotional levels without the negative fuss of the rouge elements in the mix. Have seen tons of successful early marriages. Key there is parents from both sides act as a glue and a guide as things get rocky in the beginning till things settle down and edges become softer.
  13. OP: Same reason why everybody is getting fat now days; eating the food of the 19th century while moving their bodies for the 21st century lifestyles. Men treat their wives like they used to treat them in 19th century but failing to realize its 21st century schooled women they are dealing with. I've seen many households where women work 8 hrs+ day jobs but once get home, they end up doing all house chores as if they are a full time homemaker housewives. Women are not better either. They, as soon as get the whiff of the money they are earning, think that they can be all and can replace a man's role, without thinking of the compromises, the sacrifice, the mutual give and take it takes for any union to work. I've seen many houses broken due to the apathy (laziness) of the men and due to the venomous tongues of the women. There are whole bunch of other factors too which contribute to the divorces; mostly stemming from the fact that majority of those who are divorced, at least one spouse is not deserving to be married in the first place due to her/his mental immaturity.
  14. Sayed or No Sayed, every momin should pick professions which have basic human dignity in them and which don't make them a tool of oppression. Discouraged Professions: Professions such as tax-collector, a cop, a prison warden, a soldier of secular armies aka mercenaries, a banker whose institution is involved in usury is looked down upon and highly discouraged. Professions such as those which make someone below the general dignity perception of the society are also highly discouraged such as being a trash collector or musician or clown in the circus and so on. Any profession or situation where you are under the Wilaya of a kafir or of a non-Shia is haram. In this case it become wajib on a momin to quit the job and find a new profession, move away from the area, or live on less than hand away his reins in the hands of a fasiq boss. Encouraged Professions: These include professions such as related to medicine, of related to learning, of related to law, of relating to halal businesses and of trades, and relating to serving in the defense of legitimate Islamic armies. Doing a business is highly recommended for momineen. Doing any subordinated job is discouraged in general. This is so much that Imam told the Shia to do their own business even if it momentarily pays less than the paid job they are seeking. For Sayeds, just because they are in the direct physical lineage of the Masters of World, namely out Prophet and his holy Ahlulbayt, it is very important to pick the professions which help them become a better momin in addition to help them become an influenceer for Dawah and of representative of Prophet's holy attributes. P.S. I'm depressed as how little lots of brothers/sisters here know of these things which are really so relevant to our lives. Kindly read up more about these things from the books written by ulema even if you have to quit your SC addiction. Here's a book that we all should read for lots of issues on SC: http://www.al-islam.org/philosophy-islam-sayyid-muhammad-husayni-beheshti-muhammad-jawad-bahonar
  15. Sorry for posting here sisters but this question has come up before somewhere else. The best time for women to be really connected to Allah swt is when they are pregnant. Not only that they are going through the pains of pregnancy which shed sins like dry leaves in autumn (hadith), but they are also tahir at all times. Dedicate those parts of lives to Dua Ahd and other such 40 day Aamal.
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