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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    lost89 reacted to ImAli in C H A T R O O M . . .   
    I think it is an unwritten rule that Pakis and Indians are allowed to call each other bad names....I always see them do this then laugh about it.
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    lost89 reacted in C H A T R O O M . . .   
    Yeahh I had that just now, but it worked after a while. The chatroom is rubbish these days anyways.
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    lost89 reacted to Barabika in Knock The Door   
    If anythings wrong with this post, please delete it.

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    lost89 reacted to DoubleAgent4 in The Thing About Shiachat Is....   
    The thing about Shiachat is that every one thinks they're internet warriors here.
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    lost89 reacted to Hameedeh in Mutah Experiences   
    Alhamdulillah, we were at the same university and had two classes together, so we would talk to each other before and after our classes. I was a Christian and found out he was a Muslim. He explained that Muslims don't date, but if they want they can get married temporarily. He said later they can marry permanently OR break their temporary marriage IF they can't get along. He never tried to hold hands, hug or kiss me, so I knew he was a complete gentleman. His piety was impressive, and this made me more interested in him and his beliefs. I felt that I could trust him and he would never harm me.
    He shared a house off campus with three other guys, and I lived in the woman's dorm with another girl. He and I used to go for a walk and just talk, to get away from our roommates. We set the time of our mut'ah marriage as four years. We thought this would be long enough for both of us to earn our bachelor degree. Four years made me feel secure that he was not just using me for a few days or a few weeks. I'm sure that if he had wanted a shorter time, less than one year, I would have been reluctant to marry him by mut'ah. We both agreed on the four years time limit and everything was good. On the weekends we began looking for an apartment. After six months of mut'ah marriage, we found a place near the campus and started living together.
    Our life became really pleasant. I no longer had to say goodbye in the evening and watch him walk away. We walked to the university in the morning and came back to the apartment for lunch. We went to the university in the afternoon and came back later. We had homework to do, of course. We had chores to get done, but it wasn't difficult because we helped each other. We cooked dinner together and saved half of it to eat for lunch the next day. After dinner we would sit and talk about anything we wanted, but usually it was about Islam.
    Sometimes we would discuss the Bible and the Qur'an. He was always patient to answer questions that I had about Islam. He translated some of the writings of Dr. Ali Shariati for me. I particularly liked his translation of the Four Prisons of Man, because it was not like anything I had read before. Later on, we bought his Hajj book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading that in English. One day I was ready to say my shahada and after I repeated the words, he took me to the sink and taught me how to take ablution. Then he taught me how to pray. Elahy shukr!
    To make a long story short, we were married permanently and now we have three sweet kids, mashAllah. If my experience sounds like a fairy tale, I can only say that Alhamdulillah, it was, because my husband was a momin. Ok, that is all. Don't ask me any personal questions! I've said too much already. I want to remain anonymous at ShiaChat! I just wanted to explain to those who don't believe in mut'ah that it is halal and is a blessing for couples.
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    lost89 reacted to Gotham in Mutah Experiences   
    sorry for going a bit off topic, but darn thats cute :)
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    lost89 reacted to Maula Dha Mallang in Make-up Is Disgusting   
    i dunno guys, it really accentuates my cheekbones
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    lost89 reacted to DeeeeeBo in Make-up Is Disgusting   
    i wear makeup all the time !!! whats wrong with it ? lol
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    lost89 reacted to Ruq in Mutah Experiences   
    Id like this thread to only be about ppls actual experiences of Muta and not about the technicalities of halal/haram/makruh/mustahab ways of going about it.
    My experience was a positive one. My hubby and i had a 1 year muta when we first met. It enabled us to live together and be emotionally, mentally and physically intimate and get to know each other properly whilst we decided if we had something that we could make permanent. We said the marriage formula under a tree in a park (the botanical gardens were closed) on a beautiful spring day. My dowry was that he read to me at least once a week, preferably religious texts, although more often than not it ended up being silly stories, which i love also because he does all the voices and is very expressive.
    Anyway, it worked for us. It was a healthy, practical, responsible and positive way to go about things in my view, there was no deception involved or manipulation, just 2 ppl who were falling in love and wanted to get to know each other in a deeper sense and experience the dynamics of living together before making a serious long term commitment to one another with all the responsibilities that entails. We both saw it in this circumstance as a way of halal 'dating' if you like and im very happy that this option was open to us.
    Please post if you have an experience of muta and say whether it was a positive/negative/neutral one.
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    lost89 reacted to Shia_Debater in What The Hell Is Wrong Here   
    lame? I was seeking forgiveness because I realised I did something wrong.
    Anyways I dont see why you are making a big deal out of nothing.
    Reason for edit: quoted post edited for reasons above.
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    lost89 reacted to Farerra in What The Hell Is Wrong Here   
    I actually find this funny :P
    It only takes 2 seconds to enter chat again..
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    lost89 reacted to jund_el_Mahdi in Is it possible to have contact with ImamMahdi(ajf)   
    I know for a fact you can meet the Imam ajf and speak with him and have conversations with him, but you would not know it's him until after he is gone. There are many instances where people have met the Imam ajf, but have not known it is him until afterwards. He is always among us, he is not just hiding in some cave somewhere. He could be walking among us anywhere, and we would never know it.
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    lost89 reacted to DeeeeeBo in Most Of The Guys On Shia Chat.....   
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    lost89 reacted to ~Zee Zee~ in Most Of The Guys On Shia Chat.....   
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    lost89 got a reaction from WhiteSkies in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    ugh these are dressed all wrong
    its so weird
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    lost89 reacted to Light of Ali in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    ^ Bid3a?

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    lost89 reacted to Replicant in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    The Beast is the best because he's in the best Disney film ever.
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    lost89 reacted to alradhiya in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    She was a mermaid! You can't beat that.
    Eugene and "the smoulder" :wub:
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    lost89 got a reaction from WhiteSkies in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    belle. w/o question.
    i just brought the dvd again and saw it again and :wub: :wub:
    kovu is a price a lion-prince :P
    and yes honestly, he's the best prince from disney
    except for tht guy from 'tangled' but thn tht guys technically not a prince so yea.. :donno:
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    lost89 reacted to WhiteSkies in Sisters: Who Is Your Favorite Disney   
    KOVU! :wub:
    Though er, he's technically a lion.. not a prince... :Hijabi:
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    lost89 reacted to Your-Best-Friend in Bride's Death In Sajda E Namaz   
    Bride's Death in SAJDA-E-NAMAZ
    True Story Told By
    Shaikh Abdul Mohsin Al-Ahmad
    ABHA, Asir Province, Saudi Arabia
    After Performing Salat Al Maghrib, She Put Her Make-Up, Wore Her Beautiful White Dress Preparing Herself For Her Wedding Party.
    Then She Heard The Adhan Of Ishaa And She Realized That She Broke Her Wudu She Told Her Mother:
    Mother, I Have To Go To Make Wudu And Pray Ishaa.
    Her Mother Was Shocked:
    Are You Crazy? Guests Are Waiting For You, To See You. What About Your Make-up? It Will Be All Washed Away By Water . Then She Added: I Am Your Mother And I Order You Not To Perform Salah Now. Wallaahi if You Make Wudu Now, I Will Be Angry At You.
    Her Daughter Replied:
    Wallaahi I Won't Go Out From Here Till I Perform My Salah. Mother! You Must Know That There is No Obedience To Any Creature in Disobedience To The Creator.
    Her Mother Said :
    What Would Our Guests Say About You When You'll Show Up in Ur Wedding Party Without Make-up? You Won't Be Beautiful in Their Eyes And They Will Make Fun Of You.
    The Daughter Asked With A Smile:
    Are You Worried Because I Won't Be Beautiful in The Eyes Of Creations? What About My Creator? I Am Worried Because If I Miss My Salah, I Won't Be Beautiful in His Eyes.
    She Started To Make Wudu And All Her Make-Up Was Washed Away, But She Didn't Care, Then She Began Her Salah And At The Moment She Bowed Down To Make Sujood, She Didn't Realize That it Will Be Her Last One.
    Yes! She Died While in Sujood.
    What A Great Ending For A Muslimah Who insisted On Obeying Her Lord.
    Many People Who Heard Her Story Were So Touched.
    She Put Him And His Obedience First in Her Priorities, So He Granted Her The Best Ending That Any Muslim Would Have.
    She Wanted To Be Closer To Him, So He Took Her Soul in The Place Where Muslim Are The Closest To Him.
    She Didn't Care if She Would Be Beautiful in The Eyes Of Creatures, So She Was Beautiful in The Eyes Of Her Creator.
    O Dear My Muslim Fellows!
    Imagine if You Are in Her Place, What Will You Do? What Will You Choose? Pleasing Creations Or Your Creator? Do You Guarantee That You Will Live For The Next Minutes? Hours? Months?
    No One Knows When Their Hour Will Come? Or When Will They Meet Angels Of Death?
    So Are You Ready For That Moment?
    O Non Hijabi Sister!
    What Do You Choose? Pleasing Yourself By Non Wearing Hijab? Or Your Lord? Are You Ready To Meet Him Without Hijab? Are You Ready To Meet Your Lord Today? Tomorrow?
    What Do You Choose? Pleasures Of This World Or Pleasures Of Hereafter?
    May Allaah Guide Us All To What Pleases Him And Grant Everyone Who is Reading These Lines Good Ending.
    Aameen Ya Rabbil AalameenSALWAT
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    lost89 reacted to habib e najjaar in Banned From Chatroom   
    When you go please ask someone in orange. blue or red to give you a 'Barakah boot' if i am there, I will personally make sure you get this tabarruk. We look forward to your joining us on chat ^_^
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    lost89 reacted to guest 34193 in Banned From Chatroom   
    So I guess it'd really suck if we told you there was a sister from Iran in the chatroom looking for a husband, whose qualifications matched you to a tee and when you were described to her seemed very interested, but when we told her you were busy with exams gave up and said she'd never come back again?
    Guess that'd really suck if we told you that, eh?
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    lost89 reacted to lalala123 in [Closed/Review]Female Singers   
    Forget the singing, I take offence to the award given. 'Award for best parents'?? Who on earth are Labaik Ya Zahra (sa) to decide who are the best parents in the community?
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    lost89 reacted to ImAli in The Fountain Of Youth?   
    Have scientists found a way to end aging?
    Scientists are making strides that indicate one day they may be able to regrow tissue, organs and limbs, which could add hundreds of years to the human lifespan. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.
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