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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ugh these are dressed all wrong its so weird
  2. belle. w/o question. i just brought the dvd again and saw it again and :wub: :wub: kovu is a price a lion-prince :P and yes honestly, he's the best prince from disney except for tht guy from 'tangled' but thn tht guys technically not a prince so yea.. :donno:
  3. you can get yur eyebrows shaped/pluck upperlips etc /i.e. remove unwanted hair from your face w/o worrying abt na-mehrams. it is permissible if you wnat to apply makeup however, yu are allowed to do so but then you would have to cover the make-uped parts from na-mehrams. only exceptional makeup which i am aware of which may not need to be concealed from ne mehrams is face powder and maybe surma. im not sure abt surma though, so you'd want to check tht out. also keep in midn that surma and eyeliner/eye pencils/kajal are different and not the same thing
  4. whose doing mehfil-e-murtaza? cuz usually its alama zaki baqri at 9:30 pm, but tht messes up the schedule yuve put up
  5. ooo i had budgies, but thn all female budgies kept dying and the male budgie adamnatly stayed alive till fouur years or smthgn and thn it died too :( right now have three albino and one fischer love birds :wub: and a pair of cockteils :wub: they screech their heads off but they are just so pwetty :wub: :wub: i wish i could have an african congo. they're adorable. but so expensive :(
  6. why bother on your way (to wherever you're going) to greet stranger sisters in faith? whatever you were on your way to is probably more important right? or were you out just for saying salams? lol in any case, its better not to. in the east, its highly not recommended. it'l be taken as a sign of vulagrity on your part, so just dont. talking to na mahrams without a purpose is nt recommended in any case.
  7. as far as i kno, in yur situation, where a guy is suitable religiously as well as from a wordly point , yu can marriage him even if yur father isnt relenting confirm tht from a sheikh though im pretty sure on this ruling by Sistani
  8. Allah is our only refuge.

  9. ^^ HM always has to be pro temporary marriage some way or the other :P i liked the conv :D qatari men? really? where's google now :P hahaha
  10. weeeekeeeeennnnnndddddddddddddd finally :wub:
  11. i don think hell and heaven will perish- eternal means forever right? and thts what the hereafter has been referred to as? plus, i don think everyone will go to heaven after atonemnet of sins. kuffar i.e. disbelievers will stay there forever. it says so in the quran :donno:
  12. ^^ no official holiday from the govt , well govt of sindh anyway, cuz nusrat bhutto is a relative to zardari, i.e. president of pakistan i think she's mother in law to him so yes, we get a holiday on tht account seeing such a reverent personality left us, mourning over sad sad departure and thinking what would become of us as a nation :P
  13. we get a day off tomorrow (officially :P ) YAY! :D
  14. thoughts: i have so much work to do and i feel tired and sleep *yawns*
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