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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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Status Updates posted by ImAli

  1. shame on you for taking up for that troll

  2. LOL you are so funny

  3. Why is your profile feed empty? Are you one of those profile deleters?

  4. fake people everywhere

  5. where did you goooooo?

  6. oh good....thank you for changing your avatar....I'm not getting you confused with al-mufeed anymore

  7. salam alaykum :sami, what is the meaning behind all of these zombie movies coming out? Is the government planning something?

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    2. Hameedeh


      bismillah. I think he knows because I saw he visited his daughter's profile page. :)

    3. ImAli


      what? who is his daughter?

    4. Hameedeh


      bismillah. His daughter is :Sara. :) But if you go there, you will knock :Sami off her profile, because he is the last viewer there. ShiaChat only gives us 5 visitors. I remember when it was 10 viewers in the visitor list. :sigh:

  8. Hi laayla......do you know anyone in the dearborn area that does custom tailoring of chador? I mean I want some that are well made....fits good on the head and doesn't give migraine and a nice flowing fabric, not that cheap stiff looking fabric. Do you know anyone?

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    2. ImAli


      inshallah I'll take gravol and travel south

    3. Laayla


      You get sick when you are in the car? LOL Are you going to be able to drive here? hahah, I fit perfectly here when it comes to driving! M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

    4. ImAli


      I don't get sick when driving.....but when I'm being driven I get sick. Most likely my husband will be driving if we go vote.

  9. O_o

    1. ImAli


      did you happen to attend woodstock brother?

  10. Hahahahaha.....nice blog. I love the photos and captions....beautiful!

  11. How does wonderer only have 4 stars? You are totally a 5 star!

    1. wonderer


      awww *hugs* thank u ImAli u always cheer me up <3 <3 hehehe I think I had few fights in my time here and the attacks were vicious on my stars! :P

    2. ImAli


      star revenge LOL how sad

    3. Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      I shall give you a 5 star, I like ur interests Sis... "crafts, positive thinking, bright colors & happy life mashallah" :D

  12. Hi sister....I see you haven't been online in a while but I wanted to say I love your recipe blog. Your recipes look very accurate and tasty....that isn't easy to find online :D.

  13. ImAli

    What's your old name?

  14. LOOOOL your posts are hilarious

    1. Rasul


      lol Thanks :)

  15. I love your display picture

  16. pass the aspirin please!

    1. Walkin' Fashion Statement

      Walkin' Fashion Statement

      aspirin killed Bruce Lee..

    2. ImAli


      huh? oh yes you're asian fetish girl

    3. Walkin' Fashion Statement
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