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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Of course they do....and you're on the west coast. This type of things goes on in every community in the U.S........but it seems the OP is singling out all Iranian women. Usually these posts signify some sort of bitterness due to the aftermath of rejection. Because on SC people don't make new accounts and post topics like this after he or she has been rejected :rolleyes:
  2. Not saying this doesn't occur, but perhaps this is just another haterade filled troll post bashing Iranian women.
  3. Thank you Darth Vader, the colorful image you have painted makes me feel like I'm right up in that car :sick:
  4. Most of these types are after a New Age Sodom and Gomorrah full of free loving hippies......Christianity has nothing to do with it as they would like others to believe and they believe themselves after lying so much.
  5. What is Tommy Robinson? Is he Anglican or some other type of Christian? The reason I ask is because you can find the same thing in Christian churches and even Jewish synagogues.......but it's only a problem when muslims are against homosexual behavior I guess.
  6. I'm sure the world "leaders" are terrified of everyone else seeing that their system could work quite well should the sanctions be lifted......assuming they would hold on to their system and not cave in to the powers that be like everyone else seems to do.
  7. Oh nice....Abu Hadi is banned and meanwhile we have salafags running around freely calling us kafir.
  8. I see my profile description has made a mark in the purple part
  9. He deleted everything that coward.....I assume he lives in Dearborn and feels outnumbered? Yes, I went to Qazwini's twitter feed and he says that Omar Ammouche was involved.....I assume he was there? Or maybe it was just people who know him? He didn't actually name him, but posted this video so I assume he recognized him.....he's total scumbag and filthy......a modern day neanderthal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjfQvCU7TfQ
  10. And they edit my post.....but not his of calling us kafir.....next time I call someone trash I will add "(with all due respect)" :dry:
  11. 4'11", 300 pounds, gray hair, green eyes with one turning white due to blindness......covered with age spots due to sun exposure in my youth and I walk with a slight limp and a cane.
  12. Why don't we all just post our measurements, weight, hair and eye color while we're at it.
  13. What do you mean people were referencing your name?
  14. Palos have proven time and time again to be cowards, traitors, and shameless opportunists.....this should be of no surprise.
  15. Don't speak to that ..., and he is not your brother. He has even stated that here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235017965-sheikh-habib-have-maybe-good-intentions-vid/?p=2640159
  16. No need to make a video....even then they will just deny it and choose to believe what their masters tell them to believe.
  17. Did you not read what abu hadi said before Koshan was in such doubt? And since when did the U.S. government put the interest of their citizens above greed? Of course they would be ok with it, it shouldn't be a surprise.....as for the Saudi "authorities".....no comment :rolleyes: . And as for the U.S. embassy in Saudia LOL......what a bunch of useless cowards.....they are always turning citizens away, I've been hearing horror stories for years. The Sayyed's twitter feed https://twitter.com/seyedmg twitter feed from Suehaila Amen https://twitter.com/SuehailaAmen
  18. He also claims that the fingers of satan violate the nether regions of non shi'a newborn children......and turn the newborn girl into a wh0re. And many converts seem to love him...this puzzles me.
  19. Oh the intelligence level of such people who deny paternity and family ties in the age of DNA testing.
  20. Well isn't that refreshing....I never knew you were an elitist. While I have to agree with you about certain technologies being a great service to mankind.......there are others only capable of being used for oppression.
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