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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. She ordered arrows to be shot, an order which was executed at the body of Imam Al Hassan (as)
  2. bro many people face different situations, for example, my father suffers insomnia, and usually take a very strong sleeping pill before fajr, this pill actually states that you must have a set amount of water in periods through out the day, now iv asked them, is it possible to not drink? and they said it is impossible, the thirst is literally unbearable, now they either take the pill, drink and make up their fast, or not take it, have a sleepless night, which means that they're fatigued throughout the day, and their job requires concentration thus not taking the pill actually puts their life in danger whilst working.
  3. why would you throw boiling water on the cat...?
  4. i was thinking that as well? i thought there was ipman, ipman 2, and they were going to release like an off shoot film?
  5. the running part would be scary tbh.
  6. you dont deserve to post a picture of dwight
  7. why are you dave and kam even here.
  8. could i request getting my name changed to Ryuk, thankyou in advance
  9. regardless of our difference on opinion, can every one just take a chill pill rather than coming in guns blazing :/
  10. Brother if you like, Private message me and i can give you my mobile number, and forward you some places
  11. What has iran got to do with this? lets put it simply, there is no justification for Bin Ladens actions, he can stay in the dirt of history
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