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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Selaamoe Aleikoem, Islam platform NL has started a new series called ''a day with a scholar'', where we ask questions that you need to know and would want to know to our scholars.Our first guest is Sayed Baqir Al-Qazwini (ha) the grandson of Ayatollah Al Qazwini (ha). Keep us in your prayers
  2. Afghans,Iraqis,iranians,Pakistanis,Turks We got more Moroccans also reverting. Our reverts are 99 % of the time knowledgeable and well educated people.
  3. Selaamoe Aleikoem brothers and sisters, We the Dutch Shia youth have decided to make English interviews with scholars & subtitle important videos. If you want to see the upcoming interview with Sayid Muhammad Baqir al Qazwini (ha) then make sure that you follow us on facebook and youtube. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Islam-platform-NL-923981144303151/?ref=bookmarks youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC46gCP-dz3BRZ3Bzz3DCjA You can expect more from Islamplatform NL in the near feature
  4. Selaamoe aleikoem, Just like brothers have already pointed out. Hadith books started after a while, but this was done on purpose by some sahaba who had no good intentions(which can be found in hadiths). However from the Shia hadith side Sulaim Ibn Qays Al Hilali (ra) wrote a book based on narrations of sahaba direct from his time. Such as Salman Al Farisi (ra). Also Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) wrote prophetic hadith directly which is also mentioned in sunni works means there were some sahaba who wrote hadith but they are just a few. The Shias took writing very serious, that's why you see after th
  5. He isn't really positive about Shism but he is getting there at least..
  6. Selaamoe Aleikoem In the following video a Sunni Sheikh & hafidh, Sheikh Tariq al Masri exposes Umar Ibn Al Khattab
  7. (bismillah) (salam) a must watch : This old Syrian lady refutes ISIS by quoting the Quran
  8. (wasalam) Jazak Allah brother, the percentage of Shia calcullation is inaccurate. This is because there is a great number of followers that do not announce they have become Shia, out of fear to be killed etc. I myself in Holland know a couple of brothers that are in this situation. But you can expect around 100.000 +/- converts/reverts, which means in percentage a max of 0,1 % increasement.
  9. (salam) I sincerly appologize if this made some brothers doubt, I always research before I write an article or make a video. From my research I find out that Imam Ali (as) prefered to ride his mule the most. This doesn't mean that he never rode on a horse. To make it more fitting and attractive I made that the title. I changed this to stop the confusion. It has been also reported that Sheikh Al Ansari one day his students disagreed with him, and tried to create a big discussion. He was seen to be very sad that day and was asked : Are you sad because your students are attacking your views
  10. (bismillah) (salam) I congratulate all the believers with the death of the Idol of Quraish. As it's a day of celebration I have a small present for you showing how Shi'sm is spreading in Africa : Stay blessed.
  11. Sheikh Al samahiji went to Al Hussain (as) & said the following emotional sentence.
  12. (bismillah) (salam) The propaganda of lying began from the time of the prophet Muhammad (sawa) against the shia, one of the lies that is used till today is that the Shia believe that Aisha the wife of the prophet Muhammad (sawa) commited zina or adultery. Now it's finally time to see from the shia books whether this is true or not ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-wTi7umWCI
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