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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The lady swearing surprised me more than the shirtless man, honestly.
  2. (salam) Akhi, I've definitely seen this and experience it daily as well (living in the U.S. anyway), many Muslims don't seem to know what constitutes back biting and believe they aren't back biting if what you say of another person from behind could also be said in front of them. I've also seen instances of some who would back bite toward certain people but refrain from others... Whatever that means. You'll just have to keep busy and hope for the best in finding someone who doesn't talk about derogatory or obscene subjects, yes it's difficult but possible. If not, you could always hang back like me and enjoy the solitude. :D (wasalam)
  3. Ok I'm gonna take that as being 8 PM sat night, so I'll be able to join iA.
  4. What time and relative to what time zone?
  5. One game I played in my childhood but forgot for many years was a game called Jersey Devil on the PS1, creepiest thing as a kid... I didn't even finish it but I wouldn't mind beating it now (have to face your fears sometime ya know.) Another one would be Oddworld, also on the PS1, didn't realize the mass amount of symbolism it had at the time since it just came off as really weird and freaky... So I never finished that either. I intend to beat it sometime soon though. Also there was one castlevania game on the Snes (Don't remember which one exactly) but I thought that was pretty amazing. Yeah unfortunately it seems I just forget about games that were scary when I was younger, ah wells.
  6. But what about this? It's new and looks delicious and I have a craving for some fresh pulled pork!
  7. (salam) Promoting debauchery through advertisements or imagery which has the potential to lead others to commit acts of fornication or other such sins brings down sins upon yourself, whether you intended for that to happen or not. If we can get sins simply from giving advice we view as beneficial but in reality leads a person to sin then imagine it on a scale of multiple people constantly being led to sins thanks to your imagery. We are all one big family that influence each other to do either right or wrong through the choices we make, intentionally or unintentionally. (wasalam)
  8. If anyone's playing Dark Souls 2 on PS3 add me, my PSN is ExaltedSoldier.
  9. Feeling sick after eating junk food (Mickey D's/Burger king/etc.) made me push myself to begin exercising, got off soda & fatty foods rather quickly (not all) then gradually added new more wholesome meals to my diet overtime, while discarding calorie-based foods like french fries for example. :)
  10. Welcome to the club, Akhi. Getting married while in university is something like a miracle these days, as much as I hate the aspect of marrying at 30.
  11. Dear Cat, I love the way you meow insistently behind the door, I love the way you knock down my personal belongings from shelves and desks, I love the way you jump up on the dinner table and wag your big fuzzy tail over my tabbouli and kafta dish, I love the way you lay across the doorway, making me trip over you and almost fall flat on my face, I love the way you scamper around at 3am only to sleep the moment I get up, Sincerely, that guy who feeds you. P.S. Cat nip will be served in an hour.
  12. Good thing I workout at home already, this is probably gonna suck for those bros looking to build muscle. :P
  13. On the fact alone that they would allow a four year old child to hold a gun and fire it, hoping to harm an enemy combatant is more than enough proof for me and any sensible person that the 'FSA' or 'Syrian Rebels' can never be right.
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