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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Inshallah. I will be speaking with the offices of Sistani and will update and have this individual exposed soon.
  2. Really. Is that a lifetime guarantee you're offering? Would you like me to pass on the information to you directly via PM? You can go ask the official offices yourself. Infact to cut the BS, i am in a legal position where cannot name this idiot as of yet as I will cause hm much more damage in the future going through the elongated but official route. If you knew how complex the UK Justice system is, you would know where i am coming from. SO CUT THE BS, I SHALL ASK AGAIN, IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE WISH'S TO SPEAK TO OFFICIAL SOURCES YOURSELF, THEN COME FORWARD, PM ME AND I WILL GLADLY DISCUSS THIS
  3. I have not asked you to condemn him, as i have not named him. So be patient. Islam teaches us to have patience, to also refrain from arrogance. There is a reason he has not been named. Believe me i know he is guilty, however it is best this comes from official sources, such as the Sharia courts, which is where this may go. Once the Sharia courts have made their judgement, then it will be time. Unless of course, someone else does the research and speaks to the official sources and makes the truth about this individual known. I could very easily lay down and rest and not spend so much money and
  4. Sounds as though you're doing the guesswork. Already there are some who have been in contact and have also heard of this suspicious individual and his dubious position. The information about this 'Seyyed' is from official offices and Seyyed's he claims to work for. If you cannot trust the official source, who do you trust? They have stated he is a suspicious individual. Now unless you are one of his followers, then i do not expect you to understand. How did you come to the conclusion his wives are happy with him? You know of him do you? lol.. Hmmmm.. Sounds like your defense of him is a person
  5. Not protecting at all. Time has to be right, but you're not involved in the legal procedure i am involved in so it is easy for you to make assumptions. I have children i am protecting from this group. Hence why it shall not come from me at this point, but from SOMEONE who may be willing to ask the offices themselves if they wish to PM me. If someone in the UK wishes to discuss this then i can pass the information onto them directly and they can find out the truth. Names will be brought forward in due course. ALL NAMES. You know who you are... Including the perpetrators who work for his 'charit
  6. Unfortunately there are many of these foolish people who claim to be so pious, the saviours and teachers for others to follow by, but their motives are powered by money, greed and power. That of which corrupts most men. However worse when those men use the name of Islam as their vehicle.
  7. Salaams, Can someone direct me to a trusted source who can validate the individual i am wishing to expose. I have been informed to do so via the Offices of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani. I have also met directly with them an been given much information about him. Furthermore i have spoken to a number of Seyyed who have all heard of this imposter. I also have a direct email from them stating this indivudla has no link to Grand Ayatollah Sistani (as he claimes) and 'is of suspicious position'. He has also been banned from a number of Mosques and has a number of Islamic crimes to his name across th
  8. Brother i do not even know exactly. Alli know is that he somehow manages to indoctranate the people around him and they follow him blindly (even to a point where they have suggested they believe he is Imam Mahdi) and they put 'peer pressure' on the other people around them in keeping them locked into this 'family' group of theirs and by not questioning him or even making attempts to enquire about him! It not only defies logic, but Islam! I am still seeking information and acceptance from officials. I may also ask for some respected trusted brothers to possibly contact me so they may also make
  9. Brothers i will. I just need to speak with the head offices of one of our Ayatollahs as i do not wish to upset them. I hope you all understand, just bare with me please, it has taken long enough for me to fully divulge and accept the information i have received. I almost wish I did not know, but then i would only be as bad as him by not questioning. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali.
  10. Due to the sensitivity of this and reports still coming through to me i do not want to name him, yet. I have also not asked those in offices if i am allowed to name him as of yet, they are trying to help and assist with this problem and also as he has been reported to head offices recently, due to the high level of reports that have been made against him across the world. However they will only divulge information on this Sayyid if they are asked, as of yet anyway. Also i do not want to upset the mods or admin in doing so before i ask. I do not believe in back-biting (something i am working on
  11. Has anyone ever had any experience of cults who use the name of Islam? I have information from very high up about a Sayyid who is basically a fraud, who has been brainwashing people (they obviously are not even aware) and he is even said to use 'black magic'. I have spoken to various Sayyids who work for a highly respected Ayatollah who have warned of this Sayyid as being 'very dangerous'. He has married very young girls against the consent of their fathers even, leaving the parents distraught at losing their children to him. Not only once has he done this, he does this regularly. The frighten
  12. How sad people can abandon their children. I would do anything for mine without a seconds thought if they were ever at risk. I have two girls, i would not change them for anything. Infact i feel blessed i have two wonderful girls, if my life was ideal i would love to have one more girl. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali.
  13. Salaam Brothers and Sisters, I was wondering if someone could kindly direct me to specific du'a for keeping peace and calm? Perhaps even ones to show truth? Or for example one which will enable me to show people my genuine intentions? I find praying has certainly help calm me, but when i speak with a certain person who i care for i find i struggle and get nervous because i am trying too hard to try and convince her that i am being as honest as possible and that i am trying to help protect them. I find it difficult at the moment to make peace with them because they do not trust me at all it see
  14. Wow mashallah that is excellent. Thank you for sharing. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali
  15. Thank you for your advice. It is difficult speaking with them, because of the actions of those in my own family who have followed a similar path, but due to their actions it has slightly tarnished Islam in their view. So i am struggling to convince certain people that these actions are not in line with Islam. It is difficult for people to accept you when they have so many doubts in you. I just wish people were more forgiving, but feel like people are too influenced by actions of the past or opinions around them. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali.
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