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  1. Sorry I’m still unfamiliar with shiachat. You issued me a warning in 2012. I don’t know why or where to find the reason. 

    1. Hameedeh


      @pinkyaliya Salam. The warning was just a notification in your account to tell Moderators that you were unregistered, that you wanted to leave ShiaChat. Welcome back. :) 

  2. I sometimes see pilgrims (either in Iran or Iraq, cannot remember) wafting the smoke of a burning incense stick over their heads. Is this cultural or is there also a religious background to this? Either way, what is its significance!
  3. hey there, chatmod ;)

    1. ireallywannaknow


      Aliya! Salams I was just thinking about you today! :)

  4. Salaams, I keep forgetting to post new artworks. August 2013, charcoal. Dedicated to Sayeda Ma'soomah in Qom.
  5. :( Sad and touching Bless you
  6. I'm not too worried about that but yes, I should put a signature on it... hidden somewhere, maybe. Alhamdulillah, thank you.
  7. Alhamdulillah, thank you. Perhaps... working on that. InshaAllah Alhamdulillah, may it be accepted.
  8. pinkyaliya


    Salaam alaikum, Extending my condolences to the Awaited One (a) and his lovers on the martyrdom of Imam Ali, Ameerul Mumineen (a). I seem to have forgotten to post more artwork since my last post.
  9. Wow, these are incredible. I could say so much about each of the works. They're very expressive. Brother, was there a theme in the gallery? Forgive me, I don't really know how to respond except say alhamdulillah. And may you be blessed with the chance to visit Karbala. I've actually finished Baynol Haramain. Here it is. I pray we all get to walk through it again and again, back and forth, until our legs give up, and we fall, but our eyes will continue to wander between the shrines. Please continue to remember my grandmother in your du'a.
  10. That would be wonderful, thank you. But don't worry if you don't get a chance, brother.
  11. Well I don't live in Pakistan so unfortunately, I will not be able to participate ):
  12. Thank you to all. Continue remembering my grandmother in your prayers. InshaAllah, I will post more work. Sounds incredible. And which university is this, brother? Thank you for the comment, alhamdulillah. I don't write much poetry any more but it's nice that you remember that about me. Thank you for remembering my grandmother in your prayers.
  13. Assalamu alaikum, It's been a while but I've been meaning to share some of my works with all if you for some time now. I think my last real topic was early September-ish but ever since my grandmother passed away (September 10 2012), life has really become different. Please pray that she is in close proximity of the Awaited One inshaAllah. If you enjoy me posting my works on shiachat, please do tell me. It will encourage me and I will, inshaAllah, do it more often. When I was involved in the shiachat community I loved the moments I spent so inshaAllah, the same effect can be recreated. Just let me know and I'll make the effort. You can always check out my work in my gallery. Please do comment below if you're interested in the link (I know I used to have all my contact information up and in my signature but things have really changed after September 10...) I really do hope at least one person remembers me :) and yes, I was on tumblr (for one day!). Thank you for those who recognized me from shiachat and dropped me many beautiful messages in that one day! Done with pen. InshaAllah we all get that chance to walk through Baynol Haramain. Are you all updated with the new developments? I sure hope so! It's incredible. Hope to get rekindled with you all once again inshaAllah!
  14. pinkyaliya

    For Faraj

    With a tearful eye, a broken back, and dried lips I am longing for salvation (faraj) Haven't done this in a while...
  15. but drawing something will always remain 2-D Does 3-D mean you can't draw things with form--with light and shadows?
  16. I just wanted to bump this topic because after researching this, I'm still confused. What does 3 dimensions mean? Making movies and animations about the Prophet, isn't that made in 3 dimensions? http://www.sistani.org/index.php?p=251364&id=45&pid=2013
  17. okay so Im more fed up with this topic than you are. Ive been pondering over a solution to it for for 14 hours. http://www.shiachat....e/#entry2474244 http://www.shiachat....s-help-our-sis/ Assalamu Alaikum, Some of you were asking and wondering..."CityofKnowledge asked THIS kind of question?" and others thought I was plain out trolling and some were just smart and figured it out ;) You know you find people out there that are so God conscious and when you really find out who they are they stick out to you like a hypocrite. As lovers of Imam Mahdi we don't negatively judge our brothers and sisters and if they err we help them see the light. Now as much as I enjoyed reading the several answers I received, I didn't get the answer I was looking for and I'm determined to get one by the end of the night. May Imam Mahdi be proud of all of you as you have shown your dedication to the hijab that his holy mother uplifted. This situation is not mine. It's someone else's and I have asked for his permission to publicly share it because he needs help. You see, I post my stuff online... poetry and other islamic works and last night, one man, out of no where, messaged me and told me this exact story that you previously read but it was from his perspective. He asked me "is this right?" I had the exact same reaction as most of you did. IS THIS RIGHT? I wanted to tell him, NO, it's not! You completely destroyed the sanctity of a muslim girl. You destroyed her relationship with her father. This girl is a symbol of Islam and yet you raped her with your lust. but this is harsh. It was wrong on both parts, but who am I to judge? So I came here on shiachat thinking that out of all the other muslims out there, I want to get advice only from true lovers of Ali ibn Abi Talib because I don't trust anyone else but the ones that will be there for our master when he calls for us and from our masters themselves. Anyway, since i haven't received the answer I'm looking for I decided to create another post. (Wow, I am sooo sorry to the admin and mods, may you be blessed for your hard work and to the other participants for reading these long posts!). Somebody asked me for advice for an unlawful relationship that he created. I want to tell him that he needs to break up with the muslim girl he is in the relationship with but how? All while keeping my hijab intact (I don't want a post that will invite him to speak to me further, I'm very careful with how much I talk to men online and after my reply to him, I want the conversation to be done) p.s. forgive me for lying. I had an obligation to keep his identity a secret and so I placed the situation on me like it was me who was having the affair, but Ive asked him for his permission to publicize the problem and he gave it to me. really hoping for some answers because it seems like the last two questions about this issue really tired you all out. May you be blessed! Jazakallah Khair and thank you! Wasalam! and yes..city ofknowledge was part of the plan :)
  18. So I felt it was necessary to start a new topic...as it is a new topic! but many of you have read her issue here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235006006-marriage-issue/ Now she feels repentant and she's confused as to what she should say to her boyfriend to break up with him. So from the previous answers in the other post I can give you a summary of what you can tell him. 1. In this society, the age gap between you and him is too large. The norms of this society is that you grow old together and your maturity level stays the same so that you may always be at the same level. 2. you being a muslim need to protect your hijab and you will not continue seeing him unless he commits to Islam at this moment. 3. You father only cares for your hijab. He disliked you going out behind his back and created an unlawful relationship. If you help this sister out...hmm.. some new art coming out soon as a reward? :)
  19. pinkyaliya


    http://soundcloud.co...ter-from-fatema I tried something new this time. Along with the poem, I have attached a link to me reciting it. It's new, so feedback is...NECESSARY :) When Imam Hussain (as) left for Karbala, he left his daughter Fatima Sughra. Some believe he left her because she was too sick to travel and others believe she was left because she resembled Fatima Zahra (as) and Imam Hussain could not bear seeing the face of Zahra being slapped and whipped once more.... A Letter Sister, I hope you remember the last time we embraced It was here in Medina where I stand right now defaced Let me tell you what happened the day I was misplaced When our father left me here, feeling completely erased. Sister, I tried to keep strong but failed with respite For Yazid (la) took my father for his hatred and despite What I don't understand is how the son of the Lady of Light Could be taken against his own pure and divine right? Sister, the day you had left, our father came into my room He told me dear Fatemah, InshaAllah, we'll meet soon. I told him, don't go or else you will come back to my doom, Father, oh please, how can I stand every day in this gloom? Sister, He kissed me and held me as my heart started to palpitate I could feel his arms tight as he told me to wait and when I covered myself with his body so great I felt that this was the moment of final deathly fate Sister, He let go of me and and told me to say goodbye to the rest But I could not withstand it and started to beat my chest. Oh Akbar, my brother! Can you please help me with this test? If you go, I will enter my burial saddened and oppressed. Sister, Our father, he took Ali Asghar as well for my baby brother got to go and now in pain do I dwell my brother, he had to face Shimr, a resident of Hell but even him I had to cry out, farewell. Sister oh sister, you left me here broken and torn but little did I know that it would be me who would mourn your memory brings a sweet fragrance to my mind, but with every rose comes a thorn Like when Zahra lost her dear stillborn. Sister, you know the pain of a father leaving Just like when he had to leave us in darkness as we were falsely believing that he would return, but Yazid had been cunning and deceiving and now oh sister, for your death and our father's, I am grieving. Sister, they took our uncle Abbas away. Our aunts grieved so much that their hairs had turned grey and now I continuously pray for my final day. this is what was going through my mind everyday Sister, when Al-Hussain's caravan returned I rejoiced at the sight for it was our father's embrace I had yearned But when Zaynab and Kulthum came, their dresses burned No sooner had I grown deathly concerned Sister, I asked our aunts where are Akhi Sajjad, Akbar and Asghar? Where are okhti? They must not be behind that far? She placed her black flags down and said, oh Abna, you're father, uncle, brothers and sisters are.. She started crying and beating her chest, AllahuAkbar, only we know the pain of losing our father Sister, I hope you remember the last time we embraced It was here in Medina where I stand right now defaced Let me tell you what happened the day I was misplaced When our father left me here, feeling completely erased. Now accepting commissions and requests for my art. Check out my gallery http://pinkyaliya.de...rt.com/gallery/ and message me if you are interested.
  20. No limits, no start or end, We're all bound together by his love. No breaks, no falters, We're all bound together by his love. No dimension, no such thing as time, We're all bound together by his love. Past, present, or future, We're all bound together by his love. No language barriers, no culture clashes, We're all bound together by his love. Hubb e Ali. By his love. This is an art piece that I've started and inshaAllah will work on soon! Salaam brothers and sisters! I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I might as well do it now that I'm starting to get serious in my art (i'm starting to accept commissions) (Yes...this is a terrible ad, I know!) Check out my gallery http://pinkyaliya.de...rt.com/gallery/ and if you have any requests, message me. wasalam.
  21. Umm Kulthum Oppressed Forgotten Treasure Daughter of Ali Valiant Speaker Sacrificed Abbas Caged Bird Light in the Dark of Karbala Flag Bearer in Shaam
  22. I asked my heart, WHY DO YOU PAIN? For who do you wish to part? My heart answered me, for Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two...JUST RIP ME OUT!
  23. When they (la) killed Abbas, they severed the love between Abbas and Hussain. I'm going to try something new...I'm going to start a poem and you guys will continue it. InshaAllah, this will actually work and I won't be stranded here writing this poem myself! I asked for the love between Abbas and Hussain. I asked the sky, Why all the rain? Who makes you cry? The sky answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two is now a broken tie. I asked the ground, Why all the earthquakes? Who makes your heart pound? The ground answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two, I make a huge sound. I asked the seas, Why all the tsunamis? Why do you keep making people fall to their knees? The seas answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two, I will make this huge breeze. I asked the clouds, Why all the storms? Why over the sun do you put a shroud? The clouds answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two, the sun's light I have disallowed. I asked the sun's rays, Why global warming? Why is it so hot in May? The sun's rays answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two, we are oppressed each day. I asked the grass, Why do you burn? Who turned you into a carcass? The grass answered me, Abbas and Hussain. For the severed love between these two, are we are just a dead mass. Add in your own lines...
  24. For those of you on Facebook and follow Islamic awakening, is the page amazing or amazing? They posted a Hadith: Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) once said to one of his companions: "O Jabir it is not enough that a person says; I am a Shi'ah and I love the Prophet (Pbuh&hp) and the Prophet's family and the Imams. By Allah, a Shiah is the one who is perfectly pious and obedient to Allah's commands. Anyone else is not a Shiah no matter how much they say they love Hazrat Ali (as) and no matter what they call themselves. O Jabir Our Shi'ahs are known by these signs: a) They are truthful, trustworthy and loyal; B ) They always remember Allah; c) They offer their prayers, observe fasts, and recite Qur'an; d) They help their neighbors, take care of orphans, and say nothing but good of people; e) They act nicely towards their parents; f) They are worthy of peoples trust and confidence. I honestly cannot call myself a shi'a. I can say I am a lover... But that doesn't guarantee the right for intercession.
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