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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As salamu alaykom. Recently for the past few years I have been on and off with my prayer. It seems that I only go back go prayer whenever a hardship or tragedy hits close to home. I love Allah, I love the Ahlul Bayt, I know prayer is wajib and neccessary but for some reason I will stick to it for a few months and then I find myself falling off the wagon. I also stuggle with my relationship with Allah. I feel that my way of approaching prayer and religion is that of a bargainer or a business man. It makes me feel very humiliated and its gotten to the point where I dont even want to pray because I feel like Im bargaining with Allah. So I'd rather not pray with those intentions. I would like sooo much to be able to pray on time, everyday and to break this horrible cycle. If anyone has any advice please let now.
  2. i've had many symbolic dreams in the last 2-3 years i am a very strong lover of Imam Ali and Ahlul Bayt peace and blessings be upon them, as well I am a Alweeya meaning i'm from the Holy Houshold of Rasulallah thank you for kindly replying to my thread :) thank you for kindly replying to my post :) stress could be part of it no doubt about it but honestly i'm not very good at distinguishing between an enemy and a friend so Allah al ya3lam thank you dear brother I am convinced that this is the best answer yet in regards to applying to my situation :) strength and success have been very high in my life this far and thank you for answering my post :)
  3. salam, i had a dream that i was at my house and these was a lion following me trying to do harm or at least it seemed like it. i was getting away from him but i wasn't running, i was pretty calm not really frightened but there were about two times when i would loose the lion like i would be walking inside the house and the lion would follow me as i go to close the door the lion would just try and break down the door but every time i overcame this lion and it seemed like i was stronger than the lion, though it took alot of strength to finally lock it out any suggestions of what this could mean ?
  4. Salam dear brothers and sisters, I have a question that I am unclear about and I would be interested in learning. So here is the deal .. My brother just turned 12, and he invited a few friends over for his birthday party, I did the decorating and I was in charge of taking pictures. I am 16, I had my hair covered, feet covered and I was wearing a traditional joba ( long dress like clothing) -I would like to know if during this process was there any haram involved ? - these boys had not hit puberty yet, from my understanding I am able to touch them :S - Also is there any haram if i sit with them and speak to them during that time ? I am 5 years older than my brother and his friends and I do not have any sexual desires what so ever and they do not as well considering they have yet to hit puberty I am interested in knowing the answers and particularly from quranic verses as well as from the opinion of the marajaa :) if you could provide proofs ( websites, quotes ect.. ) wa salam
  5. i ment to say that if she went to do ghusul for janaba, but noticed the blood what would be obligatory then ?
  6. dear sisters, if a women had sexual intercourse and after she was done and was ready to do ghusul she noticed blood which was her period what ghusul would be obligatory on the sister
  7. would you happen to know which one would be suitable to do ? the hayth ghusul or the janaba ghusul ?
  8. i'm curious to know that if a female has been involved in sexual intercourse and she didn't do ghusul janaba and the next day she got her period which ghusul will she be obligated to do ??? this is just a question out of curiosity :) thanks you wa salam
  9. dear brothers and sister i've been asked to teach someone how to properly do ghusil janabaa i would like it step by step in english if possibleee thankss peoplee !!
  10. wow soo much interesting information :D thanks to everyone that responded !!!!
  11. dear bothers and sisters, i would like to know if we have the choice to reject these hooris and be with the one we love in this dunya ?
  12. salam, hooris are the angles (malaikaa) we are rewarded with in heavean only the pious and good are promised them, for men they are beautiful virgin women that are subject to only their husbands and are beautiful in every way i'm not to sure about the males but they are as well beautiful and are subject to their wives :) don't take my wordsss i have just read a little bit i hope it helped :)
  13. salam dear brothers and sisters. i have very little knowledge of the hooris ( female malaika) i would like to ask a few questions and would highly appreciate all answers :) 1. does a man have a choice of rejecting a hooris if he wishes to stay commited to his wife (wives) of this dunya or is he automatically assigned these hooris ? 2. may a women decide to leave her husband from the dunya for a male malaika ? 3. is it possible that the hooris stay away from a family that wishes to stay together in the afterlife ? any answers would be appreciated wa salam :)
  14. salam brothers and sister, i have been having really unusual dreams about having sexual intercourse with the men in my life who are muhram on me :S like my older brother or my younger one :S i would like to know what this might mean, i am very disturbed by these dreams :'( i also dreamed that a huge black snake, as long as a house from the ground to the top was after me, it trapped me in a staircase and stood straight up looking for me from the bottom of the staircase as i was standing against a wall keeping quiet, i then was able to run up the stairs and half way up i noticed 3 bite marks that were blue but i went into a room and locked the door. shortly after the snake broke in but i ran across the hall to another room which i saw 3 of my younger brothers playing games, i held the door closed with my feet, yelling for help from my brothers but it seemed they just wouldn't listen ! then the snake broke in and pushed me to a bed and stared slithering and tying me up with it's body and squeezing hard :S before i woke up the snake looked me in my eyes and that's when i saw it's colour was black and brown and it looked really scaryy :( the snake was as wide as a medium build person and it was as long as long as the length of a normal house :S sooooooo scarryyy if anyone knows anything about these types of dreams please provide infoo :'(
  15. salam, Ramadan kareem to all the Mulsims in the world, i was wondering if anyone knew some good duas for the month of Ramadan ?
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