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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shi'a Islam recognises Hinduism only as a religion of Kufr and Shirk and does not endorse or accept any of its theological beliefs or its mythologies. Those ignorant 'Shi'a' in India who hold favourable views of Hindus or "Hussaini Brahmins" are lost and deviated. They try to mix the pure Islam of Ahlulbayt(as) with the filth of Hinduism in the hopes of pleasing the Hindus.
  2. Imam Ali(as) was willing to unsheathe his sword if he had 40 Shi'a, just 40. Pakistan has supposedly 40 Million and they are as weak as kittens. This shows there is something fundamentally wrong with the Shi'a in Pakistan. Many of them have turned Shi'a Islam into a Hindu like pagan cult worshipping horses, taziyyas and listening to mushrikeen like Ghazanfar, Zameer Akhtar, Liaquat and other crackpots.. Others who are political have become tools of the corrupt party of Bennazir Bhutto, following the Sunnah of Ayesha into taking female leaders. Go read what Imam Ali(as) has said about taking women as leaders in Nahjul Balagha. Don't give me this nonsense of the tadaburr and hikmah. Innocent people including babies are slaughtered on a daily basis and cowards like yourself will come up with any excuse to not do anything.
  3. These secular minded apostates who have turned Islam into something it's not really do make me laugh. They deny all the ahkaam of the Shar'ia because it doesn't fit their "views". What a nonsense to say the majority of the ahadith is Khabar al Wahid. These ignorant people have not even studied Quran and Hadith properly and make these ridiculous statements. Loverfortruth quoting one hadith and interpreting it your own way while disregarding the Quran and entire chapters on Hudud and ta'ziraat really shows your ignorance. The fact is that from the time of Sheikh al Mufid till now there has been a consensus on the fact that the fuqaha can rule and judge by the judgements of the Imams(as) in the era of occultation. There are numerous ahadeeth and in fact ayaat of the Quran that proves a scholar has the authority to implement such rulings as punishment. Refer to Sura al Ma'eda ayah 44 and onwards whereby Allah condemned the Jewish scholars for not implementing the stoning and eye for an eye (qisaas) on their people as instructed to them in the Torah.
  4. Our Imams(as) never preached "non-violence". This is a myth. Imam Ali(as) was the greatest warrior in his time slicing the throats of the oppressors and the polytheists. Also have you forgotten Karbala, where Imam Hussain(as) in some accounts killed around 2000 of Yazid's followers la'natullah alayhum ajma'een.
  5. The problem with the Shi'a in Pakistan is that they have become emasculated. They have abandoned Jihad and the commands of Allah(swt) in the Quran and spend their times listening to idiots on the minbar that indulge in nothing but Shirk. They have become like Hindus where the religion is only about animal, statue parades and rituals. Allah(swt) says in the Quran: "And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, "Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?"(4:75) Allah has ordered the believers to fight for the oppressed people.
  6. She wasn't the only fraud, Dalai Lama worked for the CIA and Ghandi was a sexually perverted person. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_21XD74JKHw
  7. If you think Muqtada is corrupt because he shakes hands with the Saudis that means Maliki has to be even more corrupt to shake hands with the Masters of the Saudis - The Americans.
  8. This is not true at all. There are no caste systems or "higher forms" in Islam. This is not Hinduism. There are good Sayyids and bad Sayyids. The most noble and honorable person to Allah(swt) is the most righteous and with taqwa, as Allah has stated in the Quran. Not this Sayyid, Mirza rubbish. Alot of fraudsters have over the years claimed to be "Sayyids" esp in Afghanistan and Pakistan to scam people's money. Not to mention the "Sayyid" Malangs that 'bless' people with their saliva or breath.
  9. I don't agree with the approach of Sayyid Sisitani too. I believe he lacks the leadership that is required from the office of a Marja'. If he wanted a life of solitude he should have never become a Marja'. During the times of Saddam we can say that due to an oppressive Government our Maraja' were limited in fulfilling their roles. There is no excuse now, in fact the silence of a scholar becomes haram in most instances. (Refer to the work of Sayyid Sadiq Rohani on the impermissibity of th scholars being silent) You might have known that when Sayyid Hadi attempted a revolution in Bahrain it was under the auspices and being a representative of Imam Khomeini. But that's 30 years ago. Where is his revolution today in Iraq and Bahrain. Spare me your crocodile tears. I don't consider enemies of Islam as humans. To me they are worse than animals and they don't have any rights. Who are the oppressed people in Iran the MEK, Jundullah terrorists, PJAK or the CIA funded Green Movement? Don't repeat your nonsense of an Islamic Government under a non-ma'soom too, this as has pointed out to you is nothing but a myth of ignorant people. People like yourself support any Kufr government under the sky as soon as it comes to an Islamic government you have objections. We have moved on from this stupidity. No I think you are spot on now. So I guess Imam Hussain(as) should have remained calm because people died. This is the Sunni mentality and the view of Ibn Umar(la).
  10. Nonsense. Simply putting 'Iraqi' next to your name doesn't give you more authority about knowing the situation. Even if you were to live there you can't make that claim. Your entire nonsensical argument is "it's impossible, Iraqis will get hurt, it will cause fitna... blah blah". Pathetic replies. Another red herring. I am not here to promote Muqtada, though he did better than those Shi'a who fought for the American killing their fellow Shi'a brothers. Like the Badr brigade, which the corrupt scholars and government officials backed against Jaysh al Mahdi. He simply resisted against the occupation gaining wide support till some factions of his army turned to criminal acts. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSL3048857920080130?irpc=932 http://m.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/sep/16/iraq.iraqtimeline If you want to be a cheerleader for the US army and put a figure to over a 100,000 which is the most coservative count then they have already justified the killing of Millions of Iraqis. http://www.infowars.com/panetta-channels-albright-a-million-dead-iraqis-worth-it/ If you had any gheerah you would not try to be a cheerleader for the enemies of Islam. Since without a doubt they have directly or indirectly killed over a Million Muslims wether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran (through arming Saddam). But you are like those Iraqis who sold themselves to the Americans and think they are followers of Hussain(as). What a joke. Please spare me your emotions. If the current secular Government has survived then they are not as scary as you think. Don't be a coward. The Sunnis have given Infallibilty to the Sahaba and worship them without seeing their corruptions. People like you have given infallibility to these corrupt scholars by seeing their corruption and worship them over Allah(swt).
  11. It is not veiled at all it is quite direct. In every sermon of Sayyid Sadiq and his family members we hear the constant rhetoric of how his late brother Sayyid Muhammad was a visionary and a true reformer and if he was successful in forming a Government that it would be a Utopia. Well their excuse in Iran is that they are under oppression. What's the excuse in Iraq? They had the perfect opportunity to establish their utopia after the fall of Saddam and even now. Don't tell me they don't get involved in politics, their whole life revolves around politics. No one is stopping them in Iraq in fact they have many supporters and extended family in Iraq. The Qazwinis and Modaressis. The real reason is that they are quite happy with their position. They are very acceptable to Iraqis because of their anemosity against the Iranian Government. Even the fatwas issued from their office is based on politics for example their over emphasis on tatbir, their addition of the 3rd Shahada to attract the malangs of Pakistan. Being in this position they really don't have to do much other than portray themselves as the oppressed voice of truth. We have moved on with scholars who have used religion to promote their own personal agendas and benefit themselves and their family members. In the Hawza and religious hierarchy of Karbala if your last name is not Shirazi or Qazwini or Modaressi you are simply an ordinary person regardless of how much knowledge you have. There it's all about the politics and who you are related to. The Hawzas have been hijacked by Mafia like organisations, gone are the days when someone from a distant land enrols himself and because of his knowledge excels and becomes among the greatest scholars.
  12. Your statement that "voting for any political party is halal as long they don't contradict the Shari'a" is flawed. Since politics, Governance and judgement is intrinsically linked to the Sharia. If Shari'a is replaced with any other legislation then that legislation goes against the Shari'a. It's like saying people can worship any god as long as it doesn't go against Allah. Do you see the absurdity of such a statement. The Shari'a leaves no room for any other form of legislation, except for the very few areas where religious rulings are not concerned like traffic laws.
  13. Secularists are filthy beings that have sold themselves to the enemies of Islam. They should all be wiped out from the Muslims lands.
  14. So the Iraqi constitution and judiciary which the parties must uphold is in conformity to the Shari'a?
  15. The Shari'a has already outlined laws and legislations for running a state. Anything that does not conform to the laws of Shari'a, goes against it.
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