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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Just an extra point regarding this. If you look at sunnis they are separated into a huge number of factions/sects. If you take all the sects together, The sect with the largest following is the shias. Someone confirm?
  2. Salaam I think you should recite ziyarat-e-ashura for 40 days. Do it sincerely and from the heart and i am sure Allah will help you. InshaAllah.
  3. salaam lol yes inshaAllah!
  4. There are stages of forgiveness and one of them is that you never commit the sin again. ALso i think it means that none of ur duas will be accepted in the 40 days. InshaAllah you find the strength to stay away from haram food. (wasalam)
  5. How are the new books that you bought? Let me know if theyre good adn inshaAllah ill get them too :D

  6. If only we could all follow the example of hazrat Ayub! MashaAllah what an obedient and loving servant of Allah. (wasalam)
  7. oh and how are your family? may Allah bless you and your family in thi holy month :D

    1. Mohsin-Syed
    2. Anam Zahra

      Anam Zahra

      JazakAllah :) we're all good alhamdulillah, how is your family? May Allah continue to bestow His rehmat and blessings on you and your family :)

    3. Mohsin-Syed


      my Family are well alhumdullilah :)

  8. The month is going well alhumdulillah :D and how about for you?

    1. Anam Zahra

      Anam Zahra

      Alhamdulillah it's going very well :)

  9. How's the month of ramadhan going?

  10. U can have ali hes useless all he does is eat parata lol ans IM always the leader mate so plz leave the vecinity lol
  11. Ive told you many times IM leading.. you have the qualitites of a follower lool okay anyway stop spamming on here
  12. Jazakallah Khair, :D Ive listened to many of his lectures hes a really good speaker. (wasalam)
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