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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. tis true indeed. And very sad....Honour killings is wrong end of. i've been doing assignments on it in university and majority cases are muslim families who use relgiion as an excuse but nowhere in the Quran does it justify honour killings. They might have erased the shame caused on their familiy through their daughters actions but in turn they themsleves are bringing shame to Islam. May Allah swt deal with these people justly. 5000 women/girls are killed each year due to 'honour' killings. majority cases as muslims, but also hindus, sikhs, christians and so on....
  2. World news | Iraq 'My daughter deserved to die for falling in love' Two weeks ago, The Observer revealed how 17-year-old student Rand Abdel-Qader was beaten to death by her father after becoming infatuated with a British soldier in Basra. In this remarkable interview, Abdel-Qader Ali explains why he is unrepentant - and how police backed his actions. Afif Sarhan in Basra and Caroline Davies report Afif Sarhan in Basra and Caroline Davies · 11/05/2008 · guardian.co.uk For Abdel-Qader Ali there is only one regret: that he did not kill his daughter at birth. 'If I had realised then what she would become, I would have killed her the instant her mother delivered her,' he said with no trace of remorse. Two weeks after The Observer revealed the shocking story of Rand Abdel-Qader, 17, murdered because of her infatuation with a British soldier in Basra, southern Iraq, her father is defiant. Sitting in the front garden of his well-kept home in the city's Al-Fursi district, he remains a free man, despite having stamped on, suffocated and then stabbed his student daughter to death. Abdel-Qader, 46, a government employee, was initially arrested but released after two hours. Astonishingly, he said, police congratulated him on what he had done. 'They are men and know what honour is,' he said. Rand, who was studying English at Basra University, was deemed to have brought shame on her family after becoming infatuated with a British soldier, 22, known only as Paul. She died a virgin, according to her closest friend Zeinab. Indeed, her 'relationship' with Paul, which began when she worked as a volunteer helping displaced families and he was distributing water, appears to have consisted of snatched conversations over less than four months. But the young, impressionable Rand fell in love with him, confiding her feelings and daydreams to Zeinab, 19. It was her first youthful infatuation and it would be her last. She died on 16 March after her father discovered she had been seen in public talking to Paul, considered to be the enemy, the invader and a Christian. Though her horrified mother, Leila Hussein, called Rand's two brothers, Hassan, 23, and Haydar, 21, to restrain Abdel-Qader as he choked her with his foot on her throat, they joined in. Her shrouded corpse was then tossed into a makeshift grave without ceremony as her uncles spat on it in disgust. 'Death was the least she deserved,' said Abdel-Qader. 'I don't regret it. I had the support of all my friends who are fathers, like me, and know what she did was unacceptable to any Muslim that honours his religion,' he said. Sitting on a chair by his front door and surrounded by the gerberas and white daisies he had planted in the family garden, Abel-Qader attempted to justify his actions. 'I don't have a daughter now, and I prefer to say that I never had one. That girl humiliated me in front of my family and friends. Speaking with a foreign solider, she lost what is the most precious thing for any woman. 'People from western countries might be shocked, but our girls are not like their daughters that can sleep with any man they want and sometimes even get pregnant without marrying. Our girls should respect their religion, their family and their bodies. 'I have only two boys from now on. That girl was a mistake in my life. I know God is blessing me for what I did,' he said, his voice swelling with pride. 'My sons are by my side, and they were men enough to help me finish the life of someone who just brought shame to ours.' Abdel-Qader, a Shia, says he was released from the police station 'because everyone knows that honour killings sometimes are impossible not to commit'. Chillingly, he said: 'The officers were by my side during all the time I was there, congratulating me on what I had done.' It's a statement that, if true, provides an insight into how vast the gulf remains between cultures in Iraq and between the Basra police the British army that trains them. Sources have indicated that Abdel-Qader, who works in the health department, has been asked to leave because of the bad publicity, yet he will continue to draw a salary. And it has been alleged by one senior unnamed official in the Basra governorate that he has received financial support by a local politician to enable him to 'disappear' to Jordan for a few weeks, 'until the story has been forgotten' - the usual practice in the 30-plus cases of 'honour' killings that have been registered since January alone. Such treatment seems common in Basra, where militias have partial control, especially in the districts on the outskirts where Abdel-Qader lives. While government security forces and British troops have control over the centre, around the fringes militants can still be seen everywhere on the streets or at the checkpoints they have erected. And they have imposed strict laws of behaviour for all the local people, including what clothing should be worn and what religious practices should be observed. There are reports of men having their hands cut off for looting and women being killed for prostitution. Homosexuality is punishable by death, a sentence Abdel-Qader approves of with a passion. 'I have alerted my two sons. They will have the same end [as Rand] if they become contaminated with any gay relationship. These crimes deserve death - death in the name of God,' he said. He said his daughter's 'bad genes were passed on from her mother'. Rand's mother, 41, remains in hiding after divorcing her husband in the immediate aftermath of the killing, living in fear of retribution from his family. She also still bears the scars of the severe beating he inflicted on her, breaking her arm in the process, when she told him she was going. 'They cannot accept me leaving him. When I first left I went to a cousin's home, but every day they were delivering notes to my door saying I was a prostitute and deserved the same death as Rand,' she said. 'She was killed by animals. Every night when go to bed I remember the face of Rand calling for help while her father and brothers ended her life,' she said, tears streaming down her face. She was nervous, clearly terrified of being found, and her eyes constantly turned towards the window as she spoke. 'Rand told me about the soldier, but she swore it was just a friendship. 'She said she spoke with him because she was the only English speaker. I raised her in a religious manner and she never went out alone until she joined the university and then later when she was doing aid work. 'Even now, I cannot believe my ex-husband was able to kill our daughter. He wasn't a bad person. During our 24 years of marriage, he was never aggressive. But on that day, he was a different person.' The mother is now trying to raise enough money to escape abroad. 'I miss my two boys,' she said. 'But they have sent a message saying that I am wrong for defending Rand and that I should go back home and live like a blessed Muslim woman,' said Leila, who is now volunteering with a local organisation campaigning for better protection for women in Basra. One of those running the organisation, who did not want to be identified, said that Rand's case was similar to so many reported in Basra, with the only difference being she was in love with a foreigner, rather than an Iraqi. 'There isn't too much to say. Rand is dead. It is a tragedy and will be a tragedy for many other families in Iraq in the days to come. 'According to information we have been given, some from Rand's colleague, we have doubts that her love was reciprocated. We have the impression that Rand was in love, but the English soldier wasn't. But, for a girl to be paid nice compliments about her beauty and her intelligence, it was enough for her to think she was in love. 'She isn't here any more for her mother to ask any of the questions she would like to. Rand's case had repercussions because she fell in love with a foreigner. But what about the other girls murdered through "honour" killings because they fell in love with some of a different sect, or lost their virginity, or were forced to become prostitutes?' Rand's mother used to call her 'Rose'. 'That was my nickname for her because when she was born she was so beautiful,' she said. 'Now, my lovely Rose is in her grave. But, God will make her father pay, either in this world ... or in the world after.'

  4. 'Reliance upon Allah (swt) is more valuable and precious than anything and is considered a stride towards one's perfection'- Imam Muhammad al Jawad (as)

  5. as-salam waialikum everyone :) .... So the other day i was having a talk with my cousin, who is a sufi, about faith etc. He said that and i quote, "the main objective of sufism is to cleanse and purify your heart. No matter what sect you belong to, sunni or shia, we are all sufis to a certain extent, because we all want to cleanse our hearts" how far do you guys agree with this statement? (sorry to sound like a coursework question lol) jazak Allah okhair- your opinions will be of benefit to me inshaAllah
  6. Do not belittle your small sins, For isn't a massive mountain made of many small stones?

  7. salaam, you probably already have this one, but wont hurt if i post it anyway. I really like it, Masha'Allah walaikum as-salam
  8. ya Allah,When I lose hope, help me to remember that your Love is greater than my disappointments & your plans for my Life are better than my Dreams....

    1. Shia_Debater


      mashaAllah .. may Allah (swt) grant us what is good and replace that which we want with something better if it is bad for us insha'Allah

    2. sister in islam
  9. No freedom of dress? Allah loves us women, hence the laws of hijab that Allah has place upon us also help to protect us. Why would we want to dress like anything other than what Allah wants and loves? i didnt mean any offence, but i skim read everyones views, and the from the jist of things, everyone needs to calm down thats all.... p.s u shouldnt see the 'downs' to Allah's laws bro, seriously, focus on the benefits and why the laws were put in place. Allah never commands anything without a reason.
  10. right lets all calm down....LOL....no need for arguments and 'paki' comments, gosh....tolerance is key brtohers and sisters. Brother El cid keep an open mind, u should accept everything islam requires of us, whether u disagree or not. Its Allah's laws, deal with it :D lol, meant tht in the nicest way possible P.s please dont degrade the hijab bro, i find it rather disrespectful.
  11. El Cid, be a bit more respectful, the people taking time and effort to reply are only trying to help u answer the questions YOU asked, theyre not doing it for their own benefits...May Allah (swt) guide you and help u find the answers u need Insha'Allah :)
  12. LOL not the bogan/ farmer accent, but yeh, i guess i have an accent, just not sure whether it's the aus one :P Haha, I don't exazctly surf, wish i did tho, looks awesome! england's pretty cool. besides, your shi'a communtiy is way more developed than the one in aus! <3

    1. sister in islam

      sister in islam

      loool, o i would hate to surf..looks scary, cant swin u see lol. yea Masha'Allah england has alot os Shia but not many in bristol...sadly. Insha'Allah it will increase :)...hows pakiland? x

    2. alradhiya


      LOL swimming's easy! I'll teach you when we get married :P insha'Allah soon! It's good apart from all the pollution, staring and unreligious-ness :P but only one day left here! how's things down at your end? xo

  13. omg so u have like an austrailian accent? thats so cool, have u ever got bitten by a shark whilst out surfinfg??? :) im from england....bristol to be exact, no where near as exciting as aussie...xxx

  14. aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi! what about youu?

  15. The other day brother El cid bought up the topic of music, he said: Music is haram, that's given. But what about music that changed the entire stature of a country? Like brought peace Wouldn't that be considered a service? i replied, to bring about peace you should encourage people towards islam, not music. El Cid also argued that singing is fine only if you sing in the praise of Allah(swt) Or nabis? as Israfeal (a.s) sings day and night? I have read that 'singing' means the turning and rotating of one's voice in the throat. Singing or a song is a sound that makes a man usually happy sad or joyful. Every sound that is produced for entertainment and is capable for exciting a person is known as singing. Consequently it is sinful even to recite the Quran, Nauha or Marsiya in the tune of songs. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s) said, 'singing is that Sin which has been promised the penalty of fire (Hell) by Allah" Every melodious song is not a song. If the Quran is recited in a pleasant voice without turning it in the thorat, it is not haram. Rather it is mustahab (recommended) my knowledge on this is very limited, so any suggestions and facts are welcome to Insha'Allah help out brother El Cid and also myself.... Jazak Allah o'khair
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