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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know it's destined when things actually happen or do not happen. I don't agree with you, I don't think its a sin to say this. Allah (swt) says in many places in the quran that nothing happens in the heaven and the earth except that which he allowed/destined. not a single leaf falls on the ground without His permission/will. whatever comes from Allah is either a punishment, a test or a blessing. we can not do a thing on our own, whatever we have/choices we make have direct link with Allah, He's the only administrator. the evil deeds some ppl tend to do shouldn't be confused with this idea. if
  2. Aw really? since when sunni jurists come on this site? ALL I see are trolls.
  3. ^ why don't you educate me on the concept of predestination that you have 'expertly' grasped instead of attacking people and their beliefs? besides, who says everything sunnis believe in should be rejected. NO one is using Allah to justify anything, that is your own insecurity, perhaps bitting you? you consider birth predestined by Allah yet, refuse to accept that the parent's union for instance is also part of this, strange.
  4. Maybe you forgot to put ur glasses on, so I thought I could tell you that this is a shia forum, and not a sunni. if you're looking for answers to your questions from sunnis, I suggest to go to a sunni forum. there're plenty online, no need to come here. just my two cents!
  5. I think it all depends how you understand this concept. I dont see it as sunni vs shia concept, rather it depends how you understand it and how you argue your point. maybe my upbringing has something to do with it (I come from sunni family who strongly believe in this thing called pre-destination) however, I've grown up to form my own understanding, slightly similar as them though. I didn't say its Allah's fault the sister married this guy. of course it was her choice, we all make choices in life that we need to be prepared to deal with the outcome, however it was something she definetly could
  6. ^ I highly doubt that. a post on a rafida site, makes a salafi prouder, really? LOOOL where did Omar and Aisha go!
  7. My name is Ismahan and I support this post :D If only I get one pound for each time I get people ask me this question I would be a millionaire by now. the question I get asked is the other way around though LOL anyway to answer your question, '' what do Salafis have 'we' don't'' .... Salafis are proud people. full of confidence and pride. Although they have no religion other than worshiping satan, they will always remind us that they're superior to us and better than we'll ever be. that kind of confidence, that kind of swagger can't be found in any other people except in Salafis and Sunnis.
  8. Dear brother Ali Hussain, I really have forgotten this thread, please accept my apology! about the book, I borrowed it from a friend who goes to the Islamic College. they have it in their library. I haven't read the whole book (three volume paperback), cos I didn't have enough time to do so, however, its pretty good book. If my memory serves me right, I think the author appears to rely on mostly sunni historians ( Tabari, Bladhurri, etc). It is referenced although I can't say how comprehensive the referencing is. if you go to the Islamic College, you may find the book there. hope that helps,
  9. Brother Al-Mufeed, I'm just curious to know why its hard for you to believe this story lol! what happened to 'qada wal qader'? don't we have this concept in shia islam or what? :donno: the reason nothing makes sense in this story itself is the proof for this concept I believe. there was NO good reason to marry this guy but she married him anyway. she should be pleased with her decision and not cry! am not saying she should stay with this alcoholic, this ''marriage'' shouldn't have taken place but it happened anyway. its something that was written for her. all she needs to do now is make a ch
  10. w'salaam sis, A man in his position has NO choice but to show the 'best akhlaq' he can show. c'mon, he's a divorced man, with an age he could easily be your dad.... dont be fooled by this sister. look beyond what he says and do to you. ask him what caused his divorce and why he couldnt avoid it. Allah knows best but be suspicious and always ask questions. dont rush into it. also, family is extremely important, consult your family and take their advice.
  11. I didnt claim it to be healthy. but the fact of the matter remains that the one who cares more suffers the most in the relationship, unfortunately that's what happens most of the time :(
  12. I agree with you ImAli. The one who cares less always wins in the relationship.
  13. haha play that at the first sight of a wahabbi, it will do you a great favor. they may join you since they're also brainless and that way you save ur life. btw, you dont have to thank me for anything. I love saving kids lives. I like children :)
  14. And how nice of you to take me serious and let me know this. thanks :lol:
  15. 'wsalaam sister, 'while you are safely and comfortably in you own home, not many shias in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq have the same luxery as you.....'' firstly, please you dont know me and know how my life is, so I suggest you not make such a statement. 2nd, I've already said that the killings of shias in those counties has nothing to do with how some people chose to practice and follow their religious teachings. shias has always been killed and will always get killed, not bcos of what other shias do or say but bcos of their beliefs. nothing more or less... read your history, you will fi
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