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  1. hi you changed your name!

  2. Salamalaikum, I really respect Abu Lulu for killing our enemy. However i was wondering (from ur sig) whether if he has any religious significance please? Thanks!

    1. diracdeltafunc


      Kool. I didnt know he was a momin. I heard that he killed the dog due to personal revenge. Thanks!!

    2. diracdeltafunc


      Yep i trust Sheik Yassir too bro. Thanks for clearing that up. Jazakallah khair.

  3. Salaam, hope you're doing well Inshallah. There's plenty of English lectures going on in these couple of weeks so make sure to check them out x

  4. Salaam, hope you're well. Do you live in London? If you need any help or want to go to English Lectures there's plenty of places here :)

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    2. DoubleAgent4


      Oh yeah I've been to Al-Khoei and Al salam foundtion organise lectures in the Muhammadi Trust...

    3. DoubleAgent4
    4. DoubleAgent4
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