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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam brothers and sisters, a groups been created a while back for shia muslims within Europe to match. Now from co running the group I've found there to be around 8 brothers to sister ratio. We need more sisters and I know their are sisters that are wanting to marry so please come on this page and send a message and we can help find you a spouse. You can message your preferences as well. Il be honest theres too many brothers so for brothers feel free to message but at the moment it is proving difficult seeing as the ratio. here is the link https://www.facebook.com/shia
  2. Its subjective. Im from Iran I don't care to marry an Iranian. I know some that only want Iranian. Arabic is an important language to learn for obvious reasons but it certainly shouldnt make someone feel superior. I see many Arabs feel this way and their countries in ruins, like what do you have to feel superior about.
  3. Salam, get in touch with me I live and study in Brighton.
  4. I would be going from Iran with a group I believe so it would be pretty obvious :/
  5. Due to the current situation in Yemen is it safe for Shias/iranians to go to mecca and medina? Has anyone been very recently? I was thinking to go from Iran as it's cheaper but as I would be going with my family I'm worried for how safe it would be to go at the moment.
  6. that would be great send me your email inshAllah via message
  7. Peace and blessings upon you all brothers and sisters I am looking for other students at Brighton and Sussex to start an ahlulbayt society. I only know a couple of shias at the university so it would be good to get as many people as possible and organise stuff such as dua kumayl and have regular talks etc. So whoever is from Brighton/sussex even if your not students please get in touch :)
  8. Salam Alekuim I am looking to start something at the university of brighton where I study..I only know another 2 shias at the university so it would be handy to be able to gather as many people as possible and maybe start an absoc
  9. Salam Alekuim dear Sisters and also brothers reading I wanted to know your opinions on marrying a man with a child would you consider it? Lets say a man had a mutah marriage with a woman it ended and she is now pregnant or has the child and the man is likely to see the child most weekends would you consider marrying him? to add additional information lets say that this is the first mutah the man has had and not at all a regular mutah user.
  10. If the mother has an abortion and the father makes no attempt to stop this would he also be in sinn?
  11. Thank you for replies my follow up questions are when a child is illegitimate how does this affect them or the parents islamically? If one was still to go through with an arbotion would it be classed as murder?
  12. Salam Alekuim brothers and sisters My question is are abortions allowed in Islam? I have heard some scholars say It is allowed before the coming of the sole into the foetus which is around the 100 day mark if I'm not mistaken, what do scholars such as Ayatollah Khamenei and Ayatollah Sistani say on the matter? Did the prophet or any imams make a remark on this? If so could anyone bring it forward? Also if a child is conceived through zina does the child then become illegitimate? what is the case? how about through nikkah muttah is that then the same as a normal marriage? Many t
  13. My personal opinion does not matter either as muslims we follow quran and hadith and not whats deemed right or wrong by society especially western standards. How do you know that person is not attracted to you or maybe later down the line you may start to get attracted to her/him. I have seen muslims male to female and vice versa talk just asif friends and jokingly putting the tongue out face after a sentence that is definitely inadvertently flirting. What you might consider flirting someone else might not and vice versa. You think its ok to be married have friends of the opposite sex and
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