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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) everyone I'm out for now- I may be back in a year or so under a new username :) May I just say, although I never had the chance to speak to you, Ali Musaa is the best person on SC. I love you brother :wub: . SC legend number 1 ! So yeah, keep me in your duas SCers, and inshallah we meet again ;) it's just that SC is getting in the way of my studies you see so, inshallah you all have a good life masalama all :)
  2. (salam) we pray to Allah- pray means "worship" supplicate means "pray" if you see what I mean in that we praise God Of course supplication is part, but mainly it is worship salam
  3. (salam) Al-manar announced it was tomorrow, I'm sticking with that B)
  4. (salam) I only understood bits of it :cry: but is beautiful sister :( mashallah
  5. :unsure: I thought we should celebrate it with the hujjaj :unsure: I did the amal for arafat today, with the hujaj- when do we celebrate the eid :huh: So confusing ... Eid mubarak/ condolences on the martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqeel (as) I don't know which one is tomorrow :( http://www.hussainiat.com/calendar/calendar.asp?month=10&year=2014 wa (salam)
  6. http://hussainiat.com/calendar/calendar.asp
  7. oooohhhh lord, not this debate again ! :P Today (i mean/ 14/10/13) was arafat... for all the hujjaj
  8. (salam) Eid mubarak congratulations to all believers on this blessed day :D Alhamdallah Allah has given us the strength and health to get this far in our lives :) Inshallah next year our eid will begin with the qurbani :angel: fe aman Allah :)
  9. There is nothing more to say to you yodapuka other than (salaM)
  10. (salam) why because he is misguiding so many, and is a danger to the ummah
  11. (salam) If you are not alive at his faraj, then inshallah the most high will rise you from your grave, and place a sword in your hands- indeed you are a true servant of al hujjah (as)
  12. The most amazing sunni sheikh in the world :wub: may Allah protect him wa (salam)
  13. I think it is the second nasheed I fell in love with, after this :wub: by hamada helal:
  14. (salam) brother sami, ahsant- 100% support you on this yodapuka- do you think the nabi was a recluse who went round shouting abuse at people, didn't marry, hated people, hated smiling? Do you think the nabi ate nothing, or he ate so he would have the strength to battle the enemies of Islam? Did the nabi ever go on a highly dangerous fast, and come out of it thinking he was the mahdi? (as you yourself said in another post) You really think u are on the sirat al mostaqeem when you have no akhlaq? Never begin with (salam) ? do not respect your elders and criticise them at every point? Say women are "disgusting"? Is it true that when one is on the sirat al mostaqeem, the hate fills up to the top of his heart? what on Earth are you talking about? Akhlaq and imaan are directly proportional. The things you describe about your "irfanism" shows to me 100% you are misguided. I hope the mods here ban you, for you so nearly made me go astray, as well as many others. May this serve as a lesson to all others here- NEVER go on a path to irfanism without a teacher. May Allah guide you fe aman Allah Mashallah sami :) may Allah bless you dear uncle
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