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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. These ones remind me of Japanese culture for some reason
  2. Thank you! The height makes sense... Do you remember where you heard the height from? Also the eyebrows make sense... In the painting of which I saw him that we have today, they faintly joint
  3. So I would assume that Imam Hussain (as) and the Prophet (s) were of the same height am I correct? Based on the above statement.
  4. That's true... I also wanted to know if that is how he really looked like, it's nice to have an image I guess.
  5. When you say it's him and no need for description, what do you mean? Since you've brought it up, he looked exactly like the depictions in the paintings we see today... He was tall... With a bit of grey hair under the scarf he had on his head just like in the depictions. I heard someone on here say that he was shorter due to his father being short, but I smell something fishy about that, like it was fabricated to degrade the Imam (as). Not that there's anything wrong with being short.
  6. Salamualaykum I wanted to know if anyone here has heard of a physical description of Imam Hussain (as). Height, weight, beard length, hair colour etc... And before you ask, I am asking for a personal reason which I prefer not to disclose... Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  7. Thank you! I hope everyone else is of the same opinion
  8. Salamualaykum Do deodorants (roll ons and sprays) prevent water in ghusl? If so... How do I know when it has been removed? Thanks in advance
  9. Salamualaykum Can someone please use this website and tell me if it is accurate in determining the Qibla? As in, can you type in your home location and tell me if it is pointing in the same direction in which you usually face to pray? It's an arrow from any location to the Kaaba, but my compass Apps are pointing in different directions. Thanks in advance http://qib.la
  10. I've heard this too... In sha Allah it is true
  11. Thank you for your response :) and I'm glad that this is the interpretation alhamdulillah...
  12. Salamualaykum What does it mean to dream that your cousin has died?
  13. The Islamic centre of England say it's £4 per head... And they follow Sayed khamenei which means that they should give 3kg rather than 3.48kg... I'm not sure if they'll distribute or give each person 3.48kg's worth even if I pay a little more, that's the problem
  14. My marja says its 3.48 kg approx. Sayeds Sistani and khamenei say 3kg... Now I have to find an organisation that gives 3.48... What a mess!
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