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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. imam sadiq: the more religious a person is the more he will suffer well what u have to do is the more u try to be good u become bad, because ur thinking 2 much about islam, try to mix ur faily life with islam and don't think 2 much i thas to come automatically, for example when something happens u thank Allah it comes automatically just thank once and don't think anymore of it other example: when some1 is doing bad u think he is doing bad all the time i have to avoid it, noo just...

    1. guest081411


      noo just take the life easy i had the same situation Allah is merciful, Allah is all knowing.

      Allah said: he is not looking for the face or something, he is looking to the hearts and Allah knows u have a nice heart,

      stop doing bad have patience and put your patience in god don't say i did my whole life good why is this happening to me,

      remember the more religous a person is the more he will suffer

      Ya ali madad

    2. guest081411


      remember too much pressure on your body, mind is bad

      islam is just a way of life for a person which he should be

      these days no1 is good

  2. i think you lef tislam because you was ignorant - hello lousia , after i read your story i mmediatly recognized that you are ignorant, well this is because you didn't learn much about islam, u made a huge mistake u could first ask questions to improve your knowledge then decide, uhm what can i say ur not a muslim anymore so maybe it has no use to answer ur questions. May Allah guide you. Afgunz

  3. sama va rahmah

    there is a chapter in:

    ÇÕæá Çá˜ÇÝí

    that gathered names of people who had seen imam Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã before "ÇáÛíÈå"

    the chapter's name is:

    ÈóÇÈñ Ýöí ÊóÓúãöíóÉö ãóäú ÑóÂåõ

    can u send me the hadith please i got no usol kafi

  4. i swear if u marry that guy its wrong i know how u feel u got lusts.

    my uncle had the same problem he was in love with a christian before the marriage after the marriage he becomes unhappy but doesnt show to our family i swear ur making the biggest fault in ur life once ur lust gets away u will hate ur self

    There is a hadith by Imam Al-Sadiq which says there is no love b...

  5. oo tyvm so u can private chat when u got 50 postcounts lol thats why many people say get 50 postcounts 2 me kk ty

  6. Hello, would u like to remove your signature because its not allowed in islam, drawing imams and i don't believe it when ayatollahs says its allowed eeven i don't know they said that. Its haraam we do not know how they look like

  7. Yo lol , posting to get 50 postcounts:P haha

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