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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I do the first one all the time! I look crazy tho haha
  2. Something that will give you a lot of information is to YouTube the Spirit Science series. Its not Islamic, just an objective non biased standpoint and it opened my eyes. The first couple of videos are spritual but after te first 3 it gives loads of scientific facts, its amazing.
  3. @RiseOrDie Waslam '* The taliban are of the greatest fighters in this modern age, possibly the best in the world.' The Taliban are [Edited Out]. They hate Shias, they are our enemies. My dad knows Talibs well and I've seen them, read book sbout them and they are racist pieces of [Edited Out]. They're the same as Wahhabis. All they do is target us with their suicide bombings. Other than that, GREAT POST! It musta taken a long time. Thanks, God bless you.
  4. Homophobia - I'm not afraid of them I just hate them.
  5. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/worldbusiness/india-says-it-wont-cut-back-on-iran-oil-imports-in-defiance-of-stiffer-us-and-eu-sanctions/2012/01/31/gIQAwEZBeQ_story.html (salam) s
  6. Actually I would punch Putin in the facel. Analogy: What is Israel is to Palestine, Is What Russia is to Chechnya.
  7. (salam) s people and peoplettes I would: -Punch Mullah Omar in the face on camera and make it go viral -Make it some sort of proffesional sport -Start a revolutiojn which would unite Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq into this giant oil belt -Get married to a hot commodity -Beat the [Edited Out] out of Omar, Abu Bakr, Mauwayyiha and Yazeed with my peeps -Poke Dajjals eye with my sword after Jesus decapitates him -I would get inked up -Sky diving -I would fight and beat up my dad in some sort of organized match, in good nature of course -I would fight if the US invades Iran -Beat the [Edited Out] ouuta Netanyahu and Sarkozy -High five Vladomir Putin -Meet Castro -Grow a beard -Get lasek eye surgery, I can't go fighting with glasses on XP -Grow to be taller then my dad, and then beat him in a basketball and get game point by way of GIANT POSTERIZATION
  8. AG15

    Words Of Wisdom

    It's AG The dopest vocalist ever known to spit If I don't give rap fiends Their daily dosages of dopeness They're lost in mazes of hopelessness Your left motionless after I grab the mic And break your bones with it, [Edited Out] a disembowelent I'mma crank a double digit inch shank Through your piss tank Have you wet the deathbed Empty a clip on your face In Hell they'll call you lead head I need to camoflauge with my walls So I wear red threads, Skulls line my gates, I collect heads, Consume happiness and reflect dread I burn bridges Don't feel the need to mend fences And I look into the future So I speak in past tenses
  9. I think it would be best to get it in blod writing across your forehead :D.
  10. You know your Shia when whenever you see another Muslim-looking person you check to see if his pants are tucked into his socks cause he might be Wahhabi.
  11. I'm not Pakistani though, haha unlike 95% of SC.
  12. The Pope already has the Vatican Police and the Vatican Assasins so that's military enough for me.
  13. AG15

    Things I Hate

    Yeah but listing them in the "Things I HATE' forum is too far There's nothong wrong with being brown its just that we're not brown. Culturally we're way different and we look different. How, in any way, can Afghans be generalized in the same group as tamils? Or indians?
  14. <p> Wow, I can't see the top one but the but one is sick. Damn, that's amazing, I'd be so proud to walk outside with that inked on. I just followed the link to the first and that is also sick. Definitly 2 sick amazing tats. Can't wait to get mine, in like 4 years I'll come back and post a picture of it haha.
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