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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is also an app called Nahjul Fasaha which has sayings of Prophet MuhammadÕáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå.
  2. Cricket. It's the only sport which I have followed passionately. Now, I've realized that it's a waste of time.
  3. This Ramadan is going to be really tough for me. I'm going to an unavoidable 15 day intensive capacity building training. it will be in a remote area where halal food won't be available. I will be away from my family and will have to do sehri and iftari alone as there won't be any other Muslim.I doubt that I will be able to do any extra ibadat. This is going to be very difficult because I've never been away from my family for so long.
  4. I think people should be very careful of what they post. Encouraging virgins to do mutah for sex is not cool. It can destroy the girl's life. I have seen cases in which this has happened. A virgin should only have sex with her permanent husband.
  5. I agree. Such things should not be discussed in a public forum.
  6. (salam) I recently stumbled upon this awesome life changing lecture by Ayatullah Wahid Khorasani and was deeply affected by it. I just had to share it! Especially because it's the month of Shabaan and we have just celebrated our Imam's(as) birthday. The topic is "Developing a connection with Imam e Zamana(as)" in which the Agha is especially addressing the youth. It's in Persian with English subtitles. A must watch for every shia. :)
  7. I had read that the Landmark Forum is very popular. Considerig the (lack of) replies to this thread I suppose it isn't ^_^
  8. You are generalizing. They are situations when men just CANNOT afford seperate accomodation. Ofcourse if he can afford it and if his wife wants to seperate then he should. I agree. It may seem from my earlier posts that I am a fan of the joint family system but I'm not. I know it's difficult for two women to share the same kitchen! But sometimes it's impossible to move out. It's almost unthinkable for a desi husband to hire a maid to take care of his parents if his wife is available! It's just how they are. They think it's the wife's responsibility to look after the guy's parents. In contras
  9. Deobandi's are wahabis. They have a very rigid and twisted interpretation of Islam. About your specific wedding question, the answer is that it depends. I have seen barelvi and deobandi arguments get very ugly. It depends on how much your wife's sister believes in barelvi principles. If she does nazar-niaz, goes to shrines of sufi saints like ajmer sharif and can't bear to see someone undermining the importance of the Noble Prophet(sawa) then she might have a problem. Especially if her (future) husband is a hardcore deobandi.
  10. Wasalam, will pray for you, sister. Infact I do dua for all single mominas. Inshallah you will find your perfect match :)
  11. Isn't that a little cruel? We know that in many major cities even upper middle class people can't afford decent accommodation. Are you trying to say that only rich boys who can afford a house should get married early and poor boys should wait till they are in their thirties to get married! I was talking about monogamous marriages. Obviously there must be something seriously wrong with a guy who takes another wife when he can't do justice to both!
  12. Awww...you can keep a cat. They make awesome pets too :wub:
  13. The Muslim Ummah is indebted to Lady Fatimah(sa) for making the truth so clear for them. Sayyeda Fatimah's(sa) heroic stand on fadak and her speech in the masjid completely exposed Abu Bakr. The incident of fadak forces anyone who studies history to take a stand. Either you believe that Sayyeda Fatimah(sa) is lying (God forbid!) or Abu Bakr is lying. Obviously the Ahlul Sunnah will side with the latter and go to great lengths to prove that Sayyeda Fatimah(sa) was lying. This itself will expose their hypocrisy. Ayatullah Baqir al Sadr's book "Fadak in history" explains this very beautifully.
  14. You have made a valid point. But there are always practical problems. What if the parent's are too old to live separately? or what if the husband can't afford separate accommodation?
  15. What if the husband wants the wife to look after the parents. Isn't it obligatory to obey the husband? I personally think that even though it is not a religious obligation, it comes under akhlaq to look after the husband's parents, It will be like helping the husband in performing an obligation. After all, if the husband's parents are angry with him, he is doomed to hell. And which wife wants her husband to be doomed?
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