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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You can overgrill as long as you stay rational. It's just like politics, it's all about cutting deals and seeing where you can make compromises.
  2. Things/disputes which you can discuss with wisdom and perseverance outside marriage can potentially remove a mountain out of a molehill inside it. Either your friend and his potential spouse didn't grill each other appropriately or they simply realized that they weren't compatible. You have to grill your chicken properly, don't eat it raw, or you'll just get a stomach disease and die.
  3. That's funny. I know why you would react in such a way, because such a practice is extremely uncommon and rare. You have no idea how painful it is to enter marriage without solving any issues or laying out any personal conditions before hand. People approach marriage with no common sense and rationality whatsoever, they're just swimming in a form of ecstasy that won't last for very long. It's the reason why you see so many broken and messed up marriages, because there are never any fundamental discussions between potential spouses as to how the marriage will work and what is going to happen, just useless cringe worthy talk about how much they love each other. This why I said that potential spouses should grill each other so that when it comes to marriage, they will see eye to eye and the marriage will turn out successful.
  4. Here is what I would do: My prospective spouse and I would sit face to face and engage in grilling each other openly with personal questions, every single itsy bitsy detail would be laid out on the table. There is no such thing as most important questions, all questions are important, whether big or small, because they have a correlation with each other.
  5. You do know that intercession isn't only limited to that definition, right? It also defines seeking an intermediary before God, which is what the author is referring to specifically, and this is a dimension of intercession of which the Wahhabis reject outright. I admit that he should have avoided ambiguity. All schools of thought unanimously agree in intercession on Judgement Day, so logic dictates that he is not referring to this form of it. So he didn't say anything incorrect here. If you think about it, most Wahhabis don't really believe in intercession at all. They show utmost abhorrence towards it. Saying that they believe in intercession on Judgement Day is irrelevant, it's not the same, it's just ideological but never actualized in their world.
  6. He is specifically talking about the type of intercession that you are denouncing, which the Wahabbi ideology also consider a form of heresy. Show me exactly where he writes that the Wahabbi do not believe in any type of intercession. You're assuming a presupposition that is non-existent. Read between the lines more carefully.
  7. Since we agree on this premise, deductive reasoning would lead us to the conclusion that Wilayatul Faqih is man-made too and has no right to impose its views or authority upon people.
  8. Very interesting question. Analyzing the context of her situation, she certainly shouldn't be punished by God. If I wouldn't punish her and still have mercy upon her, then surely God is the most merciful and most understanding.
  9. Bhooka is right. Such a narration does not exist and there really is no reality to the concept of clergymen, it's a man-made institution.
  10. You forgot the word 'temporarily' after the word 'spouse'.
  11. I'm 5'7 with shoes. I don't care. I've realized, it becomes a problem if you're self conscious about your height, otherwise you'll find that most people don't give a toss.
  12. It wasn't declared forbidden because it was a necessary component for the economy of that period. It was the socio-political circumstance of that time and it couldn't be denounced as unlawful because the slavery institution couldn't be clamped that easily, it was an inherent element of society. What Islam did was refine slavery, remove it from the clutches of abuse, because many slaves were uneducated, illiterate, criminals, and needed improvement before they could be freed. This was the sole purpose as to why the Imams (as) purchased slaves, they were working towards the ultimate aim of abolishing slavery in a gradual and pragmatic manner, whereby the slaves could be prepared and benefited before they got released into society. This was back in the day of the old style capitalism which was prevalent in the time of Karl Marx, where there was no concept of human rights, workers were given unfair wages and there was no labour law. Those in the hierarchy just took money off the majority, hence the reason they were paid a pittance. It was only later that the discussion of human rights had arisen and modern capitalism was gradually incepted. In most of the West and Europe today, we now have public health-care, labour laws, social security for the times you're out of work, ect. This is the blending of socialism and capitalism Marx did not forsee. Since then, there have been fundamental changes for the better. Here is the difference. A worker has the right to self-autonomy, a slave does not. By that logic, the Imams (as) should have never freed slaves. The Qur'an should not have encouraged liberating people from slavery. Also, you shouldn't work in any industry, you should be a slave. Say goodbye to your friends and family.
  13. Why is everyone leaving!... ...And it was then that I realized... The more knowledge you accumulate here, the less you feel the necessity of using the forum. It's true, even I feel this way. This forum literally quenches your thirst, and after some time, the threads start to get repetitive and mundane because you've "been there, done that" for 10+ pages, so you no longer see the need to indulge in such topics ever again. For example, mut'ah is a topic that has been discussed so much, from every possible angle, to the extent that I can't open a thread about it even if I want to. It was discussed like crazy before, now the mut'ah section is completely isolated. Good times. It brings a tear to my eye. ...Even then, I still don't understand why these members are announcing that they're leaving and asking for their accounts to be banned, what's the point of that? There are always good threads that pop up from time to time for knowledgeable members. It aches my heart that so many popular members are leaving. But you'll crawl back eventually.
  14. The content of your question makes no sense. What does Facebook have to do with Shiachat? Some members here have Facebook and Shiachat.
  15. Why the hell is everyone leaving 'for good'? It's so retarded.
  16. She's either blonde, or purposely avoiding the hidden agenda of the innuendo. It's universal 'ownage'. Christianlady should understand that the sarcasm isn't only specific to a certain demographic or geographic continent. Everyone with half a brain comprehends the underlying tone of sarcasm. Just because she didn't find it insulting, it doesn't mean other Americans didn't.
  17. It is in the Qur'an. Verse 5:3. Even Sunni tafseer can corroborate this undeniable fact.
  18. You're right. Apart from the transparently evil people and despotic tyrants, everyone should go to Heaven. If God is most merciful, and he is, this will happen.
  19. Haydar, these questions have still remained unanswered. Please, give a response to each question. I'm really interested to see how you approach them.
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