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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam bro, u are mod, can u please check,why my thread is still not posted, i started it yesterday.thread title was "Imamiat"

  2. [Note from Mod: This topic has been moved to the trash pit. For more information, please review: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53738] [Auto]
  3. [Note from Mod: This topic has been moved to the trash pit. For more information, please review: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53738] [Auto]
  4. Salaams, I read about the SCG group but really don't want to write 50 random posts to ask for some advice, unless I have to! :) If that's the Rule though, then I'll try and find a few sensible things to say until I hit the mark...lol. Otherwise...help!, please?

    1. Serenity`


      Ws, sorry I didn't reply earlier. I will change your user group so that you can contact the SCG even though you have not reached 50 posts yet. :)

  5. Thankyou sister...sorry dint come on the site for a couple of days..

    Really appreciate it:)

  6. Thank you Sister For your help

  7. Ws sis, you can access the SCG by sending a PM to one of the sisters involved in the group. =:-)

  8. Ws sis, you should be able to PM those involved with the SCG now. The reason why you couldn't do it before was because you have not yet reached 50 posts. But I've changed your account group to 'Advanced Members' as opposed to 'Basic Members'; the latter does not give you access to the PM function.

  9. Salam Sister my brother told you to delete his profile on the 10 mar, his name is Hamzi, is there any chance you can put it back for him.



    1. Sadaf Ali

      Sadaf Ali

      Can you please put mine back up again 2. My other account was deactivated by Haji 2003. Thanks in advance sister Serenity`

  10. saalam ; )

    can i access the SCG ?

  11. Salam..

    I realized what the problem about the comments was (it was just weird) sorry about that.

    How do I get access to the SCG though?


  12. Salam..i have received a private message from sis YaZahra but am not able to view it..i guess this is since i do not have 50 posts yet? but what can i do to check the msg asap?


  13. The March 8 Alliance is not only made up of Lebanese Shias, its demographic base also includes Alawi and Sunni Muslims, the Druze community and Greek Catholic and Maronite Christians. The group within this alliance with the largest number of representatives in parliament is the Free Patriotic Movement and they are Maronite Christians. There is also a process that needs to be followed, which means that a majority needs to be secured in order for any new Prime Minister to be reigned in and they have successfully done so by securing 65 out of a possible 128 votes in the legislature.
  14. I just wanted to come back to this question because I think all systems of governance have both their strengths and weaknesses. In saying that, I think it's important to also recognise that different societies need not be compared or held up against a certain model, because whilst a private god and religion worked for western countries, it may not be the best option for an Islamic society. The very secularisation that "freed" people and societies from the tyranny of religion can be felt as threatening people's sense of themselves. Thus, what many may embrace as freedom others may experience as a loss, which they then seek to alleviate in different ways, for example through fundamentalist means. You also put forward the idea that individuals are unable to co-exist peacefully under Islamic law and that liberal democracies may be better able to accommodate people. I'd like to address the latter first, because I think they are facing a number of challenges. Liberal democracies are based on the idea that members of society stand equally before the law and that their civil liberties and human rights should be protected against any unnecessary interference from each other and the state. One of these key rights includes freedom of religion, however, there exists a disparity between the ideal and the real. For example, if we look at the numerous proposed or legalised burqa/niqaab and hijab bans, we are able to recognise that certain citizens are considered more equal than others due to the state's determination to grant full membership within its borders, or not, on the basis of racial or ethnic identity; as we can see from the rhetoric used which describes the dress code of some Muslim women as "an affront to French values", "rather un-British", or "un-Australian". All citizens do not jointly or equally determine the affairs of their country, which means we are not able to fully enjoy our political, civil and social rights and this subsequently leads to the erosion of liberal democratic values which is dangerous for pluralistic societies. The example I used above is just one, however you can also extend it to the Swiss ban on Minarets, the plight of Aboriginal communities and the situation faced by African-American's; where slavery may no longer exist but its legacy still lingers. In terms of Islamic law and governance, the teachings and values are based on our common humanity. The Quran describes mankind as a single nation [Chapter 2, Verse 213], in which the diversity of our tongues and colours is so that we may know one another [Chapter 30, Verse 22]. We are commanded to make peace so that God may show mercy on us [Chapter 49, Verse 10] and this is in line with the treaty Prophet Muhammad signed with the Christians of Sinai for example, and Imam Ali's address to Malik Al-Ashtaar about ruling with kindness over those who share our faith aswell as those who don't [Letter 53 in Nahjal Balagha]. The conflict between this ideal and what exists today, is the difference between Islam and Muslims, whom are embedded in other social, political and economic relations with the world.
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