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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't know why I am posting again because most times i get attacked when i do. how do i tell god that i am in pain and that i need it out of my life. In a way that actually works. I cant take this much longer!
  2. What kind of world this would be without music!
  3. This is going to be a real dirty world if we starting thinking of people as "dirty" or Najis this type of talk is awful and has no place in religion. Those who talk like this need to travel more, or read more. and stay out of our lives. Its because of people like this were suffering like this... Can't all you people go to an island and leave us people who are Najis alone!!!!!
  4. Why does he need people or Jinn to worship him?
  5. I wish i was never born to it. It always seems easier for others.
  6. Try to find joy in the simple things in life. I dont know what is going on in your life that makes you feel that way. But I can tell you from experience i know exactly what you mean. Everyone tells you that this and that, and god this and god that. My advice is leave all of that aside because joy will never come from outside. It comes from within. After 22 years of suffering the only joy i find is when I Help someone who really needs it. Dont wait for god or human to do anything for you. Do it yourself, and dont be shy about asking for help. Those that dont help are those that are empty, you can give what you dont have.
  7. I know first hand how destructive anger can be. More often than not your hurting a loved one or yourself.
  8. just a question: Why does race matter anyway!
  9. This is no longer about shia and sunni any more its about right and wrong.. The issue that Sunni;s are having is a complete lack of education and that this history was always written by people who won the wars. They cant get over themeselves and thier haterd of us shia, or born shia! I think of a simple comparrison of those that are taliban who refuse to let women drive, edcuation any freedom, but salute aisha for getting on top of a camel! and waging war against fellow muslims! I remember the story of when abu baker was in the cave with the prophet and god had to actually tell him "please stop being a coward" While the same exact time Imam ALi was sleeping in the prophet's bed knowing fully well they are coming to murder him, not a single drop of fear. Look at the history the stories that do not make sense at all. Like umar actually being more brave that the prophet. These people fall in love with tyrants, dictators and want control. Look at them now! all of them, not a single decent leader!, not a single decent movement, look at what is happening in egypt, tunisia, syria, and everywhere else! They are anti-humanity! and the world will soon be sick of them! like they were sick of nazi's
  10. I need a mentor to speak live with? preferrably an imam or learned religious scholar. I have been suffering for a long time, and i cant understand why this is happening, people say its a test well i am at the point now where I have reached the breaking point. please msg me
  11. Fear is like a prison... we create it..
  12. Ok... .. I have been suffering since i was a child... Abused in every sense of the word. I have been trying to make this suffering stop... emotionally.... Help me because i want to kill myself... I seriously want to end. I am tiered of all it
  13. Go with what ever your heart tells you, everything that everyone wrote up there is an opinion, if its real then it will be real to you. And that all that matters. Everyone can give you opinion, or quote from a realy old book, or give you good story, thats all they are , just stories that mean nothing. GO with what your heart tells you, and if its the truth then its ok. Everyone has doubts, prophets had doubts.
  14. Are people less oppressed in non-muslim countries? I am wondering what the aboriginee's are thinking in Austrailia, or Native American's in the US, or africans colonized in thier own Continent. Now, if were going to judge religious text, I suggest you read the entire in and out of context because I dont think he meant please beat up your wives! Anyhow just a thought!
  15. 9 amputations! bed sores, financial problems that don't end. And the whole time everyone is praying! and nothing! So please dont tell me about god's mercy! I dont believe in any of that.
  16. Its easy to talk about all of this when your in good health, or that things are going well. But non of this means anything, anything at all when your in the middle of the tsunami! So i am sorry if i dont believe any of you! about prayer! or god's mercy or any of that stuff that does not make any sense, because my personal experience is that for 20 years my family prayed, and its been one hell after another hell. So all of this, mean absolutly nothing! People pray and pray and pray and its like screaming at a cemetry!
  17. Hey there, i just read the posts and felt the need to respond. Let me preface my response with this. There are cruel, deranged, psycopaths who wear the clothing of every religion and every culture. To single out muslims only shows a complete lack of any intellectual capacity. Where did you exactly get that number? On other hand, evil and good is not a number's game! because everyone has blood on thier hands. The notion that "islam" as an idea killed 270 million people is completely absurd. On the other hand, we have had our share of psychopaths who have done alot of damage to alot of people. Muslims have damaged themselves and killed more of themselves. And because of the abject ignorance and complete void of any intellectual debate in certain muslim countries we find ourselves with 5th century arguments such as, Can we marry a two year old! Muslim countries live in abject ignorance! And we have no one but ourselves to blame! I mean seriously! Who would want to live in Afghanistan!!!!!!!!! or in a country where they arrest you for sheer questionioning WHY?!!!!!!!!! Yes, we do have our share of crazies, believe me we do! I am not a fan of religion, or even god! as my handle could give you an indication of aspects of my life. I just hope that things change in the near future so people can live! People want to Live! People want to grow, people want to have children and families and live in peace, harmony and have an opportunity to be successful. Who has caused more war's in the 20th and 21st century than anyone else? If its a number's game, please go add up all the people that died in ww1, ww2, the holocaust, Africa, Southeast asia, central and south america, and see what you can come up with and who have colonized, enslaved, destroyefo d, and manipulated! anyhow, I am sorry that you were called names. You don't deserve it, and I cant blame you. If all I see and hear is negative i would think the same. I leave you with this question though: If you lived, in India, pakistan, Iraq, vietnam or if you were Jewish during wwii in germany or poland: Where christian europeans conquered, invaded, manipulated, starved, occupied, slaughtered, gassed, and actually believed that by doing so they were doing you a favor, what would be your opinion? In a tremendous amount of pain!
  18. " As for all the suffering you have witnessed, surely it is not as much as the suffering that occurred to the Ahlul Bayt [as] and they remained steadfast, make sure that you too remain steadfast." Does that mean Its ok for these things to happen? and when you pray for that suffering to end more of it comes! when will it be enough! Seriously is that how you respond. That because they suffered everyone should as well?
  19. Can he hear me if i call him in the house? I have not seen him in a dream or anything else but I do feel him sometimes. Regarding coming back to Islam its difficult to not feel angry about my life or witnessing all that suffering.
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