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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. First, you should focus on Shi'a children being fed ghuluw from poisonous vipers on pulpits than worry about other things. Principle is the same Wasalam.
  2. I don't see any problem though I'd just go for surgery instead as that seems safer than weird pills though a lot of trans women take estrogen to increase breast size and they seem okay with little to no side effects
  3. Yes, I understand that but the Sunni claim of Umar being a great warrior originates from exaggerations+over-reverance of Umar so they gotta portray him as an Adminstrative Genius+Pious Muslim Ruler who knew the Quran by Heart+Expert Military Genius and Great Warrior+Great Family man+The most Brave and Excellent+Beloved of Prophet(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). = Aka perfection in all fields of life. And I compared this to our own exaggerations where we do the same thing, Just build and add on to the Greatness of the Ahle-Bayt(عليه السلام) and assign them narratives like the ones mentioned abo
  4. The best thing we can do ourselves is to educate the people around us and spread awareness on this topic like I did for my aunt. I believe that our hadith tell us that the worst people in this world are those who use religion as a means of profit. Don't let these fools exploit your religious sentiments for a quick buck. They are emotionally manipulating you. That's why they explicitly tell you in the video title and thumbnail "Look I'm emotional because of the Quran and your Islamic topics. Please shower me with attention and youtube money. Also subscribe to my patreon, follow me on instagram,
  5. Yes I agree with that. No one is more obsessed with Shariah law in the west than the far right and Wahabhis. And it's the Wahabhis who are doing the shariah law for West rallies etc on the streets. They are a tiny minority but unfortunately they are the most vocal minority. People also don't know the difference between a Takfiri and a Muslim so they just put everyone in the same boat and hate Muslims together because of Takfiris. As for reaction videos themselves. One thing I want to add is that I don't view all reaction videos in a bad light. Some can be very informative and entertaining
  6. I'm not personally suspicious of your malice intent but malicious intents is the root cause of all these Shi'a-Sunni debates online on social media. No one is there to learn. Both Shi'as and Sunnis just argue, post topics, try to out-manuever eachother in an attempt to gain supremacy over one another's entire religion. This is nothing new and I'm sure you have seen this a lot as well. I gave you a logical answer which can clear out why Umar's character is over-stated and then I gave you an example of how we Shi'as are guilty of the same thing. That's about it. I never compared Imam Ali(عليه ال
  7. I believe true success is the balance between religion and this world. I dislike both people who fail to understand this for example people who become overly religious at times tell you this world is temporary and they do not pursue worldly advents anymore and just sit there and wait for death. Then there are people who become overly worldly and make their careers their religion and they shirk everything else including family to give priority to their career. For me, there is no nobility in poverty and I would never choose poverty for myself or anyone. Be successful. The easiest way to d
  8. I only believe in the miracles that actually happened for example the door incident at Khaybar. I only believe in miracles which Imam Ali(عليه السلام) claimed for himself like He(عليه السلام) said I can unseat Muwaiya from his chair in Syria whilst sitting in another city. Miracles that came from the word of mouth from Imam Ali(عليه السلام) himself. This fight entire army thing did not so I do not believe in it. Simple. It doesn't matter why Abbas(عليه السلام) didn't fight at Karbala or not. The reason you're asking me this is because your claim is that If Abbas(عليه السلام) could've
  9. Once, a Sunni brother on this forum said "“when a single hair from the head of sayyida Fatimah سلام الله عليها was exposed from under her dupatta, the sun itself went dark” or something like that. A man my age literally told me that with a straight face, matter of factly." These beliefs/statements don't come from hadith/Quran or anything. Only from the pulpits. Same as the whole fight an army by himself thing for Imams(عليه السلام). No proof. Never happened in reality. Just what people have been told from birth by ignorant speakers.
  10. I agree with what you're saying that now being Muslim is a part of an "identity" and even a "personality trait" for the new generation. When I see "Muslims" on those buzz-feed videos, vice videos, LGBT videos who have no idea about Islamic history/Quran literature/Holy Personalities(عليه السلام) yet speak as if they have been under the tutelage of GA. Sistani all their lives whilst playing some kind of victim mentality just for extra clout. It's pretty horrifying to see, honestly. But I don't agree with the whole taming thing you mentioned. When one can be fully integrated into any kind of soc
  11. Alright. No worries. I think I've touched light on the true purpose of this thread and also answered in response to that true purpose. So I'll just leave it as the good outweighs the bad and fix problems in countries you glorify first which are more troubling/alarming before going around trying to raise awareness for another person's country which is lightyears ahead of you. -> I'm saying this to the OP and others in that category. Not you sister notme. I use to think Pakistan was amazing myself but Pakistan like any other middle eastern country is only good if you're upper middl
  12. You can post one link or two links which highlight some problems. I'll post more highlighting bigger problems. It's a fun game isn't it?
  13. I doubt it. Otherwise you'd be complaining about them instead of just tearing down the western world because it's fashionable for you and brethern to do. Not according to all you IR supporters. In fact this thread is just made in response to my topic and sister @Caroling's mentioning of all the horrible things in the Middle East. Then the OP tagged all the people like ChristianLady who go around praising her country as more ethical and humane than Iran/ME. This entire topic is about comparing and having a Mine is better than yours competition. So let's compare. Let me draw more l
  14. Does this make you angry as well? https://iran-hrm.com/index.php/2021/02/19/iran-hangs-already-dead-woman-zahra-esmaili-lawyer-says/ https://iranhumanrights.org/2021/02/irans-political-prisoners-are-dying-due-to-denial-of-medical-care/ Why am I mentioning this? Because on this forum, I've come to believe that the majority of people believe Iran to be perfection. As a human rights activist doesn't this make you angry? In fact this entire topic was made in response to people criticizing Iran so it's very well fitting and not irrevalant to the discussion. As brother Tawhidi s
  15. I'd say both do in equal amounts but the Shi'a go out of their way to assign elements to Holy Personalities(عليه السلام) which they did not claim for themselves.
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