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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. can u elaborate what theory of immamate did imams explained ? u mean the theory that include the occultation of the 12th imam for thousands/hundreds of years. does it make sense? do u not know that holy prophet (pbuh) was the last prophet and had no divine successor . if Allah had to choose the divine successor after holy prophet he would not have made the holy prophet (pbuh) seal of the prophet but had continued the prophethood after prophet (pbuh). according to one sahih shia hadith the ulema(fallible) r inheritors of prophet (pbuh). so according to this hadeeth all the people who have knowledge can be inheritor of holy prophet (pbuh).
  2. yes ,hazrat umer could be affected by magic and could make mistakes we do not believe that he was infallible
  3. but brothers and sons of shiite imams had opputunity to go against the tyrant ruler why ur imams did not join their struggle? not at all holy prophet (pbuh) said that there would be 12 caliphs in islam and other seven leader may come at different interval of time in future.to protect islam.
  4. you will be surprised to know that one of the shia imams were son in law of usurper of his right. lolz
  5. not at all,if we look at the history after the martyrdom of imam hussain (ra) we find several revolts against ummayads and abbasids by different groups this include alids ,zaydis ,mutazallie , kharjites etc . but none of the imams took active part in that revolts. they used to be away from politics and revolts and the 8th and 9th imams were very near to abbasids and one were son in law of abbasid king. and not only that but 8th imam of shiites also condemned his brother ahmed bin musa kazim and his uncle muhammad bin jafar al sadiq for making revolts against abbasids. in short khajites ,alids and zaydis were big danger for ummayads and abbasids as compared to imams of shiites.
  6. (salam) yes, they were kings some of them were very near to shia imams , do u know that one shia imam was son in law of an abbasid king and had good relationship with abbasids. yes,first five caliphs were regarded as rightly guided caliphs but it is not limited to five. even today if ummah elect any caliph according to quran and if he rules according to it then he can also be considered rightly guided caliph but as we know that ummah is divided to dozens of sects it seems unpractical.but it may be possible in future by grace of Allah s.w.t yes ,caliphate system was infiltrated because ummah was divided into various sects that ended the caliphate system .the caliphate system is designed by Allah to protect islam in a sense that he had left us with quran and we have to work according to it means that holy quran is imam e mubeen and caliph is the naib of this imam.just as imam khamenei is naib of his 12th imam. agree
  7. yes i agree with you kings in islam is bidaa.the kingship started from the beginning of ummayad caliphate and remained till the end of abbasid rule.as for the 12 rulers after prophet (pbuh) it was stated that they would be from quraish and rulers . and there is difference of opinions among sunni scholars that whether they would come one after the other or with certain interval of time. as far as infiltration in islam Allah has clearly announce in quran that he is the protector of this religion. can u explain more in detail what terribly went wrong in the beginning? then it is the duty of people to remind/guide him that he should follow Allah's command because the caliph is not free from errors
  8. yes, it is obligatory to obey the caliph but first we should remember that there were large number of people present in the army of hazrat ali (ra) who were hypocrites and were with ali (ra) for their personal benifits and raged war against hazrat ali (ra) at naharwan.
  9. yes ,shura is the only legitimate islamic law that is used to install a caliph in the islamic ummah . this method was abandoned by ummayad caliph so they are not counted as caliph but kings rather. and u must know that sunni imams such as imam abu hanifa supported the revolts against that ummayad kings . u must remember that sunni scholars such as moulana mawdudi had condemned muavia for that.
  10. where did u get the degree of debate psychology from?
  11. hadiths of quran and ahlul bayt and quran and sunnah have same meaning to us. the hadith of quran and ahlul bayt means we have to follow sunnah of prophet(pbuh) as ahlulbayt follow.
  12. laughing and smiling may be used as a metaphor .
  13. where do i have criticized ur 12th imam? secondly ,usman is not bad character in shia islam.may i ask u, what was the name of first deputy of ur mehdi? i have been here for long time and no one have any problem with my username your r the first person to point at it. the word "mahdi" in my username represent sunni mahdi not shia one.
  14. sunnis believe that naib of holy prophet (pbuh)( the last divine character ) should be choosen by shura and shiites believe that naib of their last divine character (12th imam ) should be choosen by shura. the basic difference between these two sect is one believe that holy prophet (pbuh) was the last divine character as only prophets are divine in sunni islam and no other can be called divine or masoom .whereas, shiites(except zaidia sect) believe that only prophets are not divine but their imams are also divinely appointed like prophets.and one has authority to elect their naib of last divine character. sunnis do not include those leader in the list of khulfa e rasheeden starting from muavia ( except hazrat omer bin abdul aziz). Allah has left us with Quran, actions of the shura or caliph should be checked whether they are working according to quran or not.
  15. shiites do not stress upon other three daughters of holy prophet (pbuh) because two of them were wives of hazrat uthman (ra) third caliph of muslims.
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