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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everyone should donate as much as they can afford to. The world has forgotten about our brothers in Yemen but we will never forget them.
  2. Whatever the outcome I hope the basij are ready to crush any western backed uprisings in Iran. No mercy should be shown, break their skulls.
  3. The Iranian economy could not have gone on much longer in this state. Honestly most of the blame falls on China and Russia for letting the UNSC sanctions pass in the first place. I don't think Iran would give up nearly as much as it has in this deal if the only thing it would have gained was access to swift and removal of US sanctions. It might have not given up anything. Anyways, the deal only lasts for a decade or so. If Iran can maintain the ideals of the revolution until the deal expires then it has won totally.
  4. The Israeli oppression of Palestinians epitomizes the unjust and cruel nature of US imperialism. The Palestinian issue is the ultimate stage for the battle between the people in the world who wish to live with dignity and the cruel hegemon who wishes to subjugate them. That's why it's an important issue and it is not being overblown.
  5. If your religious texts can be used to justify the oppression of your own brethren (yes, there are Christian Palestinians as well as muslim Palestinians) at the hands of secular mass murderers then it is very likely that your religion does not come from God.
  6. Oh sorry, I meant students not Imam. And thanks for mentioning those books. I didn't even know our imams left behind any written work. Anyways, I'm just wondering if we have any major books on shia fiqh before Al-Kafi but obviously writing such things down while the Imams were openly accessible wouldn't have been a big issue but it could be used against us. The conspiracy theories abound about shia origins etc. I've even heard sunnis claim that shias completely made up Jafari fiqh and Malik ibn Anas' fiqh is the real jafari madhab endorsed by the Imam so im wondering if the Imam had any other students who wrote his sayings and rulings down before Al-Kafi was compiled.
  7. Thank you for that link. Did any of the Imams write books of jurisprudence except for malik?
  8. Can anyone list a few books written by shia students of Imam Jafar and when they were written and the names of the authors? It would a great service. Thank you.
  9. I like how they pick up out random hadiths, claim they are absolutely sahih and try to troll with them thinking that Shias worship hadith books in the same way they themselves worship bukhari's(on him be the curse and punishment of God) and muslim's hadith books.
  10. I hope you're right but does anyone else know why it could be down?
  11. Anyone else can't access the site? Its one of the best shia sites on the web, would be a shame if it was lost.
  12. I think the majority of sunnis neither condone nor condemn these acts but deep most do take some pleasure from seeing shias die. Just my opinion. No doubt the majority of sunnis will not publicly praise these types of attacks.
  13. Shias need to arm themselves. The majority of Sunnis don't care about shias being killed and the army cannot be relied upon.
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