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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's in Arabic Isn't there in English??? And yes from sistani also
  2. Salam Atleast someone came in front to disclose the facts, this is not the end but its a beginning, we should appreciate this person so that this trend should be more in politicians. All the things he said he given the proof to media and everything is found right. despite how he got the proofs we should concentrate on the realities, this is the time to wake up. if not now then we'll find no way to go. yA Ali maDaD!!!@@ ......................................
  3. i think, the purpose of these letters is nothing but to degrade the arabs.. whatever arabs have done in past despite of all of them Islam come out from that place. the purpose of War was not simply accept or i'll kill the simple bloodshed was not the purpose of wars between islamic armies and others but it happen only to spread islam and in the meantime if someone will resist then these things happens. Makkah war is an example for us where invasion comes from musilms only. the two of the letters comes in the scenario of today world where islam is blamed for all these things which was there in arab in past and unfortunately still we can't get ourself out of it. still our arab brothers are following most of the same mentality specailly those people understand who are living in the arab countries. despite of the religion or sect they are having all these kind of habbits which are mentioned in the letter. Anyway the War cases were different in past than now where a proper border is drawn with international laws. as it was not there before. We should accept this reality that we are still having some of the negative points which we should remove and some of the facts that goes with no compromise. A person who disbelief Allah swt is not our friend and that's the reality. yAA Ali maDaD!@....
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Yeh Yeh... but don't forget it started after all the contracts and meeting collapsed by those mullas and the people refused to help the army but helps the talibs, We should support the army for this operation to make them successful they are not foolish and taken the step after much thought yAA Ali maDaD!@
  5. hey nice topic but should be a poll mine are, Tom & Jerry ofcourse Bugs bunny Mickey and Pluto and all rest of the cartoon
  6. i know this one, and his conflict was very open with imam Zainulabideen (as) but later was revealed in front of black stone, i want to know when he was born, his mother name, and when the mother was married to hazrat Ali (as) yAA Ali maDaD!@ ........................
  7. (bismillah) (salam) can anyone please provide the full detail of hazrat muhammad hanafiya, thanx yAA Ali maDaD!@
  8. (bismillah) (salam) well the mystery to be solved by going on to the books but some questions arises, Was maryam suppose to be called (as) ? Was she having a fair character ? where she was living for her life ? Why She was not married ? How a lady is giving a birth to a child ? Can she do it alone ? Why she goes under the tree ???? as the people come to know about her child (isa) after the birth ?? while giving the birth the tree covered her,, but wasn't she aware that giving birth to a child under the tree is shameful ?? if the answers are given then it'll be easy to judge the riwayah.... yAA Ali maDaD!@ ..................... Dears....... one more questions,, why she was noticed all them time when she was pregnant ??????????? wasn't she for 9 months ???????
  9. (salam) (bismillah) Can anyone please provide the detail of Muhammad hanfiya, who was he, and other detailed information about him Thanx yAA Ali maDaD!@
  10. nice in words but different in reality
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I tried to open today the shia chat and it shows site is blocked, i open throug proxy,, but the question appears why? can any1 tell about it plz yAA Ali maDaD!@
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Nuke Makkah or Kaaba? Kaaba was destroyed and built so many times no one was harmed so what will happen now, it'll be re-built, don't worry, Allah is the owner of his house, he'll better take care yAA Ali maDaD!@ ................................
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Lady doing Zanjir Zani, I think we should be careful with our words, I was there in Syria this chehlum, i recall only 1 lady, i think she was arabic, she just took one stick make it two and start hitting on the head, and do it until the blood come out from the head and then the companion ladies catch her and take her on the side, just to inform, she was 100% covered with hijab and even the face was not visible. just blood was seen when it fell down. it was not zanjir only a stick. other than that nothing i remember or seen at that place. yAA Ali maDaD!@
  14. (bismillah) (salam) Language is a combination of the speaking and writing. for having an official status a language should have a vast reader and writer of that language, if a language is not read in some country even spoken then also is not able to be included as an official status. in Pakistan a very few minority of hindu is there, and they are scattered mostly in Sindh and balochistan area with some of them living in upper area of country, but the language spoken is purely regional. After the partition the things are entirely changed and hindi writing is already finished 100% from the country, even the Punjabi is not written in its basic script, but in urdu. Some of the words known about the language by some of the persons is because of the media that is strong in india but it is sometimes used even without knowing the meaning of the language. we, here outside pakistan, can understand some of the words from hindi but it's because it is mostly said in urdu style with only some hindi words, (as what we believe, same believe is from other side) but still if some pure hindi speaking person will come to us then we feel ourself lost at that time. So, it is not practical to demand or think to give official status to hindi in Pakistan thanks, yAA Ali maDaD!@
  15. (bismillah) (salam) 1. I don't think any color is haram or halal, 2. Alhamd & tasbihat i know too 3. once i know,, but i think same about ruku,,, who says two??? i think discussing the cloths of masooma looks odd, we should be careful yAA Ali maDaD!@
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