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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Excellent Topic!! Procrastination and Laziness is the curse of present Muslim World. Obviously Islam And Ahlulbayt teaches us anti- procrastinism and disciplined life. 05 prayers with timings, fasting, Hajj, Hawza, education in continuam, self exploration etc are the basics of our faith and anti-dote to procrastination. Simple life as oppose to lavish life style deals better with laziness. I give you a simple example, it's very difficult to get up for Fajr prayer from a comfy and cosy bed and especially when stomach is full with lavish food. On the other hand it's easy to wake up from a simple
  2. my aunt is 51 and unmarried and she is still praying for her marriage. she is fenatically religious. Has dedicated one room in her house for prayers and remembrance of Imam Husayn AS.
  3. Very interesting topic. Am very happy after my divorce, got rid of the man who was an ugly burden of 9 years. However life is very hard for a single parent. Alhamdolillah; thanks to my high education; i am able to support myself and my child.my marriage was a disaster from the beginning. I blame myself to some extent that i rejected many good guys in my early twenties. I pray to Allah and Masumeen AS that all sisters and brothers in faith should get a blessed married life! Amen
  5. in islam, for a wife cooking, house work is not must but fulfilling husband's desires is a Must? whats more important food or sex? i feel Mullahs fabricated many hadeeths to fulfill their sexual desires. similarly a girl is mature and ready to marry at 9 but for a boy he matures at 14 or 15. hence he will start fasting at 14. ridiculous? i love islam and Ahlulbayt but my head doesn't accept injustice.
  6. ofcourse not!! it usually happenes to very high achievers. your question is quite wreckless. you can understand it well if your wife works full time outside the house.
  7. how wali is gonna make sure that the potential guy is ok?
  8. i mean ignorant people in the name of religion oppress women. True religious people could be ideals, i am very religious myself. unfortunately i worked in middle east including Iraq. I saw ignorance in the name of religion and worst oppression of women especially in our low socioeconomic groups. Lets not divert from the topic of Cephalopod! I wish her best of luck
  9. currently in the world the women are more mentally energetic than men. its not only in far east, this is a worldwide problem. after world wars, women got more opportunities than men, they know their rights. its not about being picky, women are getting wiser and men are getting more lethargic. so why to chose a useless husband for the sake of marriage or else other. digital gaming, lack of morality and religiosity are common problems of far east.
  10. hello my dear headpod, welldone!!! :) I applaude you for opening pandora's box. i was very much amused by reading many silly comments but some scholarly answers put me at peace. I want to add something else for your information, there are so many divorced female shia doctors around just because of the above mentioned reasons. and guess what i am one of them. I practiced medicine for more than 10 years. Alhamdolillah! Being a professional doctor as a female is a blessing of God. First of all I veto your statement. Believe me the men world is very much interested in female doctors. we have to ac
  11. asa, it does not make any difference if you marry a so called shia or sunni until the man is pious and God fearing and not a CONTROL FREAK. regards R
  12. please do not allow mums to cut the scalps of their young children. its barbaric!
  13. asa Ammar Nakhshawani is a great progressive scholar and speaker. and we must support him like we do support other traditional speakers. SAN has really worked very hard to come to that level. his way of speech is not traditional, hence some people find it hard to understand him. he has mobilized the youth of current time. other than doing Muharram majalis, he is a good representative of shia islam. our community has many enemies, and we need speakers like Ammar Nakhshawani. may Allah bless u all! R
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