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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May your mother be in paradise,sitting with RasoolAllah and his progeny!

    O Allah! Ya Rab! may you take care of him and his family! 

    And have mercy on his mother,in paradise shall she be! 

  2. May Allah bless your mother, who shall be returning towards the arms of the Amir of the Mu'mineen.

    Her tears shall not dry by meeting him, the Mowla of the Mu'mineen.

    She shall create a resting place for you, by Allah I swear!

    1. SeyedMoAbbas


      إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎‎)

      Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

      Amen @Kazemi

  3. Holy greetings and salaams to all faiths internationally. I have been anylizing the soul of the man who was proclaimed the son of god many years ago. I have come to the conclusion that he, christ jesus son of mary may have made many more mistakes than we might think. Did God not in the holy Quran Question Isa the same way he questioned Adam in the holy scriptures by saying "did you tell men to consider you and your mother as gods besides God?". Adam had a similar question asked when he ate the forbidden fruit by God asking him "where are you" because he was trying to hide. Was Christ Isa Messiah of bani israel trying to hide. Why would God in all his infinite glory ask? Unless the prophet himself was imperfect and made a mistake. He even said you can tell a tree by its fruit, no good tree bears bad fruit. What is the christian nation if our holy prophet told us the truth? It is a blasphemy and Dajjal on the face of the earth. It says the Dajjal will come with loaves of bread, Isa(pbuh) Multiplied bread its all a little to suspicious given the fact that before he did that satan was the one that originally tempted him to multiply bread. He also had a tendency to contradict himself in later scriptures. I feel that the prophet might not have been as good as proclaimed to be.
  4. I actually aired this issue out a year ago because I blamed the Muslim Ummah for my lack of faith. I on a whole am disappointed with my religion but more so with my relationship with the Ummah. My life has been heralded by disaster after disaster, the thing that makes me think each storm I face is from AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is each storm comes right at a moment of complete gratitude and faith in AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. I think the hardship he makes the ones he loves go through is a way of saying "I got you this far, your fine, let me give you another opportunity to prove yourself". He does not want us to be too determined in our own minds, he wants us to rest securely in him, not our selves or other people. By challenging us he gives us many rewards, the reward of change in our personal life, the reward of depending on him, the reward of being comforted by him, through giving us what we feel we can not bare he is also telling us to rest, because when a problem is beyond our own ability to handle we rest assured it's not meant for us but for him, in the end of the smaller picture he eventually will reward us for our faith, in some way in this life, but at the end of the big picture in the here after.
  5. ASalam alykum bro, I have this same problem, only worse at times, I am Shia sevener my self. I think Ismāʿīl ibn Jaʿfar al-Mubārak (Jaffar Sadiqs first son) would understand the feeling of people looking away from you, as the majority of the ummah and world looked away from him after he died . It could be a metaphysical symbol of your relation to Jaffar Sadiqs first son because you honor him.
  6. I am very sad about what I have done to my life on these forums, I have been disappointing myself more than I have disappointed others, I feel a lot of hurt about it because I have lost my ability to connect socially with out sounding moronic or crude.
  7. Sunnis want a control of the state by who already is in power just on the assertion that what ever person or government over the Muslim nation has divine right over the people, Shia's believe that only with the divine advent of the imam's the blood line of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) we have authority. I think it can be compared to the nation of Israel during the time of Moses when they were fleeing Pharaoh the Jews that preferred their old life under pharaoh are like Sunni's and the ones that still loved Moses on their own will are like modern shia's,
  8. it must be haram to poison yourself, The horrible thing is my mind is a little less as toxic as the chemicals in smokes. i feel trauma at the thought of not smoking because it blocks all of my trauma out i don't usually like smoking, i hate it but what happens is it dulls me out a horrible mindset, me and life are not good friends these days, Smoking is very dirty and because of how addictive it is it shouldn't be halal, but i smoke,
  9. Yes I feel the same way. I don't think its good to pray for a hastened death, I think the key is trust, I pray prayers like this too, but I actually think it is a sin, because if we trusted Allah we would know he gives life and death. We can not hasten it or bring it forward,
  10. From my general knowledge this is exactly what a deceiver would want to do, at all times, anti-christ means in the place of christ. So our dajjal would come in the place of the mahdi
  11. thank you and salams i want to hurt nobody it happened at my house from a single stick of incense, i can not cope with death i almost died
  12. I lost a family member in a fire, I feel so bad and so guilty
  13. There is a dajjal that has already came because there is a deception in the world accumulated from mankinds shirk and fitna, It has created a consciousness of a dajjal, each dajjal in my own theory is interconnected to create a supreme consciousness leading up to the dajjal that is in our external and internal worlds at all times, in a way he has already come, in the most un-literal way speaking. even deep with in us when we are not connected to the true reality of Allah's perspective there is a dajjal. Another instance in my opinion the u.s institution itself is a dajjal because of its agenda into deceiving people that there is a urgent need for it in the world, same with its prison systems and hospitals that over diagnose problems they exaggerate and/or create. I think some people who work for them (being the u.s institution) are already subconsciously connected to the supreme dajjal and his consciousness is already mass amounted through out the world, suffocating true believers in shirk and fitna.
  14. Asalam Alykum Living in the states, and as many people have seen in the chaos I have expounded in unintentionally on these forums I have been brought up in chaotic environments. Along the road many gay people have raised me, let me live in their homes, allowed me to share my faith and even told me that they wanted to become Muslim. I think especially in western society men have repressed the ability to love each other so when they grow older the feeling of repression can express itself in romantic ways. I also think (feel open to disagree) every human being has a feminine nature and a masculine nature, and when a man is raised with out understanding himself fully to see the side of him that can nurture he will discover that feminine side of himself in dangerous ways. I know many Americans are raised without a fathers affection, naturally they would look for this. this could be twisted and misunderstood to say that a gay relationship is a good thing. I think they are human beings and many of them follow Islam in the best ways they know how by praying and showing love and kindness to people. Many of them hate the fact that they are gay more than most people actually hate them for being gay.
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