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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wait fellaz you are taking this poor guy's advertisement the wrong way. All he is trying to say is this My suggestions.....tell him to get the passport on his own merits....no need to use another woman for that!!!!!!!! Your profile on Smatch will most likely be ignored.
  2. I am on a stalk mode ....vising random ppl's profiles :P :P :P thank you for visiting mine :P

  3. was missing something today......................................was trying to think very hard what it was

    1. Mullah_Habib_uDeen


      i remember i didnt see you onlineeee....pundit jee

    2. Mullah_Habib_uDeen


      so i am messaging you here instead :P *bumb*

    3. habib e najjaar

      habib e najjaar

      I think you were missing your chaabi ;)

  4. Jazakallah Khairan Sister Habibti for sharing this and reminding us . I wish we would be as noble as qambar (ra) or blessed as qambar to be close like him ! Makes us wonder and reflect Who I really am ? Reminded me of this and thought to share : Once Ali was returning from a journey with a string of camels fully laden with goods. On the way a beggar asked for a piece of bread. Ali ordered his beloved slave Qambar to give some bread to the beggar. Qambar started searching for bread. After a few moments Ali asked about the delay. Qambar said, "I am looking for the bread." Ali said, "Give the bagger the camel which carries the food." After a while Ali again inquired about the delay. Qambar replied, "I am searching for the camel carrying the food." "Give the whole caravan", Ali ordered. Qambar hurriedly jumped off from the camel & handed the reins of the whole caravan to the fortunate beggar. Ali smiled at the agility of Qambar & asked him, "Why did you jump so quickly & hand over the reins in such a haste?" Qambar replied, Master, you are in such a mood that on account of a little delay, you gave away the whole caravan. I was afraid if there was some more delay, you might give me away also with the caravan. You will get a thousand slaves like me, but where will I get a master like you?"
  5. For sister Habibti _Najjari :) <3 He says : You have oppressed us for too long It is time that the proude African Nation will rise You white people will shake and shiver of fear If you dutch colonialists do not listen than the shining silver of my Sword will speak Commandant Kim Chi Hou at it again in response to Kenyan's uprising Same Message
  6. Getting into a fight with sister Habib_E_Najjar :video : 13:00 ahahahahahahah no just kidding
  7. On a monday afternoon Mullah Habib_Udeen had to go somewhere very soon. As we drove to the near College stop The passengers got full and ppl even climbed on the top. The Isuzu Bus got full with the Loud Kenyan Song no ride is ever dull. The bus was crowded when the little old lady got on, and Mulla Nasrudin stood up. But Habibti-Najjari She pushed the Mulla back gently and said, "No, thanks." Nasrudin tried to rise again and she pushed him back a second time. The Lady Habibti Najjari smiled and again said no Thanks. Finally, Nasrudin said to her, "PLEASE LET ME GET UP, LADY, I AM TWO BLOCKS PAST MY STOP NOW." A little amused , the Lady said I am sorry Happy to YOU*! (* persians translate congratuations in english as Happy to you ) ^ this poem is inspired by Mullah Nasrudin and Habibti Najjar ...Inshallah I will post more pictures i took while i was driving from College back home in Nairobi :)
  8. when i was at highschool It happened a couple of times that my teachers came to me and asked me why i wore a black headscarf? They were curious to know whether I was wearing black whether i was mourning or because of islamic reasons referring to khomeini and the black purdah worn by iranian women ) Obviously none of the reasons I I was simply a Gothic Hijabi
  9. ^ I hope the Kenyan Tourist Ministry will notice this post :) Inshallah stay tuned for my next upcoming poems :) I look forward to your positive criticism and feedback :)
  10. ^ send me a ticket to kenya :) Thank you brother :) I dedicate this poem to sister Habibti-e-najjari :) Who always takes the buss from Mombasa to Nairobi . (lol) The Inspiration was (Rosa Parks) Kenya , its beautiful scenery , people , multi-cultural and of course its Breathtaking Nature and of course the legendary IsuZu :) I am really not a stalker but i have made a video following Habibty_e_Najjari unfortunately i got stuck in the traffic ! The indians let their cows pass .....hence the traffic jam PS: you hear the voice of the taxidriver
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