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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Polyamory was the wrong word to use - I meant to write Polyandry. Polyamory is like polygamy in that it applies to both sexes, only polyamory is not formal, like polygamy which means marriage.
  2. I'm not a muslim, although the word peace and the knowledge of Islam will stay with me. It's a shame I can't stick around to learn more about the Shi'ite school of Islam but i've got a lot on my plate now. Peaceout.
  3. Please remember the pen is mightier than the sword. There are many types of pain and I would tentatively suggest that thirst can be extremely painful. I piece of music can make one cry however. Compression is a term in electronic music production, did you know that? Everybody's somewhere along the autistic spectrum from time to time. Sallam.
  4. I would sig this, If the concept of an interminable afterlife bore such consideration.
  5. I need more woman in my life - the microwaved potatoes seem to have become a permanent feature. :(
  6. wasallam,Is Murdoch a Muslim now?! It's not as binary as you seem to suggest - I like how you haven't renamed the forum "polygyny distiller" instead of "polygamy distiller" though still. No replies at all in that thread. Binary Finery.
  7. As soon as time-travel is invoked in an argument (ie. Would you kill Adolf Hitler?) it takes on an irrevocable domain of silliness which sullies the conversation. I tried to write a novel once which incorporated time-travel as an essential plot element but it turned out to be intellectually unworkable so I ditched it after two chapters. Ray Comfort's invocation of the time-travel paradox is a fun, but ultimately a dirty trick - a bit like saying the tetrahedron structure of a banana is instructive of purpose.
  8. His ethnic origin is not important! There needs to be a stand made against racism! Any child could be raised a Muslim.
  9. The hat is of foil. [edit] oh no, they're very funny actually; take it all back.
  10. Most probably the latter. I'm sorry, but it is perfectly possible for there to be a Muslim born white. Please don't be so racist.
  11. When Thunderfoot said he wouldn't cap Hitler because the genocide was instrumental in our history, I trailed off...but then if you interrogate somebody for long enough they're bound to make some mistakes.
  12. Somali Islamists maintain aid ban and deny famine. :huh:
  13. It could be far right elements or it could be Islamist (false flag, whatever). Everybody's saying it's Islamist.
  14. Thanks for that. There's still the fact that most Westerners don't give any consideration to the different branches of Islam and just lump them all in together - usually with the most shocking components leading the way as they capture the imagination ie. "Islam means chopping eachother's hands off for stealing" etc ad nauseum. 50 Cent?
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