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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This will never happen since Saudia is too in bed with the west and Israel. It is so dependent on the west that it can never dream of leaving the arms of its protectors. The only ones the Saudis are willing to resist are the Iranians and the Iraqi's and the rest of the world's Shias from Nigeria to Pakistan since that is what the west wants. Because the Jafari Shias are not beholden to the west unlike the Wahabi and Salafi who would never have had become so influential without western backing from the revolt against the Ottomans to the CIA's jihad in Afghanistan to the corporate glass palace that is Dubai.

    In my opinion the Saudis are too lazy and decadent to ever do something worthwhile. Their welfare state exists only to keep the local population fat and lazy and bribed into supporting the royal family. Their military exists only to suppress protesters and poorly equipped guerrillas, it can never fight a real war with those shiny expensive imported tanks. The moment they get into the blood and guts of it they run away and beg the west to save them. Once the oil industry runs out you'll see all these kingdoms fall and see fighting between the useless locals and immigrants who do all the work

    That'll only happen when the Saudi Royal family stops going to the west to enjoy it's women

    Good job.

  2. Most people in Saudi are not happy with the present King. They don't have the right to criticise him in the open, but most Saudis consider him an imbecile and a weakling. Most Saudis want a smart, aggressive King who can lead the country on the path of self-sufficiency and out of dependence on USA. Believe me, Saudi foreign policy would now be concentrated on cultivating an extremely close relationship with Egypt and Turkey. These 2 will be used to pressurise the new monsters like Iraq and some elements in Lebanon and counter-balance the so-called "axis of resistance". A new "axis of resistance" will be formed between Saudi, Egypt and Hamas.. Saudi still need Pakistan, but mainly to clean the air filters of our Abrams and Humvees :lol:. And India still need Saudi Oil and the "remittance" of India's cheap "guest workers" for creating some investment in Kerala and Punjab :lol:

    But yeah, expect Saudi to move most of its military divisions up to the border with Iraq come December when the Yanks leave. Saudi and Iraq have been at War since Hadhrat Umar's (ra) time, and even a Sunni-ruled Iraq will be hardly sympathetic to Saudi interests.

    Saudi imbecils can only kiss the [Edited Out]s of americans and israelis.

    Hamas leadership is not so idiot to trust Turkey and Saudia.

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