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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. yeah sure, no probs.

  2. no hard feelings, insha'Allah! and sorry to get you upset. probably just semantics.

  3. LOL! I was afraid you'd somehow find out *sarcasm*

  4. what u chking my profile for? <_ stop stalking me..gimme some space sheeshhhhhh>

  5. and yeah, i do log in mostly but to reply to PMs and stuff. and yeah marriage means fighting lolol...im not out of practice either heheheh

  6. how mean is that..."you wont understand techinal stuff blah blah" <_>

    im good, am married too...waiting to join the hubby in canada. how's married life?

  7. lol Its been ages since I logged in last (excluding my visit yesterday ofcourse).Bloody iditos have blocked shiachat in UAE so I have to bypass proxy n otha shizzle..u won't know its technical stuff..

    And yeh I know long time no fight!!! But I am not out of practice cuz I have been married for more than a year now..how r u?

  8. Whats that supposed to mean? I rarely post here. I think i posted stuff after a year or so. And i do have a life outside of Shiachat. How are you? Long time no fight hehe

  9. u still don't have a life outside shiachat???!!!?? oldest survivor of shiachat.com? :D

  10. Added on MSN. Send me a message on SC when you are online on messenger coz I rarely log in there.

  11. you have an account on gmail? i am on gtalk most of the time.

  12. Whizbee?! Servidor! They will not give me my original account back...Do you still use messenger? Or can I give you my present e-mail address? It has been so long. . .

  13. Whizbee? Do you still frequent the forum? I have not spoken to you in so long. Nor Spizo. I shall go bother her now in her profile's comments section too.

  14. uhh *gulp* don't hate me :hijabi:

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