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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yeah sure, no probs.

  2. You first. And I never did. You seem to be forgetting that you yourself clarified the usage of the term in quotations by describing it as the ahadith "regarding the status of women in Islam". And my post was directly in response to this clarification. Wrong, I said that "many" of those ahadith are authentic. Multiplicity does not denote majority. Obviously. It would be absurd to claim that every single hadith about a particular topic is authentic. I think you're having trouble comprehending the exchange that occurred between us. In case you've forgotten, you stated: You MUST really go thro
  3. no hard feelings, insha'Allah! and sorry to get you upset. probably just semantics.

  4. And what YOU were referring to were ahadith "regarding the status of women in Islam" that were posted on threads here, and many of those ARE authentic regardless of how you feel about them.
  5. "We" are not kidding anyone here. You should speak only for yourself. Good for you. The ones I was referring to, however, are authentic in both ways.
  6. Uhhh that is the thread that I linked to in my post too. Are you referring to some specific post which is a reply to my question?
  7. Why the inverted commas? Many of those traditions are authentic. I am very well aware of the position of women in Islam.
  8. If it comes to choosing between having them wear skull rings and makeup *gasp* and having them live the servile lives that most Afghani women live (refer: video below), I think I'll go with the sneaker chick lifestyle. Good for them.
  9. I see. But then, why does Islam allow a man to have sex with his married slave girl? From here: Link
  10. LOL! I was afraid you'd somehow find out *sarcasm*

  11. Depends on your marja. There are scholars like Khoei who deem it compulsory and others like Sistani who say that it only becomes wajib if you are attracting attention.
  12. So a woman having more than one spouse i.e. having sex with more than one person is wrong? Scientifically and/or morally?
  13. what u chking my profile for? <_ stop stalking me..gimme some space sheeshhhhhh>

  14. Can I have that pic of yours again, please? :angel: :angel:
  15. The consensus is certainly there, and only the very ignorant people are unaware of it. The claim that women are deficient in intelligence and faith has been accepted by ALL early Shi'a ulema. For example: Sayyid ibn Ta'wus in his Kashaful Muhajjah, page 181: æÇáäÓÇÁ äæÇÞÕ ÇáÇíãÇä äæÇÞÕ ÇáÚÞæá äæÇÞÕ ÇáÍÙæÙ ÝÃãÇ äÞÕÇä ÅíãÇäåä ÝÞÚæÏåä Úä ÇáÕáÇÉ æÇáÕíÇã Ýí ÃíÇã ÍíÖåä æÃãÇ äÞÕÇä ÚÞæáåä ÝáÇ ÔåÇÏÉ áåä ÅáÇ Ýí ÇáÏíä æÔåÇÏÉ ÇãÑÃÊíä ÈÑÌá Sharif Murtada in Risa'il, page 124 ãÚÇÔÑ ÇáäÓÇÁ (1)¡ ÇáäÓÇÁ äæÇÞÕ ÇáÅíãÇä¡ äæÇÞÕ ÇáÍÙæÙ¡ äæÇÞÕ ÇáÚÞæá¡ ÝÃãÇ äÞÕÇä ÅíãÇäåä ÝÞÚæÏåä Úä ÇáÕáÇÉ æÇáÕíÇã Ýí ÃíÇã ÍíÖåä¡
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