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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you were to take a basketball and cut it so that it lays flat, there will be a center. If we did the same to the earth will the Kabah be in the center?
  2. (bismillah) (salam) I wanted to ask, is the Kabah really in the complete center of the earth? Please provide sources if possible.
  3. please deactivate account. thanks.
  4. No he is right, I am trying to do what is Islamic and what is best for me in the afterlife. For the "extra" books I will either pay for them or donate them if I don't like them. But it seems the only way to pay for the books is if I pay them myself in person :squeez: . I hope they will understand that it is almost impossible to send them money from America.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I thought that the rule was if the gelatin or enzymes in this case go through a complete chemical change (istahra) then it is considered to be hallal. For example if you take something which is najis but you burn it till it becomes ashes; the ashes are tahir not najis because the najis went through a complete chemical change. This is supported by Sayed Sistani as discused in a different topic about gelatin products. I've also heard the same ruling from a second scholar. But you also have this similar case from Sistani.org Allah Knows Best.
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Ya Allah, how beautiful Islam is that we have believers from all ethnic backgrounds. This proves that Muhammad (saw) brought Islam to all of mankind, not just the Arabs! Now we can find scholars from African, Asian, Arabian, and Western backgrounds and many other places. I think out of all the lecturers I listen to the minority of them are Arab :squeez:. Ya Allah How Beautiful Your Final Religion Is!
  7. (bismillah) (salam) I purchased about 12 books from http://ansariyan.ir/ and the total was $70 including the shipping. They emailed me and told me they shipped out the books but also included a few sample books. The sample books they said cost $86 and that my total is $161. Am I expected to pay for the books I didn't purchase or are they free gifts? :squeez:
  8. Not true, did Jesus (as) not bring the dead back to life through Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì?
  9. I am all for people learning about different faiths and religions, there is nothing wrong with that and if anything its a very good thing. but on this site, when people ask questions they want answers based on Islam unless the person otherwise says so. If I asked someone how do I pray to God I don't want answers from anyone but a Muslim because a Christian, Jewish, etc prayer would not help me at all. In this world, there isn't just one religion and one set of laws - there is hundreds. Each one has followers who want to perfect their own religious duties, not the duties of other faiths. How will your Hindu answers help a Muslim? BTW, if you have read the first post it clearly says "What does islam say about peoples rebirth or being reborn again?" The poster was looking for Islamic answers only. If they asked for any religion's opinion then obviously I wouldn't have said anything. Plus lets say that the person was new to Islam and asked the question. When you answered your answer you did not state your religion. The person could have assumed you provided an Islamic answer and thus you would have misled them. Thus you should have said "I'm not sure About Islam but just in case your interested, Hinduism says that ...".
  10. You may think that way but this is an Islamic website, and unless someone states that they want to know about other faiths only the Islamic answers are most likely wanted. Your religion's rulings don't apply to a Muslim. And your right only one way can work for all people and that is the Islamic way :angel: . If we believed your religious ways then we wouldn't be Muslims. Please refrain from answering peoples questions with non-Islamic sources. If we wanted those answers we would go to Christianchat or Jewishchat or hinduchat. And to the first post, Allah can do all things. There have been people who were raised from the dead in the past. Allah Knows Best.
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I wanted to ask if anyone knew a website that offered prayer times for the city of San Diego in California. I prefer a website made specific for the area rather than those websites which give you the time for any city throughout the world. I would really appreciate this. Thank You.
  12. Thank You Brother. I appreciate the link. May Allah reward you.

  13. (bismillah) (salam) If someone who is a Muslim, but does not practice what is obligotry on him such as fasting and prayer; as long as he butchers the animal using Islamic laws such as facing the body of the animal towards qibla saying bismillah (and more) cutting the 2 blood veins, the food vein (throat), and the oxygen airway then the meat is hallal even if the person is not a pious Muslim. But if you think the person might be lying and not butchering the animal using the Islamic method or that he might buy the meat from non-Islamic sources then you should refrain from buying the meat. Allah Knows Best.
  14. (bismillah) (salam) When you say stuff like "god does not seem to want to respond!" its not that Allah doesn't want to respond, it is that you don't deserve his response. When you have such a weak relationship with your lord, don't except for Allah to answer your prayers. Before your Lord answers and helps you, you must show that you are worthy of his support and his guidance. Do you pray everyday on time? Do you ask for Allah to help others before you ask for help for yourself? Do you help others yourself? Do you Fast in Ramadan and remember the Ahlul Bayt (as) at all times? If you answered no at least once then why would Allah give you the attention when you are not giving Him the attention and worship? There is a beautiful quote that reads "When Allah Loves His Servant, He Drowns Him In The Sea of Suffering!". What you think you are the only one suffering? Millions upon millions of people are starving, dying from disease, being alone as orphans, being physically abused. AhlulBayt (as), the most perfect humans to have walked this earth suffered much. Most of them were murdered. Most of them went through hunger and sickness. If they had to go through suffering who are you or me or anyone else to say we don't deserve suffering? And what you mean Allah loves watching people suffer? This world is a test. It is temporary. You live here for what 70, 80, 90 years and you pass on to the next world. In the next world you live forever either in paradise or fire. If you suffer now and worship Allah, he will reward you with forever paradise. Your telling me 70 years of lifetime suffering isn't worth the infinite lifetime of paradise? Allah does not get "amusement" from watching us. stagfurullah. Don't think such nonsense. This will follow you to the hereafter and you will regret such thoughts. Be thankful that Allah created you. Be thankful that Allah, the most Amazing, created you. We are nothing to Allah. Our worth is nothing. Yet Allah, the Ultimate Greatness, created us. Whether we exist or not doesn't matter to Allah at all. We don't bring joy or pain or this or that to Allah. Allah created us out of his Mercy. And also, Allah is the all knowing. Just because you don't understand your own existence does not mean that Allah created you for nothing. Who created the problem? Allah created the problem? No he did not. You brought the problems upon yourself. Others brought the problems upon you. You complain about sickness and sadness and family? All of this is worth nothing in the hereafter. You think any of this matters once your dead? You seem to focus on the wrong things in life and not focusing on what really matters. Focus on your hereafter. Plan for it. Don't let it be too late and end up in hell fire because you worry about nonsense. Allah knows best. May Allah have mercy on us and forgive us for such shameful thoughts. May Allah forgive me if I had said anything wrong.
  15. (bismillah) (salam) First of all, congratulations on a possible future engagement! It's nice to read that your trying to improve your life and follow the path of Allah, The Most Beneficent Most Merciful. InshAllah these choices will have a very positive affect in the afterlife. I have read somewhere which states "When Allah Loves His Servant, He Drowns Him In The Sea Of Suffering!"... now I'm not saying marrying a religious person will bring you misery lol but what it means is that a Muslim, a true Muslim, is not going to have much fun in this world as much as the disbelievers. For the disbelievers this world is there heaven: they can party and drink and fornicate all they want. But this heaven of there's will last only but a set amount of years. For the believer, his heaven and joy awaits him in the afterlife. A heaven which will last forever while the disbeliever will be suffering for ever. For believers, being religious isn't boring. Believers actually LOOK FORWARD to praying and fasting and reciting the Holy Qur'an and doing good deeds. This is their fun. I know it sounds crazy but its true. InshAllah we can all be like this one day. If you love the guy and he is very religious, then that sounds like a good package right? Or do you want the more "fun" guy who doesn't pray or prays very late and has a foul mouth, and other disgusting traits that many people tend to have? Allah Knows Best.
  16. If the mutah was done according to Islamic Law and everything was done correctly, a pregnancy derived from the marriage is not haraam and the child is not illegitimate because the father was married to the mother at the time of the sexual act. I guess this can be seen as a father in war who passes away right before the birth of his child, doesn't mean its haraam for the wife. What anyone would recommend is make that mutah a permanent marriage for the sake of the child and the family. If the two love each other to create another human being, they surely love each other to be responsible and take care of that human being together. Remember Mutah IS A MARRIAGE in Islam. It offers everything a permanent marriage offers but in a limited or set amount of time. Allah Knows Best.
  17. (bismillah) (wasalam) I have read in "The Greatest Jihad: Combat with the Self " by Imam Khomeini (ra) (link) that says a marjae and high scholars who sin are punished 10x worse than others because they have a higher understanding of Islam and know the consequences more than the majority of Muslims. Now what if we take that concept and say Muslims are punished more severely than non-Muslims for the same sin because we as Muslims have been told by the Qur'an and Hadeeths and our scholars not to sin yet we still continue to do so. Allah Knows Best.
  18. (bismillah) (wasalam) Are you asking if Mutah is haraam for a person who wears the hijab? Absolutely not. Mutah is hallal for women who wear the hijab of course. It is a way for young, and older, people to control their desires without the need of fornication. Allah, the Most Gracious most Merciful, knows that after puberty both boys and girls will begin to have desires which must be met at some time. It wouldn't be fair for non-hijab women to be able to satisfy the desire while hijab women must continue with the struggle. Now for many hijab women, staying a virgin until permanent marriage is very important to them thus some have limits on how mutah marriage can go so that they still remain "pure" after the mutah if they decide they do not want to go permanent with the male companion. What is haraam is someone who doesn't wear the hijab though. That's the haraam being done. Heres a lecture by Sayed Ammar on mutah marriage: link. Allah Knows Best.
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