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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. look at the translation of surah bayyinah (98) towards the last few sentances.

  2. why does it mean 'may Allah be pleased with them' and not 'Allah is pleased with them'?

    I dont speak arabic, but the sunni scholars are aware of the fact that sahabah are going paradise, if it was incorrect to say it, then they wouldnt say it. hope that answers your question

  3. you accuse him of presenting subjective evidence then you go and do the same.... my personal experience in the opposite. personal experience is not an evidence for or against anything.
  4. with regards to forgiving...watch 26min - 29min of the following. (its only 3 min....feel free to watch the rest if you want...it will prob explain some of your questions)
  5. Ameen! You ask many questions to a person who has exams in a couple of weeks! so iA ill keep this short and will make this my last post as much work needs to be done (although I did say before I wouldnt post anymore...didnt really work!) War: again, something I will look up soon iA, As I am unaware of the reasons behind the war, I cannot say 'so and so was right or wrong'. however, a war doesnt mean we do takfir. Also considering the last statment of Ali [ra] that I posted ('our brothers are rebelling against us'), that would also need to taken into consideration when making a decision. we ac
  6. We know he believed in Allah. never said he didnt. never said he wasnt religious. never said he was bad in any way. never said he wasnt trustworthy or that he had a bad character. why did you accuse us of saying these things? We know he believed in Allah and that he worshipped him. how does that mean he 'knew' he was a messenger? as for degrading... in what way? we accept him as human. all messengers were human. we dont raise them above that and claim they are anable to be afraid of something, nor do we consider that degrading.
  7. as mentioned before, when you say 'reality and fact' you are doing so accoridng to your sources, which sunnis dont accept. We dont accept some of the things you say as a 'fact'. justifying: I have mentioned some things in my first post. So to start with, I know you dont accept Bukhari, but the Sunnis do. and since you are asking me to 'justify my beliefs', I will do so using sunni sources. I think what I have written in my first post is sufficient. but some other things include the fact that there are hadith that say statements such as 'abu bakr fil jannah' or 'Umar fil Jannah' (meaning they
  8. The funniest part of this is...we say exactly the same thing about shias. things like lack of understanding and peer pressure...couldnt I say the same about why shias dont become sunnis? as for it being a 'fact', we dont believe it is a fact. according to shia sources they may be, but we consider many of those reports to be fabricated (and so not a 'fact') personally (i.e. from my personal experience with converstations with shias), I find that they pick a few hadith and try and use it to prove their point but then they reject many others. If they studied the works of sunni scholars then they
  9. whats your point? I hope that you have actually seen what the sunni scholars have written about this rather than making your own assumptions about what sunnis believe... if he has never seen an angel, or anything like one, then one would be frightened when he sees it. And yes he wasnt aware of the fact that he was a prophet when he was born. so what?
  10. Salam. Don't you think its an underestimate when you say "Radiallahu Anhu" to people who are guaranteed heaven? For example, we know that Hassan and Hussein are the youths of heaven, and thus Allah is pleased with them already... but why do you still say "May Allah be pleased with them"? Why not say "May Allah give them more blessings"?

  11. We love the Ahlul bait, the difference between us is we (sunnis) also love a group of people that you (shias) hate, which is what makes you angry. likewise you hate a group of people we love. so youre not the only one who gets angry, we do too when we see statements made against these people. general advice: if youre going to discuss these issues where there are disagreements, it will at times make you angry. Its like when muslims talk to a christian, we know that this christian is going to claim that Allah has a son! and this should make us feel some sort of anger. likewise I know that chri
  12. I think if this is going to turn into a debate/argument, im going to stay out of it iA. for the 3rd time, my reason for not quoting shia sources is because you are asking questions about what I believe. "why do I have no problem with Abu Bakr (ra)." My beliefs are based on my sources, hence why I quote those instead of shia sources. I stated that in my first post. I wasnt trying to convince you of anything as I am aware you dont accept these souces. The reason for making this post is that I have seen some shias claiming that the sunnis have no reasons for liking some of the sahabah, I was jus
  13. I agree, discussions are much better than debates/arguments! before I answer, iA I hope you understand that I am not (nor do I claim to be) a scholar so if I cant answer all your questions, its due to my lack of knowledge..meaning more homework for me! but iA I will say the position of the sunni scholars with regards to the points you made. cant answer number 3, dont know about that. (also sorry for the long posts!) Inheritance: Then end of the hadith was Abu Bakr said to her, "the Holy Prophet (sallallahoalaihiwasallam) had said, 'Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophe
  14. as stated in my first 2 sentances...this is for those who ask 'how can people like Abu Bakr (ra)' they ask our reasons, above are some of them... thats all
  15. Some shias sometimes get a bit confused about why sunnis like some of the sahabah (e.g. Abu bakr/Umar (ra) ). So I thought Id put forward a few hadith relating to them. not trying to start an argument or anything...just putting our view forward iA (i.e. the following are some of the reasons) Abu bakr (ra) narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri, who said: The Prophet sallalahoalaihiwasallam said: "......O Abu Bakr, do not weep. Abu Bakr has favoured me greatly with his companionship and his wealth. If I were to have taken a close friend among my ummah, I would have chosen Abu Bakr, but the brothe
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