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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. does a country require importance to have the right to exist? you could say that about a lot of countries. whats the importance of denmark, for example? i think the point is, with the creation of israel, many palestinians were displaced and their land was stolen and they were forced out. some are still living under dreadful conditions in cities such as hebron. i think its a humanitarian issue rather than an issue about what palestinians can give to the rest of the world. just a thought :) fi aman illah
  2. Can you spot the Netherlands on the map? Luxembourg? Bahrain? Qatar? Just because Lebanon and the countries mentioned above are small, it doesn't negate their existence. "Bonafide Hustler", all you have done on this thread is demonstrate rudeness and the ability to go off-topic to the point of the thread being ruined. What is it you wish to achieve? Besides a wonderful display of your ignorance. Allah swt, forgive me for rising to this, or indeed lowering myself to his level. fi aman illah.
  3. +1 additionally, the number of women i see willing to take it off/put it on/take it off when on their hols to more liberal arab countries, it shocks me that they find so many loopholes to keep it on in western or secular countries. baffling.
  4. you offend me. i'd like to be an immigrant there, actually. or at least be able to be one. i'd like to be able to return to my family's homeland. the place that you believe should never have independence, Palestine. you have no valid points. if you're to be listened to, why is scotland seperate from england? they're basically the same place, right? and "borders with Egypt and Jordan should be open as the borders between the states of USA". what do you not understand about politics/geography? the states in USA are not seperate countries, so how will the borders between states and countries be similar?! additionally, the last time arabs tried to "unite", thousands who didn't fit into their ideas where killed, murdered etc. are you ok for these atrocities to happen again? the idea was tried and proven it doesn't work. arabs (despite speaking the same language) don't all get on with each other, shock horror. quit whilst you're ahead. additionally, if you hold such contempt for arabs and their lands, why bother commenting on this thread. fi aman illah
  5. Thats ridiculous. so should USA, Canada, Australia and Britain all join hands and become one country. after all, they all speak english. you are basing all your opinions on the fact they all speak the same language. the cultures within these countries are all very different. united "arabhood" has always worked really well, yes? sure, of course, especially in the case of Saddam Hussein (la'anatullah) and the Baathists. i think you need to think before you say things that might offend others. just a thought. fe aman illah
  6. i still don't understand what is wrong with women cooking and being proud to cook???
  7. Thoughts: i'm not enjoying this debate i'm having with a Jehovah's Witness and a Hindu. Topic: Allah swt's "knowledge".
  8. noooo lol NOT kubbe niyyeh, please! :P and the green onions i think are called spring onions in Britain, and maybe scallions in America? i'm lebanese but i call them "bussel akthar" as i hang around too many iraqis, and they appear to give them that name.. my grandmother puts cucumber in her tabbouleh, strangely enough... it tastes good though!
  9. laaaaa2, not sawda niyyeh!! :sick: or kubbe niyyeh or anything like that!! imho :P
  10. sorry, i meant rinsethe rice under water, not rice the rice :P the mujadarra should serve about 3, depending on how much rice your friends like :P i eat A LOT of rice so for my family that amount serves about 2 and a half.. i will try and come up with some more easy ones :) meanwhile.. fasoulia is very nice. you can do it like this.. however, i prefer to do it with lamb as well. you will need: 1 lamb shoulder, cut into medium pieces with bone 1 tin of butter beans 1 finely chopped onion 2 tins of chopped tomatoes tomato paste 5 cloves of garlic salt ground cinnamon ground nutmeg ground black pepper coriander, finely chopped for garnish. clean the meat and put into a large pan. cover with boiling water, and leave to boil. when scummy foamyness appears at the surface, skim off and throw away. after you've taken off this, add the onion, a generous amount of cinnamon and about half that amount of nutmeg to the pan of meat and water. add black pepper to season. put on the lid (i find leaving it half on, half off is good) and leave for about an hour and a half to simmer. this should smell delicious :) after this time, add the tinned tomatoes, a generous amount of tomato paste and half the garlic, through a garlic press. add salt to season. you might want to add some water too, depending on how thick you like your "stews". drain from the tin, and add the butter beans (you can also use fine green beans, chopped into smaller pieces, or smaller white beans such as haricot beans, i just like the size and almost creamy texture of butter beans). leave to boil for 5 mins then add the rest of the garlic (through a garlic press again). leave for about 15-20 mins so the meat has cooked for about 2 hours in total. just at the end add as much coriander as you wish, to garnish. do not cook the coriander though, as it will go a duller green, and the bright green looks nice with the tomato sauce :P this will serve about 4 i should imagine..? again, depends on appetites! serve with rice. this goes especially nicely with vermicelli rice. do you need a method for vermicelli rice? :P fi aman illah
  11. mujadarra! rice and lentils! vegetarian, tasty and verrry simple to cook! :) google it for pics i cook very much by eye, so please bear with me! you will need: 1 and a quarter mug (i use the average coffee mug) of dried green lentils 2 mugs of basmati rice 4 onions salt vegetable bouillon cooking oil soak the lentils in water (no exact amount, just cover the lentils with plenty of water) for about half an hour to an hour. once soaked, place in a pan, covered with plenty of fresh boiling water, and simmer to boil for about 20 minutes. drain the lentils after 20 minutes or so, and place back in the pan. pour the rice into the same sieve and rice under warm water until the water running off the rice runs clear. when done, place in pan with lentils. boil the kettle. once boiled pour 2 mugs of water (equal amounts to rice) into the pan and then about a quarter of a mug again. add bouillon (not essential, but tastes good) and salt and a slosh of oil to keep it moist. to know you've put enough, taste the water and it should taste JUST too salty. put the lid on the pan and boil the water HARD. when it starts boiling A LOT, then turn the heat right down to the lowest temperature. you will have to keep moving the pan around the heat ring every 7 minutes or so to make sure rice doesn't stick at the bottom. this can be left for around 25 mins to cook. test the ric eif you think it is ready, but do not lift the pan lid too many times as you do not want the steam to escape. whilst this is cooking, chop the four onions finely, and fry in a pan with plenty of oil until brown and caramalised. when the rice is cooked and fluffy, and the onions and stir them in. make sure there is plenty of oil to make the rice nice and oily :) serve with plain yogurt. delicious! fi aman illah
  12. @mushu - thanks! lol i am guessing you're iraqi? shukran ihwaya :P its funny because when discussing my opinions with fellow arabs, i have never received such ridiculous remarks. maybe its because arabs actually know what arabs are like, unlike others who think they know everything and judge a whole group of people by a few bad apples(jeeeealous). iraqi women and women from (south) lebanon are some of the strongest women i've ever met. (oh, and i'd like to add - "lentils with no salt in saudi". Yes, because saudi is the right place to judge arab food, right? again, people judging something because of one bad experience. what a surprise.) i am anti nationalism too. i want my children to live islamically, not to the culture of their parent's countries. and by me saying "i want to marry an iraqi", i wasn't being nationalistic at all. i am not iraqi myself, i just happen to be marrying one. yes, thats right, an iraqi man wants to marry me, even though i'm not iraqi myself. try finding me a religious "south-asian" who wants to marry a non-asian. so "arabs" are the judgemental ones, right? i didn't want to hijack this thread at all, and i'm sorry that i have. and i'm sorry to all the people that have made genuine, relevant comments. barak Allah beekom. but what i've seen here is more important, i think. and i know it is haram for me to point out faults of others behind their backs. so instead of doing that, i'm being up front. i made what was clearly a lighthearted comment about what i want in a husband, i did not say anything wrong in terms of religion or islam, or anything disrespectful, and all i received in reply was judgemental and negative comments from people, whether they be about me as a person, people of "my culture", or "my culture"'s food. i am actually shocked by the prejudice and ignorance displayed by others. fi aman illah.
  13. Very true. My family are lebanese/palestinian and they could easily be mistaken for spanish/italian etc. but my friend who is from iraq is so dark that he believes he looks pakistani (no offence meant here). when i was in beirut there was NOONE as white as me (apart from the tetas :P), as everyone there likes a good tan. everyone believed i was syrian, as in syria (apparently) white skin is preferred. i don't think arabs come into the discussion of "obsession with white skin". although, of course, i can't speak for all arabs. to groups "arabs" together is a huge generalistaion, as racially, i am not the same as iraqis, moroccans, khaleejis, sudanese or yemenis. for this reason, one cannot generalise on what "arabs" think or feel about skin colour. fi aman illah
  14. North West London! north weezy for sheezy. apparently...
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