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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaykoum, Speaking to EXTREMELY HIGH RANKING scholars in Lebanon, of Sayyid Khamenais. the imams only know what they need to know. They are connceted to the infinte sea of knowledge, that of GodÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, and they can know anything. But the Imams only know what they need to know. Prayers for our guidnance, Salam.
  2. Salam Alaykoum, i heard this supposed hadith about the imams(as) and the names of God(azza wa jall) If anyone has the exact hadith, whether it's authentic and what it actually means it'd be much appreciated.
  3. Assalm Alaykoum, So after finishing my ghusl janabah, and offering my prayer, i found that there was a string of cloth(i'm assuming it's from my socks) that is stuck between my big toe and its toenail. Is this an obstruction to my ghusl and do i need to repeat the ghusl ? I really need an answer as soon as possible, Thank you. salam :)
  4. Salam :) In regards to washing the private parts this is what i got from the Leader's office: Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu 1-2. That is no problem. With prayers for your success Is washing the left half of the private parts with the left side and the right half with the right side correct in ghusl al-janaba? Can one wash them twice(once with each side) ? Godspeed :)
  5. Salam Alaykoum:) Does your question relate to you being angry/thinking about the past? Does that invalidate ghusl? I often find myself thinking about different sorts of things while doing ghusl, does that affect the validity of the ghusl ?? Thank you, wassalam :)
  6. Salam Brothers, I actually don't think that that is what applies in this case. IF what you discovered qualifies as an obstruction(i don't know if it does) but if it does then you need to remove the obstruction and wash that part again if it's on the left side of your body. If it's on the right side you need to remove it and wash it and then wash the left side again(per obligatory caution) This is according to Newly Asked Questions at Leader.ir: Q: Assuming one makes the janabāh ghusl, as required, and realizes, post-completion, that there had been a skin obstruction on his/her body (e.g. a dried semen stain) which had prevented water from coming into contact with that particular area, what ought one to do? A: The aforementioned ghusl is void. One must initially remove the obstruction and then purify the previously-obstructed area. Then, one must rinse that area whilst having the intention to complete one’s previously defective ghusl. Assuming the obstructed area was located on the right hand side of the body, one must then, according to obligatory caution, rewash the whole of the left hand side (as part of one’s intention to make the ghusl). Do note that, to the best of my knowledge, if you have done ghusl, even a void ghusl, your fast is OK because you did not remain junub on purpose. But you should double check that because i'm not sure. You should Imail your marja with this we might both be wrong!
  7. Salam Alaykoum :) Using your hands? Then it's not ghusl irtimasi anymore, no ?
  8. alik


    Assalam alayakoum :) According to Sayyid Khamenai water must reach all of your hair as well as your scalp: Q 192: Is it obligatory for women to wash all the hair during ghusl? And if water does not reach all the hair in ghusl does it make the ghusl invalid, even if one knows that water has reached the entire scalp? A: It is an obligatory caution to wash the whole hair. Q: Sometime I find my body hair twisted into tangles. Am I obliged to cut these tangles or the hair of that area prior to making ghusl? What about the prayers, fasts, etc. made before cutting them? A: It is neither obligatory to cut nor to separate them. However, on obligatory caution basis, the hair and skin underneath should be washed during ghusl. Then, if tangles would prevent that, they should be removed. Gospeed, salam :)
  9. Does exersing really decrease sex drive? I've been finding things about it INCREASING our sex drive :/
  10. First of all brothers, while your answer is greatly appreciated, i do the taqleed of Sayyid Khamenai and not Sayyid Sestani. In any case the ruling relates to when there is semen exiting and in my case i am pretty sure that, inshallah, there was no discharge. What i meant by being sure that i ejaculated, i mean ejaculated during my dream not in reality. Right after the dream i woke up and checked and there was nothing there as far as i know so it's not a matter of it dried up. At least, inshallah, it's not :)
  11. Assalam alaykoum :) So i had a dream last night and i deff. ejaculated in my dream. I woke up and there was no semen and then i went back to sleep. When i woke up i checked again but there was nothing! Does this require ghusl? Am i in a state of janabah?
  12. Assalam Alaykoum:) This is what i do for ghusl: you start by washing your head(water must reach all of the hair and the skin under the hair but he skin under the hair part is per obligatory caution accordin to Sayyid Khamenai) and water should get to behind your ears and your ears and that kind of places as well. after washing you head you wash your neck. Then you wash the right side of your body and then the left side. As to the private parts, what i do is that i wash the right half with the right side and the left half with the left side. I am not sure wether this is correct. I have emailed the leader's office about it and i am waiting for an answer that i will inshallah post when i get. Maybe we should wash them twice, once with each side. I don't really know so if someone else does: sharing is caring :) Neverthless i do know that it is not sufficient to wash the private parts with one side only. This is what i got from the Leader's office on a previous istiftaa(question is below): Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu In the given case, if during washing the left side of the body the private areas (even their left half only) is also washed, it would be enough and the ghusl is correct. With prayers for your success What is the ruling of my prayers and fasts if i have been washing the private parts with the right side only uring ghusl al-janaba ? Note that water needs to reach all of your body and the skin under the hair on your body so make sure you wash everywhere.(without falling into waswasa that is:P) As for intention, IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN(i.e. don't count on what i'm saying before checking with a more credible source) there is no need to recite niyyat. You just need to know what the act your are doing is and you need to be doing it with the intention of closeness to GodÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Uttering it verbally is, as far as i know, not a must. Godspeed, salam :)
  13. Assalam Alaykoum :) and if you do the taqleed of Sayyid Khamenai you go to http://www.leader.ir/langs/en/index.php?p=istifta and send your question. Totally anonymous, so you can be comfortbale asking your question :) Godspeed, wassalam.
  14. Assalam Alaykoum Brother, this is from Sayyid Khamenai's website(www.leader.ir) Q1397: Is smoking ḥarām to start with? And, if one, who is addicted to smoking, gives it up, is it ḥarām to goes back to it after a week or so? A: The ruling varies according to the degree of damage resulting from smoking. Generally speaking, it is impermissible to smoke cigarettes in the amount that proves considerably harmful to one’s health. Also, if one knows that upon starting it, he will reach such a level, it is not permissible. You shouldn't be smoking anyway, it's a repulsive and enslaving habit; not befitting of a muslim Salam :)
  15. Alsalam Alaykoum, Is a female working as a makeup artist for other females haram ?(not just make up, like makeup and nail polish and laser and the lot) and what if she's doing it for those people who are in commercials ? Thank you, :) ma2jourin insha2allah.
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