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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A new book titled Destruction of America prophesied in the Quran and the Bible has been published at amazon.com google.com smashwords.com and wsicebooks.com . This book describes how and when America will be destroyed. It is written by a pakistani scholar Sheikh Muhammad Shaban
  2. THERE are hundreds and thousands of hadiths which tell events that will take place before QIYAMAH but it is very difficult for muslims even for scholars to explain them in an order or sequence . One book tells the sequence . That is QURAN . If you want to read signs of QIYAMAH in the Quranic sequence , you must read from Sura Saad to Sura Fatah . You must read in the context of future not past . It is a gift for Muslim scholars and researchers. there are 7 suras that begin with Ha Meem . after them comes sura Muhammad which represents prophet Muhammad pbuh and IMAM MEHDI as. both have same name. sura Muhammad is third sura after sura Dukhan . IMAM MEHDI will come in third year after Azaab of smoke.
  3. Today ulema and shyukh are giving tranquilizers to muslims by saying that IMAM MEHDI will come. He will judge according to QURAN and Sunnah. He will conquer the world and there will be peace everywhere . Everything will be alright . But they forget the fact that IMAM MEHDI will come after great war in which according to a hadith 1/3 of muslims will die. This war muslims will have to fight without IMAM MEHDI. He will come after 3 years of Dukhan or Azaab that will hit the world in 2036. there will be 3 years of famine . Bible saysthat man will kill his brother. Man will eat the flesh of man. How many muslims will survive you can assess from a hadith which tells that the number of those who give bayah to IMAM MEHDI will be 313. Where will be rest of muslims. Think for yourself. I appeal to all the muslims to wake up and do Tauba and prepare for Jihad because Allah says why not I tell you a trade which will save you from a chastisement (Azaab) that is you should do jihad in the cause of Allah. At another place Allah says if you back out of your eman I will create other people who will do Jihad . They will be IMAM MEHDI and his followers.
  4. IMAM MEHDI WILL APPEAR IN 2038 - Allah says, 'When sky brings forth smoke. This will be a chastisement (Azaab) from Allah.'( Sura Dukhan) Scientists say that an Asteroid named Appophis will hit the earth in 2036.bible says it will destroy Babylon (America) which rules the world. (Revelation). It will cause much destruction and smoke. 2036 is also the year of Olympics . Allah says , 'We will send chastisement on them when they are busy in sports.' This smoke will remain for three years . These three years will be three years of famine or drought mentioned in a hadith because the smoke will block sun rays . This hadith also tells that in fourth year Dajjal will come. Another hadith says the wheel of Muslim Ummah will continue for the year 35, 36 or 37. ( Abu Dawood) Year 36 is mentioned in this hadith . We know from a hadith that Imam Mehdi will come when a Christian army will capture Istanbul (Muslim ). Another hadith tells that between the conquest of Istanbul and Dajjal is one year.(Muslim) When Imam Mehdi recaptures Istanbul , Dajjal will come . So we can say that Imam Mehdi will come in 2038 after three years of smoke and Dajjal will come in fourth year i.e. 2039.Hazrat Isa will appear in 2039 and Gog Magog ( Yajooj Majooj) will appear in 2039 or 2040. (Wallah Alim)
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