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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (wasalam) Obviously, the guy doesn't play an important role here. The guy is just a way out to flee from your terrible situation at home. That's my opinion though, no offence. Sis, you need to short things out with your father. Please talk to your father that you have had suicidal feelings because of his manners. You need to approach your mother first, she will be able to help you further. But eventually you are the one to face your dad. As for the boy; when things are sorted out with your dad, I don't think you'll even remember him. Again, my opinion. Khayr in sha Allah.
  2. That's called 'Nikah bi Niyyah al-Talaq' (marriage with intention of divorce). Bin Baz issued a Fatwa allowing it. You can read here: http://shiadefencecenter.org/eng/2012/11/04/sunni-salafi-belief-you-can-cheat-on-women-revealed-by-shia-rafidah.html
  3. Nikah at-Tahleel in laymen's language: You (Ali-F) are married to a woman. Then you divorce her. Then you take her back again. Then you divorce her for a 2nd time. Then you take her back again. Then you divorce her for a 3rd time. Now you won't be able to take her back anymore, because you've reached the 3rd divorce. Question: So how can you still get her back? Answer: If she remarries another guy and divorces from him, then you will be able to propose to her and marry her again. Question: So what do you (Ali-F) do? Answer: You ask me (Abu Lulu) to marry her, and then I'll divorce her within t
  4. (wasalam) Sharh means explanation/commentary. The book 'Sharh Sahih Muslim' (of Sunni-Sheikh al-Nawawi) is a book that explains the narrations within Sahih Muslim. http://en.wikipedia....rh_Sahih_Muslim Tabi'een are the generation who came after the Sahaba, who didn't live in the time of the prophet (saw). A companion. One of Imam Ali's students, as far as I've heard. A Tabi'ee. Praiseworthy, as far as I've heard. http://en.wikipedia....a'id_ibn_Jubayr "Tahleel marriage" is marrying a divorced woman and then divorcing her for the purpose of making her permissible for her first husband an
  5. (wasalam) I think it's your character, not the way you dress. If you allow me to be honest with you; judging by your post and profilename, I think many guys would find you to be an approachable girl. You seem to have this girlie girl character. In almost all cases a guy will only approach a girl when he sees that she has a playful character. But if a girl ignores the [Edited Out] out of people (guys) and puts up a serious face and also behaves when people are around, you won't be even looked at by anybody. You're 18 off course, but still.. Anyways, I could be wrong. Fee amaanillah. PS: Hija
  6. Emotional advice...
  7. They became Shia that say "Umar radi Allahu `anh".. In fact, this is what al-Wa'eli says: "May Allah be pleased with the person that murdered Fatima." If anyone doesn't see the severity of this sentence, then I'll just rest my case. There is no justification for asking Allah to be pleased with that animal. I strongly disassociate myself from al-Wa'eli.
  8. This video is misleading. We don't have a lot of similarities.
  9. A man can marry hundreds in Mut'ah. Nor does he need the permission of his first wife. Should say enough.
  10. I might demonise it, but you worship it. Can anyone please find that video where Khamenei supporters shout "Death to those who oppose Wilayat al-Fiqh" I'm not defending Yasser al-Habib, nor am I an agent of his. What he says or does, I'm not be held accountable for it. But at least Yasser al-Habib didn't legalise gender change, chess and artificial insemination.
  11. Let's analyse: Then they've become successful, and this is the ideology that has been spread there: It seems that the Iranian regime has left a bit too much of it's fragrance. Really... Let's take a look at one of these Ahli Beit members: It seems that the Iranian regime hasn't really spread Shi'ism, rather their own ideology.
  12. Do you think building a nuclear powerplant would only cost some penny's, without counting all the contracts? Without mentioning he didn't only build one. And don't you think besides building a nuclear powerplant, he could've also build a translating centre? If you would've done some research you would've known that [amount] Shia muslim women in Iran are in the prostitution business to get around. So before even talking about spendings, look at the state of the women and you will know a lot about the honour and intellect of a man. Rahbar gives us the impression that the US and Israel are our b
  13. This is the reason for my post, because Iran IS being viewed as the centre. Besides, it were the two Rahbars that claimed Wilayat al-Fiqh so they should take responsibility in providing for the whole community and not just Iran. And I'm not talking about Iranians in general, I'm talking specifically about the Rahbar. He's the one that dressed himself as a liberator so therefore I submit my request to this man. I will put my trust in Roachy that he will safely deliver my message to the Rahbar. Name a few.
  14. (salam) Why does Khamenei invest so much in playing Rambo and destroying Israel and America, but invests (almost) nothing in educating the world (especially the west) about Shi'ism? The amount of money being spent on that atomic uranium project could've been used to create multi-lingual universities, translations of many books, multi-lingual tv-channels (via satellite) etc. The Sunni's have already translated many Tafaseer, all of their Sahih Sittah and even some secondary sources are fully translated. Our most important source 'Kitab al-Kafi' is currently being translated voluntarily by some
  15. And now we need the full picture of that man.. The picture of that man doesn't even make any sense. He's not emotional and it's as if he's going to kiss the throat of Ahmadinejad. I vote for the woman. http://photo.outlookindia.com/images/gallery/20130309/Ahmadinejad_20130309.jpg
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