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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa laikum us Salaam,

    ^agree with realizm. Try to be patient, and thank God for your situation. If you remain patient, you will get the blessing inshaAllah. Maybe you can take this opportunity to grow spiritually. Like practicing patience, controlling your displeasure, etc. Maybe advise him indirectly and kindly and be patient.This can even change the brothers heart inshAllah. 

  2. On 10/15/2018 at 6:11 PM, iraqi_shia said:

    I think what your trying to say is, they cant prove it, as its a scam.

    Why do these jinn communicators charge money? 

    How does not wanting to prove it means its a scam? 

    If you go to a company to purchase a product or a service, will the company provide the service for free? Likewise, the specialists in this field have spent years and years learning this knowledge through experience under a teacher. So if you go to a specialist, and not a scammer, then he has all the right to charge you money. Scammer exist in every business, including this field, but that doesn't mean that every practitioner is a scammer.

  3. 32 minutes ago, iraqi_shia said:

    I find this very difficult to believe, especially in the times of the internet. If someone posses such a power, why not simply make a youtube clip?

    Do such powers exist outside the subcontinent?

    First of all, it's related to the occult world , and secrecy is very important in the world of occult. Secondly, why would they want to show their powers to others on youtube. Jinns are not going to come in front of the camera for a youtube clip. Thirdly, they can't ask a jinn to show themselves to others because to see a jinn, the person himself must possess the ability to see them. And majority majority of the people don't have this ability, that's why we can't see them, although they exist here. 

  4. 14 hours ago, 2Timeless said:

    This all sounds so extremely superstitious. Is there any logical proof that people have seen jinss themselves? Maybe jinns in Islam are like devils? So they're there in spirit, not literally there. Does anyone have proof that jinn literally appear supernaturally in front of an individual?

    There are people who communiate with jinns daily. They are practioners in this field. Its a whole field with its own rules and rituals. Definitely not a superstition. 

  5. On 7/8/2018 at 2:08 PM, Fati_4u said:

    Salam everyone!

    I have been unlucky to get married. I have done everything and read all the duas which was recommended on duas.org but didn't work out. I have even been to zyarahs in Iraq and Iran, wrote areezas (letters) to imam of the time (AJ) for the past 2 years. I have really tried to get married for the past 5 years and now I am getting close to 30, I am giving up don't know what to do. I know I am not ugly and have a good education background. Is there anyone who has gone through the same dilemma and can share any specific duas or a'amal which helped them out so please do share.


    One question for you: Do you pray Salat ul Layl? 

  6. Lesson 5

    -Get to Marifatul Nafs.

    Prophet has said if you contemplate 1 hour, its better than 70 years of worship. Your life will change if you open up your spiritual potential and thus discover your soul power. The reason why we are unable to discover these powers: Imam Hussain (pbuh) gives us the reason, "That eye is blind, the person who does not consider him in the presence of God". This is the key which Imam Hussain has pointed. Thus he is pointing to Muraqabah. People today call it meditation.

    Muraqabah in Quran, "God is with you wherever you go". Why do you become negligent O Man? The aim of all worship is to attain this state. This is the key.

    Why do people get stressed. The reason is thoughts. Main reason for depression, worries are thoughts. If you change your thoughts, all your problems would vanish. Remember if you want these powers, try to understand that your thoughts and energy is getting wasted by useless thoughts. However, if these thoughts are linked with worship of God, then you will get a mirage. Ulema say that make your thoughts do zikr by habit. So your thoughts do dhikr by habit. Because if thoughts do dhikr then you wont get tired and wont forget God even for 1 minute and this is where Futahat will start. meaning you will get a gift. You will get to Mirage. Another Point: Ulema said breathing cant stop nor can thoughts. Now unite both of them together, and your inner powers will come in front of you. You will get something you cant imagine. Breat in say Laiillaha breat out Illalla: Make this into a habit and even 1 minute wont be spent in negligence. If anyone can get to this state, then he is a wali of God. Automatically his ethics will become spiritual. Jesus (pbuh) has said dont even think of sin. Because first a thought comes, then sin, so if you close that door, then you have closed all doors to Satan. Take control over your thoughts and make them single pointed. If your mind becomes pure, then you become ethical and once you become ethical, then all the doors to Spirituality open up. Also dont think negative. Negative thoughts destroy your happiness. Negative thoughts affect the body and bring many diseases in itself. Ones energy gets depleted.

    2 Things: Huzroor e Qalb and Muraqabah. Then mountains can move but you wont.

  7. The powers within Mind and Soul are Immense. Man wastes time, and at the end he goes to his grave without even discovering even 1 power. Man runs after food and is concerned with only fulfilling his/her tummy. Know that after 8 hours, any food turns into najasat.

    One power for example is seeing true dreams. Only that person will be able to see true dreams in one who does not lie. The barrier to Mind and Soul Power is outside locus of control. Thus, the locus of control must be within. Nothing of outside should take control over you. Remember that those people are mostly depressed, those whose locus of control is outside and those whose locus of control is inside, they are free men. So now, what are the tools and techniques we can use so our locus of control comes inside? At one time people were impressed by a person's IQ. But now they saw that IQ is not enough because people with high IQ: some committed suicide, divorce, etc. So they said we are missing something. which is EQ: Emotion Quotient. How much control do you have on your emotions. Islamic psychology: first learn to control your emotions.

    If we perform Salah using Huzoor e Qalb, then that Salah will become Miraaj. Your brain and soul will become powerful. If you want your Salah to be accepted to a higher degree like 70 or 80%, then you have to develop Huzoor e Qalb. Everything has a limit except dhikr. Either you are a zakir or you are negligent. But the dhikr must be done from the heart. Mind, body, and soul must do dhikr. If you love money more then God, then you have put money in place of God. Likewise if you love your wife more than God, then you have put your wife in the place of God. But if you love anyone for the sake of God, then that is Intellect. Satan cannot control 3 types of people according to hadith:

    1) Those people who always consider themselves in the presence of Allah

    2) Those who cry in the love of God

    3) Those who get up for Night Prayer and do Istighfar

    If you develop this, then you can overcome the toughest temptations. Once this happens, things will start to happen.

  8. Lesson 3

    Try to strive and increase your love for Ahlulbayt. What is Love? To love them is to obey them. By obeying them, you can reach higher stations.

    Imam Jaffer Sadiq was asked what is Muwaddat? He replied, "Muwaddat is nothing except obeying". Meaning the more you obey them, that much Muwaddat you hold in your hearts. How much are you obeying them? The opportunity is open right now, at the present moment.

    It was mentioned that one of the secret to success is Goal Setting. For wordly gains, plan for 100 years. Problem with us is that we know a lot but don't act on it. If you attain success only in one aspect, you are not successful, one has to be successful at all levels: social, spiritual, academics, health, finances, etc. This is real success. You have to attain mastery in atleast 8 fields and once you do that, you will be able to discover brain power. Set/Write down 10 spiritual goals. By making these goals, you are developing brain muscles. If you are pious, financially set, social wise good, but your children are not on the right path, then again you are not successful. You have to be perfect in all fields. Focus on health should be another goal because without health, you cant progress. Goal Setting: Sucess in World and Success in Hereafter. The person who will develop his mind more in this age will be more successful. If you learn to use the right and left brain, then you can even become a scientist.

    Cancer cells can be eliminated through brain Power but for that you need to Meditate. Meditation is focusing on one point. For example take one name of Allah. This was taught by Imam Ali in Dua Kumail: Ya Rabi Ya Rabi Ya Rabi Ya Rabi. Focusing your attention on one point. By this your brain will get a power, a power which can eliminate any disease and illness. Huzur e Qalb, when praying, only focus on Allah. So if we focus on Allah: Ya Rabi Ya Rabi Ya Rabi, then you will discover mind and soul powers. If only you can develop Huzur e Qalb (presence of Allah). Because if you develop this then in the presence of Allah its impossible to sin. You will become like a magnet.


  9. Lesson 2

     If we have sin in front of us and there is enjoyment in it also and you have perfect opportunity to enjoy and you feel like enjoying. At that time if love of Prophet and Ahlulbayt stops you from sin, then be sure you have received Muwaddat of Ahlulbayt. The love should increase and become powerful to the point it reaches Muwaddat and thus to the point one becomes ready to sacrifice ones life for Ahlulbayt. According to Research in University they found out those people are in stress and difficulities those whose locus of control is outside. They are being controlled by outside forces. Allah has given us immense Powers/Hidden Powers.

    Imam Ali says, "O Man you consider Yourself so Small, in it you is the entire Unvierse"

    Problem is you are not using it and the main reason for this is as long as your locus of control is outside, you wont be able to discover these powers. Likewise, your soul has immense hidden powers but the only person who can get these is one who is Free.

    If a man bows down in front of an indecent film for example, then that person cannot discover these powers. In many Universities a department has opened up by the title "Body Mind Medicine. It has been proven the Mind has so much power that it can eliminate any disease illness within your body, even cancer, and without side effect. Develop your mind to the point it can eliminate cancer and this is possible. This is done through Meditation. Meditation is focusing your attention on one point and slowly this power will develop. Islam has even better meditation techniques which is present in the field of Mysticism. Once you focus your attention on one point, Mind can make rays which can eliminate cancer. Salah is focusing on one point, focusing on Allah. Focusing on Allah's love but our attention goes somewhere else when we pray. Prophet says, "Anyone who prays 2 rakat with Huzoor e Qalb, I guarantee paradise for him". Research was also done on Distance Healing. This isnt mind power but this power belongs to the soul. In Iran there is a grave of Ayatollah Nakhudgi. His soul was so powerful he used to heal patients through distance healing.

    If a mans control is within himself, then its possible for him to discover his mind and soul power. People either use their tummy or their tongue when main thing is Mind. Mind has to be developed. Before every action think and ask yourself, "Is this action valid in the eyes of Allah" then perform that action. Your right brain controls left body and your left brain controls the right body. Memory, writing, analyze all this we are using left brain but very few use the right brain. Right brain: Inventions, visualization, etc.

    Technique: If you want to succeed in everything then at one point use your left brain and right brain.

    All this is a branch of Marifutul Nafs. Just like we go to the gym to make our muscles stronger, likewise brain muscles have to be developed also. Goal setting also develops mind muscles. Goal setting means discoversing ones hidden powers.

  10. This is an introduction and in upcoming lessons the topic will become evident inshAllah. Make sure to read this and understand before reading upcoming lessons.

    These lessons are the wordings of Shah Jan Ali Kazmi and not my words, although translation might differ a little, and some sentences might be additions from notes from other teachers.


    Islam wants man to be successful in this world and the hereafter. If you look at the world, you will find that some people are successful and others are not. Whats the reason for this? Research was done in various Universities as to the reason why some people are successful while others are not. They found out that one of the things which is consistent in all the successful people, is the fact that they have some self control. Those people who are not successful, research found out that those people were controlled by outside forces. These people spend all their life in stress and tension tension, etc. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said, "Whoever found his ownself, found God", meaning Marifatul Nafs. Make sure you are not being controlled by outside. Locus of control must be within ourselves. To find out if you have locus of control inside you or not, imagine this sceanrio:

    Scenario: You are on a bus and a person swears at you and pushes you. If you do the same, then know you are not a free man. Because that person is driving you. He swore at you, and you became angry. You gave that man control over yourself.

    Marifatul Nafs has many branches and one of them is understanding ones emotions. Understanding it and being able to use it correctly. All the emotions are blessings but have to be used in the correct manner. If a man sees a beautiful women outside and he keeps looking lustfully at her, then that man is a slave. That man isnt free. The women turned that man away from the path of God. All the Imams have given speeches on being free. In Dua Arafa the Imam has said "O God If I find out that a particular action is pleasing to you and even if the whole world is angered by that action, I will perform that action to please you and not care about anyone else". Thus do not get controlled by other people, by what people will think. Make your own decisions and have locus of control in yourself. Make use of your intellect.

  11. Who here is interested in the topic of Islamic Meditation. The way Ahlulbayt have taught us. Some topics:

    Salah as Meditation

    Most Powerful Weapon Called Dua


    Hidden Powers, Mind Hidden Treasures

    Spiritual Powers

    If people are interested, I can post my notes I took from reliable teachers on this useful subject. Let me know if you are interested.

  12. 56 minutes ago, Gaius I. Caesar said:

    He is like realizm said, long gone from SC. He isn't reading this because he is banned for being argumentative and a troublemaker. The mods have given him many chances and yet he blew every single chance he got.

    Yes brother, i am aware of that, but I'm posting this here in hope he sees this and responds InshAllah. 

  13. Salaam Mulaikum Yukapuka,

    Don't know if you are reading this inshAllah you will if Mods will keep this post inshAllah. I used to communicate with you through emails and suddenly that came to an end, and I am unable to send emails to you. If you are reading this, please email me back so I have your updated email. I have benefited from your company. Thank you.

  14. Salaam Mulaikum,

    I really want to buy an aqeeq ring before this Ramadhan ends, any stores in Ontario where I can buy it or if any one is from Iran, can help me out. If I give my ring size to someone mailing me a ring from Iran, will it fit or will size differ? Let me know if you know of any shops.

  15. As-Salaam Mulaikum everyone,

               So there are 3 signs by which we can know if God is satisfied with us or no. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has informed us and given us 3 signs that God is satisfied with us. If you want to know, see for yourself if you have these signs or not. If you don't, then me and you should strive or should be striving already to possess these signs. 

               1) If God is satisfied with you, then you will be in Shukr (thanking God) in whatever condition you are in. Whatever condition you be in, even the worst of worst conditions, but instead                  of complaining you would be thanking God.

               2) You would be in dhikr (remembrance of God) at all times.

               3) God would give you such love that you would give everything away for God, even your life, wealth, etc. 

    Note: Remembrance of God does not mean reciting a particular name necessarily. Even going to work, going out, eating, can be considered remembrance of God if you make the intention and do it sincerely for Allah. 

    Note: What better remembrance than to be prepared when a sin comes in front of you and you abstain from it. 



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