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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am a man who has incontinence issues where urine leaks, and urine urgency. Whenever I am driving for longer hours which I usually am I am unable to find a washroom and it's not reasonable to go to the washroom every hour so urine leaks inside. Not as in bedwetting but general urine leakage. That has happened alot so I'm thinking my car seat might not be 100 percent tahir. So recently my cloths got wet due to rain and I sat on the driver seat, can I pray in those cloths or I have to change? I need advice.
  2. Those guys are not the authority in Islam (the articles you posted). 1000s of articles like that giving their own theory. Whatever Farrokh Sekaleshfar has mentioned is true and correct.
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      Walaikum us Salaam Brother. 

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  4. The cure for buzzing or wòoooo sound durood. Recite a lot of durood. Minimum do it for more than 1000 at least. Set a time and you do it without counting, because counting can take your concentration away.
  5. Wa laikum us Salaam, ^agree with realizm. Try to be patient, and thank God for your situation. If you remain patient, you will get the blessing inshaAllah. Maybe you can take this opportunity to grow spiritually. Like practicing patience, controlling your displeasure, etc. Maybe advise him indirectly and kindly and be patient.This can even change the brothers heart inshAllah.
  6. How does not wanting to prove it means its a scam? If you go to a company to purchase a product or a service, will the company provide the service for free? Likewise, the specialists in this field have spent years and years learning this knowledge through experience under a teacher. So if you go to a specialist, and not a scammer, then he has all the right to charge you money. Scammer exist in every business, including this field, but that doesn't mean that every practitioner is a scammer.
  7. First of all, it's related to the occult world , and secrecy is very important in the world of occult. Secondly, why would they want to show their powers to others on youtube. Jinns are not going to come in front of the camera for a youtube clip. Thirdly, they can't ask a jinn to show themselves to others because to see a jinn, the person himself must possess the ability to see them. And majority majority of the people don't have this ability, that's why we can't see them, although they exist here.
  8. There are people who communiate with jinns daily. They are practioners in this field. Its a whole field with its own rules and rituals. Definitely not a superstition.
  9. When outside the house, it's more easier to abstain from sin because one is in public, even if there are women without hijab. Real fight happens when one is alone inside his room. But again, small slips and quick glances add up and sometimes even one look can bring ones downfall, and turns a believer into a sinner at night.
  10. Trying to communicate with them can be dangerous. So don't try any method even out of curiosity.
  11. As for Christian healing, there are even non Christians who can cure illnesses because there are many methods to do so. And God can give this gift to anyone who purifies his self.
  12. One video of Benny hinn is so funny. It's a parody called Hadokin benny hinn or mortal Kombat, something like that.
  13. Wasalaam. One question for you: Do you pray Salat ul Layl?
  14. race

    Islamic Meditation

    Lesson 5 -Get to Marifatul Nafs. Prophet has said if you contemplate 1 hour, its better than 70 years of worship. Your life will change if you open up your spiritual potential and thus discover your soul power. The reason why we are unable to discover these powers: Imam Hussain (pbuh) gives us the reason, "That eye is blind, the person who does not consider him in the presence of God". This is the key which Imam Hussain has pointed. Thus he is pointing to Muraqabah. People today call it meditation. Muraqabah in Quran, "God is with you wherever you go". Why do you become neglig
  15. race

    Islamic Meditation

    Anyone interested in this path should first outline a self purification program for himself, and then start following it day by day.
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