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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I asked his mother tongue because Arab people learn Farsi quickly.
  2. what's your mother tongue? it depends on that.
  3. tanx so much . but I think you dono farsi. so it will be difficult to help me in this matter.
  4. -Would you marry a shia guy who did muta? -NO. But my choice is not necessarily a good one.
  5. Vaaaayyyy Alie! barat peygham miferestam Afsaneh joooooon
  6. @Ron_Burgundy Thank you. but it is not necessary that they know Farsi. I just need someone to read my writings and correct them.
  7. Salam, every one. I'm a Ph.D candidate in Architecture who is doing research and writing ISI Articles. Since I'm studying in Iran and I've always lived here, I'm not very good in writing article in English. Although we have learned English for many years but writing a scholarly article with out mistakes seems very difficult to me. I knew someone who helped me but he is not helping me anyone so I have been left with out help. Therefore, If anyone ( who is educated ) is willing to help me, please let me know. I can pay for the time you take or I can go to shrine pray for you (since I am living in Mashhad) or even both! Tanx a lot p.s: it is not necessary that you know Farsi. I write articles and you just correct the mistakes.
  8. the main key is controlling mind. I think you should practice to control your mind in the first place. while doing it you should not think of anything. so empty mind is the key of doing OBE.
  9. http://www.aparat.com/v/ps1xy/الله_الله_نوحه_متفاوت_هیئت_کوچه_بیوک_یزدمحسن_زاده Salam Many of my friends found this Noha so nice and touching but I found it an irrelevant and not appropriate Noha. I just don't understand why they chose such an irrelevant poem. Just listen to the singer!!! when he sings: "you should go under the rain!" it is a part of a poem written by "Sohrab Sepehri" who is a contemporary poet and has nothing to do with Muharram or even religion.
  10. wow Kiaan is so nice, it means The Master , Lord and the King. but I suggest you some good Persian names koosha means diligent and hard working Kiyaa means the king, lord and the master Kiaanoosh means a person who is so sweet Kiarokh means who has a face like a king Keysaan who has king's manner Keyhaan means the universe kamraan means successful Ghobaad means lovable and beloved
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