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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thank you for post and share about problems in bahrain. my sisters get sexual treatment by police in bahrain. i cry every night, i pray to see bahrain safe. there are stories even worse i hear from bahrain
  2. the video i post in top is not even 1% what is happening. i hear story every day some even very bad story which will make even strong heart people cry. i hear from a women and even bahraini human right organisation confirm this that she got arrested and police men told her either you have sex with us or we torture and prison you and they sexual assualt her, and if someone do not believe my words ask human right organisation in bahrain. i my self have had very bad treatement from police too so i know these story is true. i come uk because i got some family here but i keep thinking of my husband and family in jail, i cry so much at night and my life is ruined but i know many other women and bahraini people go through worse then me. i know uk and usa not helping bahrain because they are friend with bahraini goverment but i tell you all one think and i know this; bahraini goverment really scared of bad press so the more pressure we put on bahraini goverment it really effect them. i want my husband and family out of prison and all innocent bahraini people. i want our bahraini women to be safe and not go through this.. i want to see peace in bahrain. i will stand in day of judgement and say to Allah that i done my job and told people to help bahraini people. i am scared to see what happen next in bahrain. there is no peace in bahrain and whole country live in fear. i am very scared. i do not wish anyone go through what we go through. i dont know why imam mahdi do not come to help us and his shia. we are dieing and we need his help. i call for our imam mahdi to help his shia. anyone who go bahrain will see we religious country and very strong with ahlulbayt. i thank those who have spoken for bahrain and pray for us. i pray Allah protect you like you pray for us and our safety.
  3. salam i am maryam from bahrain. i come uk to ran from bahrain and problems. my husband got arrested 3 weeks ago. someone tell me this is biggest shia forum so i want spread my message and words to whole of shia world. our men get arrested and bahraini women in pain and suffering. we have over 100 women in prison and they get sexual treatment and assualt in prison by police. we need help of muslim world to help us. we are shia and love ahlulbayt. our women in bahrain do not sleep and cry, we have no man to protect us because they in prison. our goverment are killing us and hurting shia women and all of us. we need your voice to help the oppressed. please help us. is there anyone who will hear our cry?
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