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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. Anyone out there from UAE, I just left UAE and came to canada. I used to be an active member on this site when i lived in canada.But before a couple of years i moved to UAE and the site is blocked there, I was soooo upset because i really enjoyed reading topics here. Just wanted to know if anyone here is from UAE and if anyone knows a way around to get on shiachat from UAE? Wassalam
  2. Salam 3alaikum brothers and sisters. If i was travelling to Canada from dubai and my intentions were to stay more than ten days but i dont know when i will be flying back to my hometown. I arrived on the 20th of ramadhan, do i continue fasting the last ten days or do i have to break my fast? Jazakum Allah khair Salams
  3. (salam) My husband ran over a cat by accident and we want to know what we can/should do. He feels awful, and we're wondering if there is anything that we should do as muslims? A friend said we have to pay kaffarah, if so, how much? Jazakum Allah khair (wasalam)
  4. ^ yeah my hubby was just there, lol. We're proud to see the iraqi people waving their flags. :) Mabrook to all Iraqis, wallah yestahloon. My husbdand and I were so happy to see them win, my hubby said he'd slaughter three sheeps tommoroow if they win and he'll give out treats to all his employees in the company and factories. Wassalam
  5. (salam) I'm a little confused about this hadeeth my dad told me that was narrated from Imam Ali (as) The hadeeth goes, "your friends are three: your friend, your friend's friend and your enemy's enemy. And your enemies are three: your enemy, your friend's enemy and the enmy of your friend. " So then i was thinking, what if you had two friends but they were enemies to each other? please shed some light on this. :unsure: Wassalam
  6. (salam) Can I order this movie online? Wassalam
  7. (salam) No, i have actually heard about this story, everyone has been talking about it here in the ME. Her husband found her sleeping with another man. She was not trying to commit suicide ,he was in fact trying to through her out, but she was clinging on to him. I didnt feel sorry for her, but for their kids, in the back. Wassalam
  8. (salam) That was amazing! Loved it ^_^ Wassalam
  9. LoL i had it on 2 years ago on this site as well; so thot of putting it up again :D

  10. (salam) Did you recieve january's yet? Wassalam
  11. (salam) That was beautiful :cry: Allah bless you and your child Wassalam
  12. Ali imran your avatar is very scary its not even funny. That lady looks so creepy

  13. (salam) Thanks everyone for your replies. I went to the doc yesterday for my baby's 6 month shot. It was so heart brreaking to see him cry... :cry: Anyways, i asked about orange juice and the doc said wait until he's after one year old. Today i tried feeding him cerelac again, there are all types of cerelac. Like rice, barley, banana, and others. Which one did u find your child like the most. I heard its good to feed him rice first, but he hates it and im really getting frustrated, my mother in law said i have to force it so he will get used to it. Or should i just try another kind? :unsu
  14. (salam) I agree this is a pretty funny idea. I mean imagine someone says "I live in burj al-arabi's beard or face or whatever" kindda cool in the same time. yeah, freak (sorry :unsure: ) Burj dubai is really gonna look amazing. What floor are they working on now? I think they're almost half way done. Wassalam
  15. Burj al-Arabi - Dubai Latest Building A Dubai developer's plan to build a tower resembling a man in traditional Gulf Arab dress, announced Wednesday, has hit a hurdle after the master developer said it has not approved the design. Dubai government-owned Limitless said in a statement that all designs must be submitted to it for approval in accordance with the Jumeirah Village master plan. The $136m Burj Al Arabi project is being developed by the local AAA Group. Dubai oh Dubai, a land with skys[Edited Out]ers that rivals those in United States. Now, this is the best of the best skys[Edited Out
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